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  1. J

    Arctic Blue 182 Milton Road Cambridge around 9am Thursday with pic

    This at the crossroads near Chesterton?
  2. J

    New car has arrived

    Nice VXR. bet it feels a fair bit quicker than the 200, mine certainly did
  3. J

    My First 182!

    Nope. I sold it in June 2012 with around 56k on I think it was. Does it still have the crack/split in the front bumper drivers side?
  4. J

    My First 182!

    YN54 EUZ, that is my old one :)
  5. J

    How many miles has your Clio done ?

    05 182 - 35,300
  6. J

    Silver 182's ....Assemble!

  7. J

    So.. I bought my "realistic" dream car..

    Some STi winglets would set the front off
  8. J

    Old vs New?

    New one for sure. MK2 looks dated as fcuk now
  9. J

    The Impreza picture and discussion thread

    Re newage - anyone had any experience with forged engine specifically on a 2.5l Hawk? Just wondering what figures to expect from forging the 2.5 block
  10. J

    The Impreza picture and discussion thread

    Quickie of the Scoob - now with Cobra center section and backbox
  11. J

    My two beasts :)

    Fiesta looks nice
  12. J

    RS Clio 200 & Impreza

    No its not Standard STi spoiler
  13. J

    RS Clio 200 & Impreza

    Its not a standard STi 8 spoiler
  14. J

    few snaps of #2

    Looks so old next to the Mk4
  15. J

    Where's a 182 for me to buy!

    Got my RB 182 FF for sale - PM if interested
  16. J


    penalty shootouts
  17. J

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Thanks appreciate it. Just don't want to let it go for nothing when I see silver/black ones etc get good money.
  18. J

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Was done at Renault in Tamworth
  19. J

    ***How much is it worth?***

    I am going by prices on AT. There is a BG on 69k going for £3.7k An RB Cup on 98k going for £3.7k An Arctic on 72k going for £3,952. A Titanium on 64k going for £3,985 and a Cup on 80k going for £3.5k I haven't seen any of the above but I would be surprised if any were in better condition.
  20. J

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Replied to PM's. As mentioned not in any rush so will hold out for price.
  21. J

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Photos as requested (now has janspeed exhaust) As said by kayzee, belts are not due until November 2015. They were done in Nov 2010 on 21k, so 36k ago. Car is absolutely mint, recently had lower ball joint and track rod end replaced by 519, and fully checked over. Passed MOT in March, not...
  22. J

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Clio 182 FF - Racing Blue 57k miles Both cup packs Full service history - last serviced December 2013 Cambelt etc done in Nov 2010 MOT until March 2015 Tax until end of August 2014 MINT condition inside and out 4 good condition tyres Standard FF features, xenons etc. Standard apart from exhaust...
  23. J

    RB BN05 on the A11

    Just seen this, where abouts on the A11, possibly me being up and down there a lot.
  24. J

    My new 182

    Nice, on about 30 odd k isnt it?
  25. J

    New daily - Mk4 dCi

    Is this RB? or just a similar color on offer? Looks nice either way