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  1. ch!ppen

    #Under 8

    We're counting down for a Megane? Really... Wow life must be boring lol
  2. ch!ppen

    The Chris Harris thread

    Screw the Cayman on looks alone. I'd have to drive both but the Porsche is ugly imo....
  3. ch!ppen

    The Chris Harris thread

    Problem with comparing Top Gear's review to this is that Top Gear is on TV. They need ratings and to get ratings they need to attract people who aren't petrol heads too - so going into full depth about the car like Chris does just isn't going to work. Chris' reviews are great and very...
  4. ch!ppen

    The New S-Class Coupe...

    Yea, i'm also struggling to see how this looks better than an equivalent BMW? I mean, it looks smart - but that back end is a bloody Laguna! Hahaha...
  5. ch!ppen

    CH!P's Flame Red Clio 172

    Yea, should be nice and light dude! If you're looking for serious track action i'd probably swap the coilovers for something a bit more expensive personally. Fine for road use imo but i think you'd be a lot better off with something else track wise!
  6. ch!ppen

    CH!P's Flame Red Clio 172

    Yea, i was the one who had it RR'd. If i'm honest, i'm fairly certain that's a high reading lol. I've never known a 172/182 to make that power from so few engine mods. However it's definitely a healthy engine!
  7. ch!ppen

    CH!P's Flame Red Clio 172

    Hi pal, Yes you bought the car off Jaysen who bought it off me. Jaysen actually txt me to say he'd sold it but my phone broke only a couple of hours later so i've now lost his number to txt him back lol. You can rest assured the cars been properly looked after by both of us. I spent a small...
  8. ch!ppen

    Pete's Civic Type R FN2

    Surely that's just like any spoiler on an evo or scooby though?
  9. ch!ppen

    My 'scene' Golf...

    I didn't say it's DSG, read lad ;)
  10. ch!ppen

    My 'scene' Golf...

    Either way, i reckon it looks smart, the owners happy with it lol... Wouldn't mind an edition 30 myself.
  11. ch!ppen

    My 'scene' Golf...

    And that's a fail that i didn't spot that? Oh f**k, shoot me now... My comment still counts. For the record i also didn't realise GTI's came with DSG, so with the DSG comments about it should be DSG earlier i presumed it was an r32.
  12. ch!ppen

    Bought a Golf!

    You get what i'm saying though, if a bog standard Golf drove past you you wouldn't notice it. If this did you're more likely to, whether that's for a good or a bad reason is entirely down to the individual. Personally i think a lot of people are just ganging up on him because CS thinks it's...
  13. ch!ppen

    My 'scene' Golf...

    I don't understand?
  14. ch!ppen

    My 'scene' Golf...

    Looks great imo. Think some people need to remember not everybody wants to race around like they're driving a Cup racer. Granted you could say why buy an r32 then but a GTI isn't going to give you that engine note and interior. Thumbs up from me :)
  15. ch!ppen

    Bought a Golf!

    CS - Still proving it's full of pricks. So he made a bad impression once upon a time, who gives a f**k really? The car looks far more interesting than a standard low spec Golf, granted not practical but screw it - if you were thinking practical you wouldn't parachute out a plane or break the...
  16. ch!ppen

    For you lorry/hgv/truck lovers... Volvo FH16 750bhp Content

    Passed one of your trucks this morning in Mansfield, might have been the Volvo, didn't have much time to notice!
  17. ch!ppen

    Sounds just right? Or Louder?

    Just right. It's meant to be a classy Merc, not a chav wagon.
  18. ch!ppen

    One dirty Bean and some photography practice......

    In those first shots it looks more like a Flamer! Nice pics though
  19. ch!ppen

    In the process of buying this.....

    Doesn't surprise me at all tbh. If it's got an RS badge it's gonna hold good money... Even mk1's are holding fairly decent money and they'll only start climbing!
  20. ch!ppen

    Togethia - Building The Fastest Road Legal Skyline

    He said 'rs turbo series 1' then it shows pics of a series 2???
  21. ch!ppen

    S2 GTI Sundance Yellow OCD

    They're actually not bad at all on gearboxes. The main time they fail is when you have fools who can't drive behind the wheel... Spent a large amount of time in the 106/Saxo world with a lot of mates having them too and it was only the careless that ever needed a box. Shame you hadn't known...
  22. ch!ppen

    Picture Of Your Favourite Car

    I struggle to say which is my favourite. My Saxo was such an awesome car to me, spent a fortune and a lot of time getting it to how i want - such a clean example! But if i'm honest, just for the fact i could have the roof down and go sideways i'd probably have to say my mx5. The Beemer is up at...
  23. ch!ppen

    Plastidipped winter alloys on the 225

    Erm, if you like it then all good but it looks wayyyy too in your face imo. Something that everyone bummed a few years ago now and now the fad's faded away imo. EDIT: Way too many imo's in that imo lol... I don't mean it nasty, i'd have just gone for something a bit more subtle personally!
  24. ch!ppen

    Winter wheels thoughts?

    How do you figure that? I ran winter wheels on my Saxo due to my good wheels having polished dishes and the salt on the roads knackering them up causing me hours of polishing. Well worth the £100 they cost me - plus like someone said if you slide in the snow your expensive wheels aren't fucked...
  25. ch!ppen

    Matte metallic yellow wrap

    I don't get the matte/wrap fad either... But i do like that RS :o
  26. ch!ppen

    My new ST

    Looks decent enough for the money! Enjoy, they're comfy cars tbf... My Dad's had a couple of mk1 Mondeo's, both minters but this was a bit of a rare thing due to a few of the extras on it: dadsandmine1 by chippen172, on Flickr
  27. ch!ppen

    Miko Hirvonen Crash (picture)

    Tame?! Yea, thrashing along courses like they do with that sort of power is anything but tame. Granted Group B was another story but you still can't call the modern rally car's tame. They're doing serious speeds.
  28. ch!ppen

    Interesting MX-5 hardtop - thoughts?

    They actually did make Coupes...
  29. ch!ppen

    GTA: South America. Bike thief shot down

    Should have put a third in his head. Prick.
  30. ch!ppen

    The Chris Harris thread

    Oh my, that 4C! And did he really say a bit over 900kg?! That's fookin' light for a modern car. Didn't realise that's the route Alfa was going down with it!