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  1. HartZ

    Trophy #455

    Very clean indeed
  2. HartZ

    Glacier White 182

    Absolutely love GW on the 172/182. Saw a few at FCS last year. You lucky boy fair play! Are they your only plans?
  3. HartZ

    Finally fitted the 8X15 Rota Grid V's

    What's a VAG? :rollyeyes:
  4. HartZ

    some opinions on these alloys!!

    I swear some people do this on purpose just to get a reaction lol. Surely no-one could be that stupid nowadays seeing as the OEM look is most popular
  5. HartZ

    Trophy meets its brother and R32

    All 3 cars looking really healthy! Some good snaps
  6. HartZ

    BG 182 new wheel + dash stripes

    Looking good fella. Same dash stripes as me :D
  7. HartZ

    A Few Pics Of DrJ's and O.I.A.M's 182's

    Both cars look fantastic I love your ride height mark and also like the inlet manifold job, very smart and different!
  8. HartZ

    My Arctic Blue 182 :]

    very smart mate. Bet you are glad you spent a little money on it now lol
  9. HartZ

    my subtle clio !

    loving what you have done in the engine bay. Havnt seen it painted like that before
  10. HartZ

    Finally fitted the 8X15 Rota Grid V's

    I quite like them fella, thought about a different colour?
  11. HartZ

    Out with the old.. In with the old.

    WOW! That looks great mate, and im loving the stance aswell! Can i ask what splitter you have on it?
  12. HartZ

    Tidy Racing blue

    Looks very tidy, what exhaust is on that does anyone know? EDIT: Its a ktec one French blue?? :/
  13. HartZ

    What colour...

    Something dark to contrast against the silver?
  14. HartZ


    This poor guy has probably spent a fair of money of his car, and we have all just slated it lol. I have to agree with the others above, wheels look OK but lose the stickers
  15. HartZ

    Got myself a Flamer :D

    Like above refurb the 172 wheels, or pick up some aftermarket wheels. The flamers really suit the standard 172 wheels for some reason
  16. HartZ

    Batesey's cup turbo

    Re: Bateseys 172.. just read through this progress, love the work you have done so far. From those first pictures to what it is now is amazing, great job!
  17. HartZ

    Couple of very minor mods (pics)

    Love black gold, srcubbs up so well!
  18. HartZ

    Got myself a Flamer :D

    Looks gorgeous but why 182 wheels? Id keep the 172 wheels pal
  19. HartZ

    Joah's - RB Cup Track Only - Target at least one year

    loving your progress so far, look forward to seeing more
  20. HartZ

    Todays TOPO Meet

    Cracking pictures, looks like a good turnout
  21. HartZ

    Straight Through RS192 Exhaust

    Nice sound, theres a good group buy on these at the moment. Ive put my name down for one :)
  22. HartZ

    Exhausts.. Which one to go for?

    Good evening all, i recently had my car serviced by renault and had a specific advisory to get a new exhaust as the backbox and center sections are very slightly starting to blow and wont pass my MOT which is next month. Therefore I need a new exhaust, because I know the guy who works for...
  23. HartZ

    My BlackGold 182 slow progression (pic heavy)

    Very nice mate, like the use of the skoda splitter aswell, bet you saved a fair bit of cash with that purchase
  24. HartZ

    oooo my new 182!

    remeber to get some pictures up of these new additions. Welcome to CS!
  25. HartZ

    182 FF content

    really does look extra extra glossy. good job whoever cleaned it. tasteful mods i love it
  26. HartZ

    Itb'd Black gold 182

    Nice nose down stance, love the wheels too
  27. HartZ

    New CS sticker (will probably not be to everyone's taste!)

    Nothing wrong with that mate, i have the same sticker but just on the side
  28. HartZ

    TRS Tow Strap

    Sorry please close thread, found it :)
  29. HartZ

    TRS Tow Strap

    I remember a while ago there was a thread telling us how to fit a TRS tow strap correctly.. Ive had a search but cant find it. I know you had to do a bit of drilling to make the mounting hole slightly bigger as the bolt i have recieved has too bigger thread to screw in. Any help would be much...
  30. HartZ

    The Spray Shack Clio (Pic Heavy)

    Looking very good so far! Will be following this closely and looking forward to seeing the finished product