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  1. colesy

    My 15 Year-long Mini Rebuild Project (LOTS of pictures, go and get a cuppa!)

    You’ve owned the mini as long as I’ve been alive 😅
  2. colesy

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    So happy I can now enter this thread 😂 will be a garage queen for a little bit longer but then will be used!
  3. colesy

    Graham's summer 172 cup track car

    Thanks Graham, it does look so much better I must say! Definitely got lots of plans and now I’ve got an RB to get stuck into as well. some pics from the last track day at donington before the 1/4 was fixed.
  4. colesy

    Joah's - RB Cup Track Only - Target at least one year

    I hope @Joah won’t mind me saying but I am now the proud custodian of this RB. It’s not far away from being track ready at all, so much so I’m hoping to have it on track next month.
  5. colesy

    Graham's summer 172 cup track car

    Last video Graham made: I’m thinking about making some videos too
  6. colesy

    Graham's summer 172 cup track car

    I thought I would update on NUP as after 6 and a bit years, the rear 1/4 is fixed. The car is performing great and all being well may be being raced at some point this year (if I stop buying clios!)
  7. colesy

    CSF23 CSF23 *Save The Date*

    Hmm weekend with clios at Anglesey on my 30th birthday think I’ll have to get involved this year
  8. colesy

    Another car gone, and one bought. X5 3.0d.

    My want for an e53 X5 is so high right now! Good buy!
  9. colesy

    197 brembos for 172/182

    Got my brake kit for sale.
  10. colesy

    The CSF 2022 Picture Thread

    Need to come along next year, looks like a mega weekend
  11. colesy

    MR2 Roadster 128k - £1000 Starting Bid

    I’ve always quietly wanted one of these, especially watching Danny dc2 channel racing one.
  12. colesy

    Motorbike alpinestars kit and Nolan helmet Now on eBay 🙂
  13. colesy

    AEM FIC 8 My old AEM FIC 8 for sale as I’ve now gone gen 90. Message me if you’re interested we can sort something out.
  14. colesy

    Track day Coilovers

    I had GAZ gold’s on my ZR race car but they were custom valved so not really a fair comparison. i didn’t like the GHA’s on the road, the bc’s for me have been the best compromise for budget/ride quality and performance. But currently I have AST 4200 on my cup and they amazing but equally expensive
  15. colesy

    Oil leak, my first one!

    I would say that power steering fluid as it looks red.
  16. colesy

    Track day Coilovers

    I think most of all it’s down to budget, ast’s are probably the best but expensive. I like BC’s though.
  17. colesy

    1*2 ECU Unlocking

    I think EFI might do this
  18. colesy

    My MK5 gti on eBay

    I am also open to px for something that I can use daily and tow a Clio 🙂
  19. colesy

    My MK5 gti on eBay

    The little lid has fallen off unfortunately, can only imagine it’s on the M4 somewhere as it used to have it.
  20. colesy

    My MK5 gti on eBay
  21. colesy

    Posting a gearbox - help.

    Where is the go to to get a gearbox shipped now? @2 Clios Jon has a gearbox in Darlington but it is a way from me. I’ve looked at the UPS option but it says a gearbox is on the prohibited list.
  22. colesy

    Collecting Cars - The Renault Collection (live now)

    I love a Clio but Jesus Christ I wouldn’t be paying £45k for one
  23. colesy

    Tyre choices.

    I’d go that way then, decent tyres for that money.
  24. colesy

    Tyre choices.

    For the golf? I just put a set of Goodyear asy 5 on mine. £306 fitted at my local protyre. They seem decent enough!
  25. colesy

    Forget petrol prices how about an LPG RS200

    That’s been for sale for ages
  26. colesy

    Help Clio 172 Turbo Died

    So another update. I checked the cold resistance of the injectors, they were all 11.1 ohms. I persistently get a bank 1 sensor 2 lambda heater circuit code stored, so I swapped to the decat with another lambda sensor in it. Now instead of flashing for 10 seconds at a time it’ll flash for 2...
  27. colesy

    Colesy 182 turbo revival

    Still cannot work out what this overrun rattle is. So far I’ve: Swapped vvt solenoid with known good one Replaced the Dephaser with a brand new one Taken the exhaust off at the v-band on the turbo as some people suggested it could be a blow. But it’s still the same. I want to get to the bottom...
  28. colesy

    Help Clio 172 Turbo Died

    It really is strange, especially as before all this it was totally fine. It only flashes at very light throttle. My only other thought is the ecu was adapting something as it was the first time I’d driven it with the new updated ecu. I will check the resistance of the injectors and go from there.
  29. colesy

    Help Clio 172 Turbo Died

    Thought I’d update, now have the new ecu updated with the map from ED which is all good. On Andy’s recommendation it’s booked in with him on the 25th March for some dyno time to check the map is all okay. I do now have an occasional flashing engine light on very light throttle so think I may...
  30. colesy

    Engine light - P0420

    P0420 is cat efficiency which usually indicates a failing catalytic converter