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    Really want a 172 cup but...

    ^^ Probably closer to a 'Captain Slarty'!
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    Back with a clio again after 3yrs

    I remember you chief! I also now have a great disliking of you.................... .............I was going to phone that guy up tomorrow about buying that very car! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!;) lol Ah well, better keep on the look out!
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    Where do you live then?

    Dunfermline - Fife
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    Returning to 172 ownership....:)

    Bumpity bump, going to see one tomorrow. Quite high miles tho'!
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    Cyprus Imports.

    Vicky, It depends on when you bought your 172, Cyprus have only been part of the EU for a couple of years. No EU, no warranty!
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    Returning to 172 ownership....:)

    Some of you here may remember this username, I've resurected it due to my impending 172 purchase. Have previously been Paul_P1, but sold that for an S2000. I'm looking to buy a MK1 Clio 172, circa £4K. Having been away from the Clio scene for a while, can anyone point me in the...
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    172 sold, what next......

    ...I think it has to be CTR. I want a new car that I can afford to run and is on par with the 172. Im not changing car because I think the 172 is a bad car, Im just bored with it now and having any car for 2 years is long enough for me! I will either be going for a v.low millage 2nd hand CTR...
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    Cup or fat 172

    It depends how you quantify massively quicker. On the move there is not much between them. But try racing it off the line or over the 1/4 mile and there is a noticable difference!
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    I want a CUP

    The Cups are not limited editions, I dare say when production stops of the Cups, so will the 172. There are thousands of cups on the road now, to me thats not limited edition. The only limited edition 172 was the Exclusive!
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    Clio Pics

    My god look at the Clio, I cant beleive it.......hes put a Saxo badge on it, nooooooo!!!;)
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    Clio Pics

    LMAO!!!! Deosnt quite beat the muppet in the VTS going about Dunfermline with the 9 exhausts though!
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    Good news and bad news.........

    GR, So that car has been sitting on the forcourt for over a year and is not UK spec. Hmm, that is a major bargaining chip for someone wanting to buy that car. Id be tempted to go into the showroom and say to him "£18 grand cash and Ill take it off your hands now!". Wonder what the reaction...
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    Here she is people!

    You need some mats, those footwells will get grubby pretty quickly without them! Unless of course you are going for the weight saving approach!;)
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    2 crashed willies!

    Or even THEIR!:D
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    FAO: ALL those who had/have the 4k rattle

    Glenvarigill in Dunfermline seemed to know what to expect when they changed my mid-section. They hardly looked at it, the guy spent all of 2 mins examining the exhaust, before whipping out a new mid-section.
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    Should I get this car or .......

    The cheque is in the post Sylv........well we always said we go halfs on one, didnt we!? :D
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    Totally gutted

    Im really pissed off for you Rhys, sorry to hear about it!
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    Got the Willie Rolling Roaded today.

    I always think Star FW figures are a little too high!
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    Got the Willie Rolling Roaded today.

    Seems an awful high transmission loss %, at just over 30%. Does anyone else thinks this is too high?
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    Sericing on Cup!!!

    WTF, my first service for my MK2 172 was only £95, its only a oil and filter change for goodness sake!
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    172 & cup

    Rhys, I think any suspension tweaks etc, can be called chasis tweaks. IMO in the top of 4th and all the way through 5th, there will be absolutely nothing in it!!
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    Clio Cup Engine Noise at Fulll Throttle

    Its normal Si, my brother can hear it on my car as I scream by and I can hear it on his car, as he screams by!
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    172 & cup

    Why is it ppl take the best times for a car and the worst recorded for the other to make their point! The fastest I have seen the MK2 172 timed to 60 is 6.7 and 17.9 to 100, this equates to very little on the road, maybe one-2 car lengths!
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    172 & cup

    I am about to do it, wait there........yes done it! Counted 1 second, boy it is fast eh!
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    DE-CAT 172

    Can i confuse matters here...... .....well, when I went into get my centre section replaced the garage had kindly ordered up the whole exhaust system just incase anything else needed replaced. The CAT section had two muckle CATs side by side, like a divers air tanks, they were HUGE!! I...
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    Well, I’ve finally gone and bought one!!!

    007, strange, dont think many will agree with you though! Silver is the most noticable, followed by red, blue then black!
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    I’m glad I got a 172 and not a CTR

    Weyland, You only post when its a full moon, but when you do its usually to the point and quite amusing. I like it! :D
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    My Cup is fooked!

    Just say you were out ragging it on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, theres nothing in the warrenty that says you cant drive your car hard!! Plain fact of the matter is, it shouldnt of gone that early even if it was on the strip!!
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    Big engined clio’s aint all that...

    It also has to be down to the amount of VTS/VTR and GTis there are going about though. A lot of companies have noticed this growing market and exploited it. In other words they made it very easy for Johnny in his VTS to save up a grand , take it into them and come out with 30+ more brake! Its...
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    Big engined clio’s aint all that...

    Its because there is no mass market recognised tuner for Clios. If someone was to bring out a performance package for the Clio, Im sure it would be snapped up. You could do it in stages, i.e. Stage 1 - exhauts, induction to Stage 3 - throttle bodies, nos etc. If you spend 2/3 grand on a Clio...