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    An oldy but a goldy..........

    sold £780, many thanks for all your constructive remarks
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    An oldy but a goldy..........

    i admit, that due to my brother in laws driving, one side does look better than the other!! the interior wasn't hard to fit at all, the 172 seats fit the old clio subframe, the back seats were zipped off, the foam trimmed to fit the valver back bench, covers re-zipped up, and hey presto, done...
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    An oldy but a goldy.......... that should be it!!
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    An oldy but a goldy..........

    Oh its the 1993 Renault clio, with the 172 interior in it, and the low miles!!
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    An oldy but a goldy..........

    Many years since i've been on here, but popped on to point you in the direction of this used to be mine, but now belongs to my brother in law, just wanted to see what feedback/pointers you can give me on it...
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    172 interior

    Went into a 93 valver alright, so there should be no problems:)
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    Cliosport Anthems..

    N*E*R*D Lapdance
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    Bugger to get a pram in the boot, and the seatbelts are sh*te for babyseats in the back!! thats why mine had to go!!:(
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    Goodbye Cup - Hello CTR!

    I had a type R as a courtesy car when the HR-V was in getting some work done (im friendly with the staff there!!) I thought the gear change would be weird, but it surprised me how easy to use it was Now i now why they let me have the car, as since it went back to them, ive seriously thought...
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    my first valver

    With that mileage (8900!!), it is a snip!!;)
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    Halfords are a bunch of noddys

    Went to Halfords (Team Valley) when i wanted my Pioneer HU taken out my H-RV. Honda put an anti-theft plate around them, so its a bugger to get out. The kid couldnt of been more helpful, although he didnt get it out there and then, he gave me some canny advice which resulted in it coming out...
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    good old renault!!

    My wife still cant see why i called our son Luke Wait until he wants advice No Luke, i am your father ;)
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    Going to buy a williams 3

    Williams never came with leather, its got a nice W embrodied in the seats, so if it has got it leather, it very rare
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    Remember "Where theres blame, theres a claim" Sue the old b*****d, and think about how youd spend any compenastion
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    Sunroof Water Feature

    I used clear silicone. Its a tw*t to work with, but very effective
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    Car up in flames

    You wanna watch that them bricks dont topple over on your car, it would ruin it;)
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    Car up in flames

    :o At least youre alright:D
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    its f*cking leaking - help

    Use clear silicone sealer. Put that underneath the black rubber moulding that fits the to actual roof. The silicone is a bugger to work with, but it cleared the problem on mine no bother
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    williams insurance>>

    No insurance quote to be at !!!! Try
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    new interior or seat covers

    When i had the clio, i tried my mates "leather look" seat covers that he had bought from Halfords. From about 400 yards away, they looked alright but on closer inspection were pap. I ended up getting some 172 seats (front and back) from in Norwich, they...
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    Clio williams or 16V
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    Clio Williams Worth It

    My old clio was well looked after, but a body shop f**ked mine and caused it to rust on one side after a minor prang!
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    Including delivery from Norwich to Newcastle, i paid £450
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    I got mine from Got the front and rear seats, but door cards were no good as they are a totally different shape
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    Gotta disagree there. I put a 172 interior in my clio, and not only were they extremely supportive, but when you see the renaultsport embrodied in the fabric, theyre harldy dull!
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    Clio Millage.

    Before i let the clio go, mine had just over 68,000 on, that was on a L
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    mint valver interior

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    My new car....

    Me and the wife did discuss that, but saying as my brother-in-law hasnt passed his test yet, theres a fair chance i may get to "borrow" it;) A good deal all round me thinks!
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    My new car....

    After being offered a grand!! for my 16valve with 172 interior!!!, i relucantly let her go to my brother-in-law for a better yet bargain price of £2000. The money has already been invested in my new family car!, a Honda H RV Although the speed option has gone, i can safely say im very impressed...