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  1. welshname

    Eufy or Blink Video Doorbell

    Yes but I responded to a post about the general scandal.
  2. welshname

    Eufy or Blink Video Doorbell

    Because they don’t just make doorbells?
  3. welshname

    Eufy or Blink Video Doorbell

    Seems like people are missing half of the scandal. The data is going to the cloud might not be an issue for some, but a deal breaker for others. The bigger issue is that it’s unencrypted and not secured in any way.
  4. welshname

    Ghost immobiliser or not?

    Don’t see the point personally especially if you’re putting in place all the other measures. If someone is that determined to go through a disklok etc then they’ll have no issues breaking into the house
  5. welshname


    Still playing it myself. Once you understand the builds and how to get good armour stats it’s easy. I recommend watching some YouTube vids explaining it. Resilience is massive this season, intellect is dogshit, strength is only worthwhile for a melee based build.
  6. welshname


    It’s cross save. I mix and match whether I play on console or pc. Same character and can play with the same people.
  7. welshname


    Yep. It’s literally the only game I play these days. last season was piss poor but the new expansion content was good. This season is shaping up alright!
  8. welshname

    Best VPN…. iPad, All rounder…

    I’ve used Surfshark for years now. Works great on everything EXCEPT the fire tv. Haven’t tried to use it on there for a couple of years though so your mileage may vary. Don’t get me wrong, it worked a lot of the time but was specifically a bit funny with the Netflix app and their support team...
  9. welshname

    Where to buy a 200?

    I’ve said it a million times. Mk2 feels like an engine swap where they’ve shoehorned a big engine into a small car. It makes it fun and exciting. Mk3 feels like the chassis is more than capable of the power and it makes it a bit boring despite the fact you’re probably going quicker.
  10. welshname

    Performance tyres - is there any point anymore?

    Not just me then? much more than legal limit but when you get to about 60% wear on the tyres you can really feel the grip drop off
  11. welshname

    Three 5G Home Broadband

    On 5G that’s all you’re getting?
  12. welshname

    Three 5G Home Broadband

    That’s exactly what bridge mode is.
  13. welshname

    Three 5G Home Broadband

    Well that’s good. Can use my own kit for everything else
  14. welshname

    Three 5G Home Broadband

    I was with them for several years on a SIM only plan before I moved to a company phone. Zero problems during that time. Also a mobile phone is inherently mobile and would have a vastly different experience than a static router would. However none of the above is relevant to the thread…cheers...
  15. welshname

    Three 5G Home Broadband

    Issues with the router or it’s signal quality? Router comes with 2 expansion ports for external antennas. As my network cabinet is in my loft and I use my own WiFi APs I would be mounting an external antenna, and having the router in the loft. Anyone know if the router will run in bridge mode?
  16. welshname

    Three 5G Home Broadband

    As above, anyone got this? What’s it like reliability wise? I know of 1 person with it but they don’t work from home so can’t really vouch for constant use and it’s availability. In terms of latency for gaming it’s been rock solid though he said. Currently with Sky and the best I can get in...
  17. welshname

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    This feels spammy…
  18. welshname

    Networks and DHCP's... A little advice, please.

    The MAC address that has no IP is possibly the switch you’re using. If it’s a non managed switch then it won’t get an IP.
  19. welshname

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Back when I was doing more work in SQL Management Studio I ran a dedicated monitor in portrait mode. I absolutely loved it. Have since downsized from 3 screens to 2 now so have gone back to both being in landscape.
  20. welshname

    VM/Network question: VM internet access via hotspot?

    Can’t you buy yourself a cheap USB wireless adapter and pass that through to the VM? Then join the hotspot directly in the VM itself. Or rather than tether and hotspot maybe a USB adapter for a data sim and pass that through to the VM itself and cut out the whole tethering part of it. Also if...
  21. welshname

    Small Tech Bag

    I’m after a new bag for work. I work in IT, I don’t wear a suit for work, I don’t attend business meetings where I need to look smart. Previously always just used messenger bags to throw my laptop and charger in but they get ruined and are a pain to find anything in. Still open to the idea of...
  22. welshname

    ABS firing when braking gently

    I had the same but it was a cracked ABS ring.
  23. welshname

    LY 197/200 - Daddy G (Actual Nonce)

    Was he a CS user?
  24. welshname

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    It’s f**king awful. It essentially makes it easier for you to use Amazon services but a f**k tonne harder to use other apps
  25. welshname

    Can Anyone Get Cheap Office For Mac?

    Have you looked on Kinguin, G2A etc? There are loads of sites out there but those are two that I use for Windows keys or steam game keys.
  26. welshname

    Loot boxes

    As per above, it’s no different than buying sticker packs etc so those will be next if the gambling commission gets involved.
  27. welshname

    Our new ph1 172

    Nooooo ph1 should have black strips
  28. welshname

    Website Hosting

    You little tinker! Didn’t know that you swine.
  29. welshname

    Our new ph1 172

    I hope you’re better at timing these engines than most Renault techs are 🤣. can’t believe there’s no filter. Amazing