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  1. pritchard182

    Pritchard 182's ds3

    Thanks guys. no its the 150 sport
  2. pritchard182

    Pritchard 182's ds3

    Thanks only one I miss is the 182 tho :(
  3. pritchard182

    Pritchard 182's ds3

    Hi guys miss my old 182 so decided to pop on here and have a look round for old time sake might stick around if I'm welcome gonna look at geting the new Clio sport when is it due out if there is one? My old 182 still on the forum I want her back haha then after leaving I Baugh myself a...
  4. pritchard182

    The RenaultSport Megane Appreciation Thread

    Thanks mate. The first pik was taken by g.simmons whos a very good photographer. How old are you? Im only 23 and iv got a house aswell lol
  5. pritchard182

    My deep black r26

    gave the megane a once over as i finished the rain started haha as usual in wales Dan
  6. pritchard182

    Newbie wants help, what colour 182 do I buy...???!!!

    yup my old one px it against a black megane f1
  7. pritchard182

    Alexs RB

    Nice little car mate love how the colour changes in different lights
  8. pritchard182

    Alex's New liquid yellow r27

    Looks mint miss mine sold it on 15k miles 5 months ago just before they went down in price to much
  9. pritchard182

    Lowest clio?

  10. pritchard182

    FLAME AWAY.....

    i miss thur night now shes gone ;) u know what i mean gar
  11. pritchard182

    Headlight washer jets leaking

    Where can i get the valves online mate? Any on ebay?
  12. pritchard182

    Headlight washer jets leaking

    Mine have been leakin for a while and is pising me of filing the washer jet bottle up every week is there a way to disconect them without takin the bumper of? Thanks dan
  13. pritchard182

    TVR Tamora Project

    Like it alot howmuch did you pay for it if ypu dont mind me asking? Also how old is it?
  14. pritchard182

    PlastiDip UK?

    Where can i get some from? And will it just paint straight over plastic with no primer or sanding back ect?
  15. pritchard182


    Like the r27 Doupt your the youngest to own 1 tho mate
  16. pritchard182

    Best Clio pic

  17. pritchard182

    Ratstyle Megane RS

    still got the f1 sticker on the wing must be a feking good sticker to stay on for 2 years in the water
  18. pritchard182

    petrol blue 182 in swansea

    spotted you on sat
  19. pritchard182

    LY 182 Llantrisant

    Iv seen this aswel a while ago parked on the side of the road by the corner park
  20. pritchard182

    la racing blue 182

    Thanks dude sorry bout the late reply:o
  21. pritchard182

    Cleaned the RB

    Looks like mine. Like it dude
  22. pritchard182

    NE Penshaw meet

    like the half naked man:)
  23. pritchard182

    clio 172 with orange stickers in bath/ and a 172 cup in bath

    all around 2:30 cup sounded ace
  24. pritchard182

    Worst Modification?

    Turinis Coilovers Cs stickers
  25. pritchard182

    Which colour clio would you rather have?

    Re: WHICH COLOR CLIO WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE? Would like trophy red my rb the colour gets coments wherever you go