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  1. Ballcrusher


    why have a easter sale why cant they be cheaper in general ?
  2. Ballcrusher

    Some shiny 197 photos

    very gay
  3. Ballcrusher


    top meet jay one of the biggest turn outs ive seen before THANX for the invite.............ADAM YA STILL GAY.................LOL GOOD TO SEE YA MATE
  4. Ballcrusher


    easy to do mate just pull up the rubber protector and weld the to the knuckle joint as it meets the colum. ive done loads of cars from this site aswell as
  5. Ballcrusher

    Wrote the Vee Off

    adam one day you will put a post up without making an ars of ya self people dont like t slaging you off mate but being a flash prick what do you expect like i said many times before when your being your self your a top bloke up there with the best of them stay that way and people wont whant to...
  6. Ballcrusher

    how horrible is this 182!!!

    there should be more girles on cliosport they give good replys
  7. Ballcrusher

    how horrible is this 182!!!

    some people like the maxpower look some dont and as i see on cliosport all or most of the cars look the same BORING ive maxed my cars and kepted them standard and maxed gets more notice so cos this guys done stuff most dont like least peoples talking about IT
  8. Ballcrusher

    pics of the white 182 FINALLY!

    if you want to post anything on here and you dont like the replys rise above it its only a car it aint the end of the world if its what you like injoy it.good luck with it fella
  9. Ballcrusher

    Lowering Springs - Question

    wont rube fella even with passengers the only clio i no thats rubs with 17" and lowerd 35mill is the williams as its got the wider track
  10. Ballcrusher

    Subway's V6

    if you ever wanna be gay give me a call
  11. Ballcrusher

    Subway's V6

    dont go the fred-gay-namics way a.k.a bozzasport keep it how it is
  12. Ballcrusher

    182manifold Fitting For 172-help Please

    could you use the old flange of the 172 down pipe and weld it on to your new down pipe or are the flanges diff sizes between the two
  13. Ballcrusher

    Thinking Of Buying A Clio Again

    as above just thinking about mk1 or mk2 172 ive allready had a williams so wat ay reckon mk1 ment to be quicker ive been told ?
  14. Ballcrusher

    and so it begins.....

    looks like its gonna be slow fred get bb to sort it for you and have all the power you need with a self learning ECU-----?
  15. Ballcrusher

    Bbtunings New Buy And Fit It Your Self ?

    from there website CHANGES @ BB PERFORMANCE TUNING [ list all articles ] 11 October 2006 Its all change at BBPT in the attempt to further improve services and product range..... As of the 1st of October 2006 BB Performance Tuning will be restructuring. Firstly all mailorder...
  16. Ballcrusher

    BB Tuning aftercare service!!!

    220bhp not another one dreaming
  17. Ballcrusher

    BB Tuning aftercare service!!!

    i spoke to andy snr at bbt and he told me they would stand in a court of law and say that the cars running spot and there works spot on so in there eyes they seem that they have done nothing wrong but james,s cars is wrong it drinks fuel like crazzzzzzy cuts out kangeroooooos all the time lacks...
  18. Ballcrusher

    BB Tuning aftercare service!!!

    i must state that the reflash ecu that james had on his car as well as the decat pipe he had made there were both fantastic.the reflash made his car turn into a bit of a theres nothing wrong with the reflash ecus had very good feedback from other people who had the same reflash as...
  19. Ballcrusher

    BBPT Why Would They

    well figures will be posted soon as the cars going in to another company soon to have the work done properly
  20. Ballcrusher

    BBPT Why Would They

    well i thought the same but all tunners that i spoke to today said wen they set up the rollers and put the details in at the end they all come out at 5250 rpm and i should have put n/a cars we didnt speek about turbo cars
  21. Ballcrusher

    BBPT Why Would They

    Well A Friend Of Mine Just Had A Cams Fitted At Bb And Got 198bhp On There Rollers Wen He Went To Another Tunning Company He Got Far Less And They Told Us That 5250rpm Is The Correct Rpm So To Make Sure I Rang Around About 5 Other Tunners And They All Said The Same Thing 6000rpm Makes Ya Car...
  22. Ballcrusher

    BBPT Why Would They

    over thre last few weeks found out that bbtunning alter there rolliong road graphs to make it seem that you have more bhp. as im awere on all graphs the bhp line and torqe line should cross each other at 5250rpm but bbtunnings cross at 6000rpm now ive spoke to a number of tunning companys and...
  23. Ballcrusher


    wayne at chipwizards doing my S3 and what people have told me is he the bollox.
  24. Ballcrusher

    best photo u have...

    they are reel peeps
  25. Ballcrusher

    best photo u have...

    i do miss my old williams
  26. Ballcrusher

    182 exhaust onto a 172?

    182 does fit just need to get the down pipe costum made
  27. Ballcrusher

    JLO turned ****

    me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  28. Ballcrusher

    JLO turned ****

    looks gay and who said you had a show car ?
  29. Ballcrusher

    spot the difference...

    meggerman if you got a problem with me mate why dont we sort it out and ill be happy to stick ya head up ya arse