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    Graham's summer 172 cup track car

    Wheels look good , much better than the cheapo junk I had on it.
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    Graham's summer 172 cup track car

    My car....what have you done to it, poor thing. No seriously, looking good Graham. Re the intake, I thought it was generally agreed that the set up I had on it with the air filter mounted just behind the n/s headlight was the best set up. I'm sure there are threads about it, with stats etc...
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    Graham's summer 172 cup track car

    Already got the brake braided lines on the front Graham if I remember correctly. I've got the backs somewhere, which I never fitted. Will dig them out and pop them in the post to you. And excuse the stilts people, I had Eibach sportlines on it but they are now on my brothers Clio.
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    Best cheap mods to improve track performance

    Graham ...having just sold you the car, and having done one or two trackdays myself. You have the basic's now ( pads and tyres ), I would invest in a set of Eibach sportline springs ( or similar , cooksport's etc ) . Apart from that the car is good to go. Stripping it out etc will obviously help...
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    R888 or ns2r

    Well that price didn't last long, back up to £111 now. Oponeo must have spotted their mistake. And having used both the tyres you mention on track, go for the 888's all day long, the NS2R's don't get near them.
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    which brake band is best...

    For the road Eicher , about 12 quid for fronts from ECP , work perfectly well. For the track best I've found so far ( braking power and longevity combined with not outrageous price ) Carbon Lorraine rc5+.
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    Maxxis victra zr7 track tyres.

    These people have a listing for these at a very reasonable price , I have been considering them for a while but havent yet got around to ordering. Dont know if when you try to order they might say they cant get them any more. If you do manage it please update this thread and let people know...
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    Where does good tyres at a good price in Kingston upon Thames/Surbiton area? or blackcircle both have recommended fitting centres, just put in your postcode etc and it will offer up places who they use to fit their tyres.
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    Engine exchange...whats needed apart from engine?

    Cheers for the advice, will have to see how much my tight arse brother wants to spend on it. But doing clutch while its out is a logical idea.
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    Engine exchange...whats needed apart from engine?

    Cheers thats what I was hoping to hear, its just a metal-metal lump exchange, plug everything back in and it should all work....Ta
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    Engine exchange...whats needed apart from engine?

    Ok my brother has a 51 plate 172 normal, non cup. Its fine except for the engine ( very noisy dephaser, and it now looks like a knackered gearbox ). I have the remains of my old cup and about the only good thing about it is the engine ( all fine ,had belt and dephaser done about 9 months ago by...
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    Rs tuner near heathrow

    I have one , and an airbag module also so if you wanna come over to me I'm ok with that. I'm no expert with it but my serv and airbag light was on and I've managed to turn them off. I.m in Carshalton, surrey. Pm me if you want. Will be working on a clio tomorrow afternoon at home so that would...
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    Used slicks or New Parada Spec 2's for track?

    Bite the bullet, part with a little extra,....toyo R1r or yoko ad08R or federal 595 rsr. Paradas are tripe on track and are known for blistering when pushed, and some people wont even use T1R's on the road ( although I found them ok on an old nissan almera I had ) , let alone on a track...
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    Clutch problem? Opposite symptoms to release bearing.

    Had a search , couldnt find anything the same so...... My brothers Clio has developed a noise, mainly noticable off throttle but goes when you push clutch pedal down. Let clutch back up, noise returns so guessing its clutch related. But from the threads I've read the release bearing going gives...
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    Best non semi slick tyre for tracks??

    +1 , great in wet, great in dry and not stupidly expensive in most sizes.
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    rainsport 3 good idea?

    As a wet tyre have you thought of the Toyo R1R's , these are excellent in the wet , very good in the dry ( although can overheat if you do long sessions ), nice stiff sidewalls, similar compound to 888's , still come with 7mm tread new and if you shop around ( or tyretraders ) can...
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    CSS'14 peoples opinions and experience

    I think this is a good idea , I was thinking the same thing. The lack of any 'bits', new or 2nd hand was a disappointment. A tent selling stickers and cans of coke and one bloke who had a few things on his parcel shelf is all I saw. One small pork roll as the food (and you couldnt even buy a 2nd...
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    Being 30 and in a 182

    I'm 49, on my 2nd Clio cup , its my daily drive, work, shopping etc, and I do plenty of track days. Age is immaterial. I find it amusing though that this 3 year old thread was indirectly started by a woman ( op's wife ). She must have seen him enjoying himself and wanted to stamp all that out.
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    de cat anyone used this

    Yep, put one of these on my brothers 172 a couple of weeks back. Fits fine, reasonable quality, he reckons it pulls better low down but I'm not sure if its just placebo effect. Certainly decent price compared to some other decats about ( although there arn't many ). Bit of a sod to fit as its...
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    Ph2 Decat...

    Could be a placebo effect ( I dont always trust my brothers judgement ) , but he says it pulls better at low revs than before . He hasnt really had a chance to nail it through the gears yet but suggests it was a definite improvement. Sounds a little throatier low down, but apparently seems...
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    cats on car

    Lavender bush/tree ( seriously )........or a shotgun.
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    Ph2 Decat... Just fitted one of these to my brothers 172 last weekend, seems fine. Not a bad price either compared to some I've seen.
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    Tyres for everyday use on a cup Uniroyals at Camskill... just over 38 quid a corner + postage,or 43 quid posted from The price...
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    powerflex dogbone. ..

    Mine vibrated a fair bit more as well, but I kinda liked it , could feel more what the engine was doing. Single best thing I bought for my clio as it improved the gear changed no end. I had the black ones also.
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    Removing the 172 cat

    Just taken the cat off my car about an hour ago weirdly enough. Two person job , one with hand down back of engine with 10mm on the bolt ( socket ideally as its slightly recessed but a swan neck spanner might do it ) , and one underneath the car with a 10mm socket and extension bar. Thread is...
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    Exhaust with standard noise levels.

    On e bay there are places that do the centre pipe and the end can for about 50 quid each, not stainless or anything , but they fit ( my whole cat back is pattern off of e bay ), they are quiet, and they are cheap. They usually come with a 2 year warranty as well.
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    £1000 to throw at your 172 trackcar.

    IMO this was the answer I'd agree with the most out of all the others. The first bit anyway. These mods will make a noticable difference. But if you want to spend some money I've got a really decent bolt in half cage you can have for 200 quid.
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    172 Shock stuck

    Go to Machine mart, they sell a cheap impact gun ( about 25 quid, and its not a piece of junk, surprisingly good ) that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. Got mine undone no problem and comes in usefull for similar jobs in future.
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    195/50/15 clio ph1 172 tyres

    Federal rsr , only 56 quid at at the moment in 15 inch.
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    New track tyres...what's best?

    If you have tried 888's and want more then you need to look some. Nankang nsr2's dont get near a 888 on track, they are crap in the wet and take an awful long time to warm up ( even when dry ), ok on the back of a clio but understeer like a bugger on the front. I have yet to find a better tyre...