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    Hello Again

    It has been a while since I have been here. I had a RS172 but sold it for and Audi S3 and then sold that for a Renault 5 Gordini Turbo (which I still have) but I find myself once again in the situation of after telling myself that I dont want another Clio I am here looking for one. I am...
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    Samsung D600 Ringtones? Free?

    Just doenload MP3s onto the phone...
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    Best time to buy a 172?

    The best time to buy is in the month after a plate change as all the part exchanges flood the market. Christmas and August are other good times as people have other things to buy other than cars...
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    Cup for trophy

    £7k is the book trade money. Go for it...
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    px 172 for 182

    ABS is rubbish on snow and ice.
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    Renault dealers using eBay

    Yes but Renault UK signed up for it. I will find the article.
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    Renault dealers using eBay

    Renault UK was one of the first Manufacturers to sign up to Ebay to sell their cars!
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    Moving on from Clio’s

    Quote: Originally posted by Khany on 09 December 2004 bigmoose...after the S3 is chipped do you still get that little delay before the boost kicks when you put your foot down as in a standard S3?Plus does it maintain boost to the redline and not give up after 6000rpm as in standard mode...
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    Bye Bye Cup, Hello Cupra R

    I looked at a Cupra R before the S3, but it would financilly ruin me having to change P Zeros every 6-9000 miles. The Leaon has the same dash as the S3, and is of the same quality. I think that the leon looks nicer than a standard S3, but lowered, the S3 lookes really butch (for want of a...
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    Moving on from Clio’s

    S3 for me, brilliant, but I still think that there is no substituse for cu/inches
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    Just had car stolen!

    Here are the trade values for your car Good cond £6825, ave cond £6100, poor cond £5325 Retail Value: £8575 They will offer you to start with around the 6k mark. If you need assistence pm me as I am in the trade and may be able to offer advice.
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    Nice Clio compliments

    My car gets looked at when I put my foot down as the Turbo makes a nice noise and the exhaust a low woofle. Other than that I have been told that it is nothing special (until I took them out). Understated, and about 5 offers to buy it.
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    whats the best way to power a ps2

    I know where you can get long extension cables
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    Yellow 182 - Anyone got one

    Good on you, I think I would like the blue with the Gordini Stripes., just to be different.
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    Cud this be a 182 cup...... (pic)

    If you look really carefully, you will notice that the front wheel sits further back in the wheel arch.
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    New car-what

    I can give you a trade price for it if you want to know how much you will get for it if you p/x it and a sale price for it. All I need to know the details of the car. (it will only be an estimate)
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    I fecked my blades up this morning

    I have done it too, TWICE, on the forcourt cars
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    Renault Manchester - any good

    A little inconsequential, but when I came up north I ended up going to Renault Cheshire (which is a Lookers) and they were brilliant and solves an oil leak on my Clio in about 10 mins whereas my dealer here in T/Wells took 3 attempts and failed.
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    Cliosport Drive 247 Card

    Here is the website
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    Possible new club ITEM

    Definatley interested.
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    whos from the south

    Tunbridge Wells, Kent...
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    TOTB Pics

    Unless I am very much mistaken, but hasnt that Mk1 Golf got a 5 cyl Audi Quattro engine!!!
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    describing your car

    I just said a Clio which generally gets a look of "Ooooohh my Mum/Nan has one" now I just say S3 and I get stared at blankly.
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    See you guy’s later

    Jabba Sport do upgrades and appearantly it is about £300 for 240BHP or so.
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    K&N and tesco the insurance whores

    I insured my car with Tesco and they didnt increase my insurance when I declared by chip
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    There are less Williams 3s than the other 2 Williams 1 = 400 Williams 2 = unknown Williams 3 = 300 (2 batches of 150)
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    1.4 S

    The 1.4S was a spiced up RT, it hasd white steel wheels and a slightly different interior, but other than that it was no different
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    Who has the lightest Clio

    So how much does the clio weigh then??
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    Delays, Delays, Delays....

    Get it yourself and do it. £20
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    Locking and Alarming Cup

    I think that ferry companys only say that so that they dont get deafened by car alarms if the crossing is rough (motion sensors etc)