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    [Dec 14, 2014] Yorkshire December Drive Out (Haworth/Rishworth)

    You should do this run again ;)
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    Yorkshire lot does Whitby Pictures

    Nice pictures Matthew
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    [Dec 14, 2014] Yorkshire December Drive Out (Haworth/Rishworth)

    Are you talking about the Mini? If you are it's coming along nicely.
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    [Dec 14, 2014] Yorkshire December Drive Out (Haworth/Rishworth)

    We should defiantly do this run again!
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    [Dec 14, 2014] Yorkshire December Drive Out (Haworth/Rishworth)

    Great meet Matt! Well done for keeping the convoy together.
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    My New Classic Sti

    Love this car! Dibs when you sell :p
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    Corrado 20V Turbo

    Looks good mate! ;)
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    My New Classic Sti

    Thanks for the wheels mate :0)
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    My New Classic Sti

    Got these parts fitted yet?
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    Cat D Nightmare

    Sorry to hear this Jim! Apologises :(
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    172 Cup Project

    Both looking spot on mate!
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    172 Cup Project

    Could have washed it first... LOL
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    172 Cup Project

    Front end re spray next mate? Might aswel...
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    172 Cup Project

    Much better than them other things you had!
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    Few Pictures Of The ITB Set Up

    Nice to see my old ride been showered in ££££! Looking really nice mate! Will be interesting to see the results once it's mapped.
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    (New) S2 16V Rallye

    I'm surprised bendee doesn't buy it for his collection!
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    New Wheels On The Cup

    Nice but prefer standard! ;)
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    New Wheels On The Cup

    Looking sweet mate!
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    A few recent pictures of my 172 Cup

    Wow Untitled by Wayne J Keggans, on Flickr
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    Jenic's Inferno 182 - Yes, another one!

    Looks nice! But I think those brake ducts need to be black! IMO
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    Clean Cup Pics

    Cheers Chris! I can't see it hanging around for long!
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    Clean Cup Pics

    At this rate I might not need a advert! All PM's replied too. Only reason I'm selling is because I'm moving to a smaller place which has no garage and I refuse to park the lovely example on the street. Regards Daz
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    Clean Cup Pics

    This will be in the for sale section at the weekend.
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    my 172 cup a few pics

    Poor Cup :(
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    RUK recall letter received today?

    My recorded letter came this morning.. Replacement is foc.
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    The new daily.

    Should have kept the flamer ;)