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  1. r_dizzel*

    Springs not settling fronts ?

    How do i check this, sorry first time i fitted them myself
  2. r_dizzel*

    Springs not settling fronts ?

    Been a while since ive been on here.. Im currently working on a project car and have installed some apex springs myself The rears have settled quite well how ever the front hasnt changed much!? What could be the issue?
  3. r_dizzel*

    alloy refurb

    can anyone recommend me someone or somewhere in Bristol i can get my alloys powdercoated with the tyres removed want to get the alloys on my bmw coloured graphite!
  4. r_dizzel*

    Which blackberry?

    anyone selling a bb... drop me a pm :)
  5. r_dizzel*

    Blackberry 8900 Bold for a Iphone 4

    still worth it..
  6. r_dizzel*

    Which blackberry?

    im looking to get a blackberry on payg... which one would you recommend? camera with flash wifi non-sliding or touch-screen around £150-200 (dont mind used)
  7. r_dizzel*

    multidrop planner on satnav

    ive recently started a driving job were i do multi drop offs. I was wondering if there's a satnav out there were i can enter all my destinations and set them in nearest order? thanks
  8. r_dizzel*

    Sold car dilemma

    oh yeah thanks! :)
  9. r_dizzel*

    Sold car dilemma

    just sold my car... called my insurance company to cancel my insurance but there offices are closed until tommorw. What would happen if the buyer got flashed by a camera or went into the back of someone? etc...? just worried.
  10. r_dizzel*

    cambelt change in bristol

    need to get my cambelt done 1.4 16v mk2ph2 anywhere in bristol were i could get this done for a good/reasonable price? roughly how much should i be looking to pay for the full kit?
  11. r_dizzel*

    Smoothing holes in tailgate

    thats a little overpriced :S
  12. r_dizzel*

    ph1 172 in white?

  13. r_dizzel*

    attempt to remove front bumper

    ok ive been told by a few that removing the front bumper is easy... but ive never done anything like this before.. is there anything i need to be aware of etc? the reason im removing my front bumper is to correct the way my headlights and bonnet sits..
  14. r_dizzel*

    172 in corries!

    niceee.. i knew it would be someone of here as of the wheel respray etc..
  15. r_dizzel*

    172 has a bit of a makeover

    nice choice of colours mate.
  16. r_dizzel*

    Describe Your Clio In One Sentence

    Stealthy quick 1.4 182 wannabe
  17. r_dizzel*

    pic request: 1*2 on oz f1s

    i wouldnt make a thread if i havent already tried search The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search: oz, f1
  18. r_dizzel*

    something scraped a speedbump

    im guessing it could be oil...? ok i will upload a pic
  19. r_dizzel*

    something scraped a speedbump

    it seems to smell burning hot? how would i fix this? would it just require a weld? and what is sump?
  20. r_dizzel*

    pic request: 1*2 on oz f1s

    ...ok any colour sport?
  21. r_dizzel*

    something scraped a speedbump

    and is now leaking with some kind of hot liquid.. its not dripping as it looks sticky i have a 182 exhaust on my replica and its somewhere near the middle, near a bolt?
  22. r_dizzel*

    pic request: 1*2 on oz f1s

    black sports only
  23. r_dizzel*

    Perspective shots (add yours!)

    luke from south west ^
  24. r_dizzel*

    bonnet not sitting properly

    if its the slam panel; can i fit this myself?
  25. r_dizzel*

    Gear box leather cover

    how is this put on to the gearstick?
  26. r_dizzel*

    Front bumper has come loose

    my bumper looks bit like this at the moment... how does it screw/clip back in :S
  27. r_dizzel*

    Front bumper has come loose

    phase 2...
  28. r_dizzel*

    Front bumper has come loose

    Just noticed my front rs bumper has come apart from the driver side wing, ive looked under the arch but cant seem to work out how it clips/goes back together? What should i be looking for?
  29. r_dizzel*

    claim question

    lol he just told me the only details they took of his was the mobile number and reg?