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  1. Android

    RB 182 Harlow 15/09/2012

    Yes mate. That's why i was down :)
  2. Android

    A lot of CSers at Players

    Yes bud, that's the one. Thanks :) It certainly is, especially when your rippin up tarmac and cats eyes. Worth it though. Make a good weekend of it. Just got home. Great show!
  3. Android

    RB 182 Harlow 15/09/2012

    About 5pm. I don't have a clue where, i was heading out to a bbq with the Rollhard boys with my crew. We had just came from Scotland. I think you flashed me. I was in a slammed black mk2.
  4. Android

    A lot of CSers at Players

    I was there. Traveled from Scotland with my crew. Black one in the hanger. My second time at the show, love it!
  5. Android

    Xmas ESSEX meet North Weald Air Field Pictures

    I love North Weald. Was at the Players show in September for the weekend. Looks like a good meet.
  6. Android

    Stone Chip Re paint Quote

    Don't do smart repair. Bonnet respray about £120. You should probably get it blown into the wings too, so maybe about £200ish.
  7. Android

    Had my wheels done today

    Looks good
  8. Android

    I Usually Hate Bodykits But...

    Looks pish mate
  9. Android

    Clio, Lows, and Borbet A's Arrived!

    Nah i use velcro straps. Doesn't effect the paintwork at all.
  10. Android

    Clio, Lows, and Borbet A's Arrived!

    Lol sure
  11. Android

    Lowest clio?

    The camber is more for looks than anything. But i have had rear arch work too.
  12. Android

    100mm drop pic request

    100mm +
  13. Android

    Lowest clio?

  14. Android

    Koi - tesco petrol station, Kilmarnock

    Haha, was in my daily mate. The Clio is keeping warm 'n dry in the garage. How you keeping? the 2118's are awesome
  15. Android

    Koi - tesco petrol station, Kilmarnock

    Looked clean as ever, from where i was sitting.
  16. Android

    Gearbox code

    Chuffed man, thanks very much!
  17. Android

    Gearbox code

    Aw, that's kinda mate. Thank you! SD54EEB Really appreciate it.
  18. Android

    Gearbox code

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me where i can find the code for my gearbox? Already phoned Renault & they dont want to know :( Cheers
  19. Android

    Clio Mk2 with Lenso BSX's PICS WANTED!

    I just blew up a cats eye & now i need a new gearbox
  20. Android

    Non-Sports In Here..

    It's a joke! That's why it's not a daily car & stays in the garage haha. I'm taking it to Essex this month, that will be fun!
  21. Android

    Non-Sports In Here..

    lol. You will have to tell him to by shortened struts then :p
  22. Android

    Non-Sports In Here..

  23. Android

    Non-Sports In Here..

    The latest.
  24. Android

    Scratched glass ? Best product/method

    Do in your window & pay the excess to get it replaced if it bothers you that much
  25. Android

    spray cost

    Non damaged - £100
  26. Android

    wax for wheels?

  27. Android

    Just a few pics

    wow! Thanks guys. I didnt realise this was still going. Here's a couple more pics. Cheers
  28. Android

    Body Shop in Glasgow Area

    I use Simpon coachworks in irvine, near Kilmarnock. Great workmanship & prices. The guy is actually an enthusiast, which is what you want. PM if you want more details
  29. Android

    silver ph1 on air suspension at usc?

    Mint. not air tho surely ?