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    sounds about right...
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    172 bf (mechanic) done it for i would upload a pic but dunno how... Pfft u lot aint very friendly are ya?
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    Hey, replaced the Spark Plugs the other week... still running rough :( slow... Sluggish? Misfiring? Timing?
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    New member from Essex

    welcome mike, ur only up the road lol we've got the same prob, my clio has nasty front lenses :(
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    New Wheels on

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    Some Arctic Lovin'

    R they speedlines?
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    Racing Blue 197

    I like this shape!
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    What would you do? Wheel question. 17 >> 15s ?

    I like the speedlines...they look alright on that shape tho...
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    a number of sports at mod nats. My pictures...from mod nats 2012 - wet weekend SNM ;)
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    a number of sports at mod nats.

    PETER!!! didnt know u was on this forum was us two on british mods stand...
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    Black or White Wheels??

  13. M sticker :)

    Mine Was Already On My Rear...
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    Mudflaps - Yay or Nay?

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    hi fokes