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    Not true. The XBox flopped in Japan, but look how it did in the rest of the world
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    What PSP/PS2 Games?!

    I've got this game and absolutely loving it!!
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    Ferrodo DS2500 place to buy?

    Saw them advertised for about 85 quid...can't remember where though. If I remember I'll post again. I had them on my 172...bloody brilliant!!
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    PAS pipe 172

    what happened? did the aluminium part of the pipe rupture due to bouncing against a bracket? This is exactly what happened on my mk1 172 last year I got a hydraulic manufacturing place to make me up a pipe for 80 pounds
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    Help with mk1 172 speedo problem

    After all that...the replacement speedo sensor was also faulty! Now...anyone have any ideas how i can QUICKLY run the mileage up from 50,000km to 100,000km??? I have 24 hours
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    GDI Demo car!

    Damn!!!! nice power there What power does it make on the wheels?
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    Help with mk1 172 speedo problem

    cluster looks ok, swapped it out with another clios, Now checking wiring between ecu and cluster
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    increase the power of me cup 172

    Sealed IK Decent zorst Decat SMT6 If you've got loads of money Cams Flow If you have more money ITB If you have even more money Turbo Sorted!
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    Help with mk1 172 speedo problem

    Well it looks like even though the Clio is leaving my hands, she's still trying to suck all the money out of my pockets. A while ago when installing the SMT6, the speedo sender unit caught fire. so thinking nothing of it, I went to renault to buy a new sender unit for about 20 pounds and took...
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    0-60 - What have u had

    cos we have thin air
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    crankshaft pulley help

    it didnt...but Ive been told it needs replacing
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    Squeeking brakes!

    My DS2500 pads do the same on my PowerBrake discs no squeaking when cold, squeaking when warm. I finished the final bedding in instructions over the weekend. Damn these things have bite...
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    crankshaft pulley help

    What will happen if a crankshaft pulley breaks? As in, what else will it cause to break?
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    0-60 - What have u had

    7.9s in my mk1 172...really a good time considering the quoted time in mags is 8.4s
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    V6 wheel fused onto hub

    had this exact problem on Saturday while changing the discs on my 172. A large hammer and LOTS of loosening oil mixed with frustrated anger eventually got them off
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    power increase on a mk2 172

    doubt it...Ive got a full zorst and decat and SMT6 and I Still want more!!
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    which is best, mk1 or mk2 172

    mk1 all the way...
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    My first Williams

    Saw my first Williams 3 this weekend at the track. car is quite a bit smaller than I imagined it. but looks loverly in the flesh. Owner needed to redo the wheels though as they were a bit sorry looking, but overall a really nice little car
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    Installing brake discs on 172

    Installed the discs and pads on Saturday. Everything was quite effortless except for removing the discs which took about 30 minutes of hammering and a lot of loosening oil to remove. The 2 torx screws came out every easily though and the pads needed grinding to fit (but then again so did my...
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    172 conversion into clio 16v

    Is that a mk1 or mk2 172 engine? How much for just the engine?
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    Zorst for a 172 mk1

    Check your email
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    Well being an active member of the VW Club of South Africa, Ive often envied the guys who use REVO etc to tune their cars. We dont need piggy-back chips, or to rechip for any technical reasons, its just that there arent any (that Im aware of) plug n play systems out there to retune the Clio ECU
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    Installing brake discs on 172

    just 2 torx screws holding old discs on, undo them (Preferably with a impact driver) Oh dear...all I have are the standard torx screwdriver which came with the car
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    Ferodo DS2500 pads

    I was given similar, but far more stringent instructions for my new discs and DS2500 pads
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    Installing brake discs on 172

    My new discs and pads have just arrived, and my plan is to install them on the weekend. This is the disc... Pads are Ferodo DS2500. Now Ive got a couple questions as this is the first time Im installing new discs on the car by myself...
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    Starting difficulties - 172

    Where is the TDC? my 172 is also doing the same thing...
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    replacing front discs and pads on 172

    Ive just ordered my new discs and pads and would like to install them myself. Any special tricks or tools involved in the process? Anyone got a guide on how to do it?
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    Looking for Mk1 172

    Mine squeaks when cold, rattles all the time, and bumps when I accelerate or slow down...but I still love it
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    Looking for Mk1 172

    Whoever said that mk1 172s dont kick obviously drove a bum model. Mine kicks twice, once at 4000rpm and again at 5500rpm, and mine only makes 126hp (92kw) ATW due to the altitude Im at.
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    DS2500 pads

    Thanks mate, just had a look at their site and right on the front page is "We ship worldwide" Now to see how quickly they can ship here.