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  1. Christopher

    PS1 mini

    See, that I'd be more tempted by! Hmm!
  2. Christopher

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Ahh yeah fair, I'm on a 3080ti but have a lot of pixels to push :LOL: at 5120x1440, but Hogsmeade is by far the most intensive area for me too!
  3. Christopher

    Hogwarts Legacy

    LOADS better for me now, post patch Pretty much maxing out at 120 and 70+ 1%s. Before it was dipping all over the show! RT off though, that's still borked.
  4. Christopher

    Hogwarts Legacy

    PC patch out today (with the XB too) I'm installing now, hopefully it's a bit more stable on higher settings.
  5. Christopher

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Loving it so far. Some pretty sh*te optimisation for PC (patch coming) but it's so pretty. About 5 hours in.
  6. Christopher

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    It's a block kitchen countertop that I had cut to length since it's 2.2m long The legs are then just tapped into the bottom with long wood screws. Legs are from Hairpin Leg Co I think it was.
  7. Christopher

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Cheers, yeah agreed - just the right about of RGB and no tacky sh*t all over them
  8. Christopher

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    A few updates to my gaming system. Added some new Fractal fans, RGB controller and reapplied the paste/dusted. Had my GPU replaced under warranty late last year and they replaced it with a Ti model, which was a nice (if small) upgrade. Should be good for another year or so!
  9. Christopher

    Dirty winter cars thread 22/23

    Dirty V8 bike carrier things
  10. Christopher

    Another car gone, and one bought. X5 3.0d.

    I liked the in-car entertainment on this, personally.
  11. Christopher

    The VW Audi Skoda Seat Thread

    EGRs are cancer, my 335d was the same and that'd only done 55k! On the VWG hate train - I found out this week that mine has a water cooled ALTERNATOR. Jesus wept. I love their ambition but it's honestly like the German brands have a look at what works well, then complicate it.
  12. Christopher

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Sreten is the man. Love his stuff
  13. Christopher


    Also still playing this a LOT on PC Still only one character but there's a few of us playing GMs and raids a fair bit. Starting to feel like the seasons are getting stale so Lightfall will be a welcome refresh!
  14. Christopher

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2

    Played a LOT of this after not playing a COD game for years. Loving it
  15. Christopher

    My first Mercedes is an estate with 300bhp

    I just saw it on their IG a while back and planned to go - not looked since. Hopefully it's not been canned!
  16. Christopher

    The titanic has docked…

    This is awesome. I mean it's sh*te that you've had all these issues but I think we can all applaud your attitude mate!
  17. Christopher

    My first Mercedes is an estate with 300bhp

    There's a wagons day at Bicester Heritage I'm going to in Jan. You in?
  18. Christopher

    MarkCup's BMW i3S

    Has your mate's RS4 got carbon ceramics?! Or just white/silver callipers?
  19. Christopher

    FL5 Civic Type R incoming - my predictions on video

    I really like it. Far more subtle than the previous gen and less likely to make you look like a Monster Energy enthusiast.
  20. Christopher

    Blast From The Past, 2012 CSF, RB182

    WTF - I can guarantee that wasn't done from new to 2012 when I sold it, I've never had an accident in any car! Touch wood!
  21. Christopher

    Blast From The Past, 2012 CSF, RB182

    Really?! Certainly not in my ownership that I noticed? I knew the first owner too and bought it from him
  22. Christopher

    Blast From The Past, 2012 CSF, RB182

    😭 RIP. It's dead now
  23. Christopher

    T. Turbo is back

    Well. Holy f*ck. 🤌 Lovely!
  24. Christopher

    Cummins 5.9 Engined Defender...

    F*ck me that's awesome.
  25. Christopher

    MarkCup's BMW i3S

    I actually quite like them for a commuter. Better than a lot of the cheap EVs.
  26. Christopher

    CSF22 ClioSport Festival 2022 - Book Tickets Now!

    TLDR: Any track time tickets left?