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  1. James105

    Help please.. have I broken my car?

    Euro car parts normally stock them:
  2. James105

    Clio Decat Friendly MOT centres in the Central Belt

    So your asking for a list of garages which are falsifying MOT's to be listed online? Not the wisest of ideas tbh.
  3. James105

    Can someone send me links? Injectors coil packs etc

  4. James105

    Best gearbox oil

    I've been running Red Line MT90 for a few years, never had any issues.
  5. James105

    firing order 182?

    Duff new leads? It should just be a case of connecting 1 lead from coil terminal number 1 to cylinder 1..etc. Have you tried the old leads again?
  6. James105

    firing order 182?

    Number 1- Flywheel/ gearbox end Number 4- Belt end
  7. James105

    firing order 182?

    Indeed they are. Sometimes the cheap ones are not I guess.
  8. James105

    firing order 182?

    1-3-4-2 is it not?
  9. James105

    750mc Roadsport anyone?

    Top work Alex! Did you enjoy it? James (I might drop you a pm later about something which may be of interest to you)
  10. James105

    Standard discs and pads for the track?

    I did Snetterton on Sunday with standard Pagid pads and discs all round. I'm pretty hard on my brakes and could do a handful of laps before I had to back off for a couple of laps to let them cool down.
  11. James105

    All 1*2 Alternator Pulleys The Same?

    I believe not. I bought a replacement 2nd hand alternator for my 182 and the replacement had a plastic one, I put my metal one onto it. Everything seems fine, not sure if this was of any help though
  12. James105

    Coilovers - setting up

    The nut should be done up till it goes tight
  13. James105

    Porsche Cayman S Race Car

    We find TD take an age when we order wheels in! Work is looking fantastic on it Sam...both in pace and quality! We got 2 wins with the 993 I was running at Donny on Saturday which is a good start.
  14. James105

    Porsche Cayman S Race Car

    Looking good Sam! Who is doing the build? The 993 I will be looking after probably in some britcar this year went testing yesterday......gearbox coming out this weekend! Maybe he should have checked the box before testing/ fitting it to make sure he had all the gears.
  15. James105

    Caterham Lotus Super 7 - The Rebuild!

    I believe we are looking at a minimum of 150bhp hopefully is the aim. Limited as too what we were able to do due to regulations but we shall see in the next month or so I guess.
  16. James105

    Caterham Lotus Super 7 - The Rebuild!

    Great to see this being rebuilt and nice to see the Lotus twin cam being retained. We have just built a race spec twin cam for our 1965 Elan appendix K, new block etc from states. Can't wait to hear it up and running. I'm currently installing a Syvecs S6 ECU to it, going to be a fantastic car!
  17. James105


    New engine in fairness would be the cheapest option I would imagine. I would also have road tested the car after changing the p/s pipe had it been a job I was doing. I road test 95% of the cars I work on, admittedly they are sports cars but it's amazing what we pick up on during a road test that...
  18. James105

    Wireless Extending

    Evening all, After some advice.... Our home wireless router is located in the lounge and I struggle to keep a connection to the wireless from my Ipad and phone when in my bedroom. I have a hardwire running from the router to my room (inside wall cavity and loft etc) which I use to connect my...
  19. James105

    Porsche Cayman S Race Car

    Top work Sam! Might bump into you at a few different rounds this year as I'm running a Porsche and 2 Lotus Europa's in various things including Britcar.
  20. James105

    Snetterton Race Report - Season Finale!

    Was due a good winter rebuild anyway so heyho....keeps me in work I guess! So can't complain too much! Exige went into the gravel at paddock and they couldn't get it out quick enough in order for it to continue the race. Pretty gutting really as I've just spent the last couple of months building...
  21. James105

    Snetterton Race Report - Season Finale!

    Stories .......and a whole lot of work on the Europa, haven't even faced the music and unloaded it out of the truck yet!haha! Will see if there is much footage, not sure if/ how much was being recorded. Luckily I was managing the Exige for 6hour more then the Europa...well until it was all hands...
  22. James105

    Snetterton Race Report - Season Finale!

    Top work Rob! Congratulations on the Win and the 6Hour. Such a frustrating couple of races for us again!
  23. James105

    Icemans Britcar Endurance project 182

    Knew I recognised your car when I was working up at Snett the other weekend, just couldn't think from where!! Car looked good and going well! Well done on the result!
  24. James105


    Possibility the differential circlip has popped out
  25. James105

    Donington GP Race Report

    Nice read as usual and top work!! I didn't make Donny as was away on holiday but will be back at Snett. You doing Brands 1000k? James
  26. James105

    Probabley a silly question

    You can buy the new sensor cheaply. Then just a case of popping the mirror cover off and wiring in the new sensor
  27. James105

    Inferno in Newbury on Saturday. Think WR05, whiteline rear bar

    Spotted you around my Sainsburys in Newbury on Sunday midday'ish I think it was. Looked smart with what I saw was: -Rear new style badge -Whiteline ARB -Different bonnet (I was passenger in a blue Corsa VXR next to you at the lights)
  28. James105

    Mk1 Clio Mid engined VR6 Turbo build

    As above! Fantastic work and I can't wait till I get a chance to build something mad! Hats off to you and I look forward to seeing more video's and pictures of it!
  29. James105

    Elise Update

    Yeah, Chris put some good times in, and overall Cassidy was showing some of the best driving he has done for a while too. True, not been a great season but I suppose reliability does play a big part. The stupid thing is, when you look at the actual facts we do have reliability. In the sense...
  30. James105

    Elise Update

    Seemed to be going well while you were out on track. We also had a mixed weekend with the Europa! Made great progress with the dampers on Friday and things were looking good for the race. Started getting a long brake pedal during pre-practise on Saturday, so bled the system hoping it had just...