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  1. Keith185

    Andy’s Trophy #151

    Looks brilliant (y) Looking at Jon Foz subframes myself, had mine 14 years now but some reason this year really been feeling seating position is too high, did you have to 'modify' the slider handle on them to fit? How are you finding them?
  2. Keith185

    SPA Oil Temp & Pressure Gauge Installation

    Does the above Hel sandwich plates takeoffs for sensors work fine prior to the thermostatic plate opening? Photos aren't the greatest being all black and text make out like the pair of outlets/inlets are same just orientated at right angles.
  3. Keith185

    Low entry jack?

    I've got this one for trackdays as i was struggling to get an ally one that would go under my Clio Very happy with it. But if you dont need it to be light go steel, much easier to find a good low...
  4. Keith185

    Key fob case

    You can get silicone boots for them too to protect them in future. Search ebay, got couple for mine ages ago.
  5. Keith185

    MSV/Caged owners

    If you get chance that would be ideal, I’ll be retaining the seatbelts but can just subtract them from the length of your spacer.
  6. Keith185

    MSV/Caged owners

    That’s brilliant, thank you @Mbeau
  7. Keith185

    Ash’s Clio 182 Trophy

    Great work and gorgeous Trophy. Any chance you could PM me @Ash J how much you paid for the retrim on the Steering wheel please, if you don't mind ofcourse. Need to get rid of the standard blue off mine.
  8. Keith185

    MSV/Caged owners

    Thank you, Good to know with the back as haven’t even tried that one yet. Hopefully be able to get spacer done at work but might go washers to get length tested first. Justbe nice to know the length they originals were.
  9. Keith185

    MSV/Caged owners

    I think it is. Think the one k-tec sell/you have is further evolution of it. Any chance you could get me a photo of the spacer with length dimension if you could please?
  10. Keith185

    MSV/Caged owners

    Thanks @Greeny. @colesy anyone who has cage and could measure the spacer would be greatly appreciated, save me having to guesstimate.
  11. Keith185

    MSV/Caged owners

    Got myself after years (around 8-10 years) an MSV/Caged rear bolt in cage. Am I right in saying it needs spacers on the lower rear footwell bar? Looks like it anyway. Has anyonewho has one confirm that this is the case please. Dimensions and photos would be brilliant too on what hardware it...
  12. Keith185

    Trophy #185's story
  13. Keith185

    Trophy #185's story

    Hi Lee, thank you :) With the hubs the turn in was improved and front end feels tighter and more responsive. Great product. Yeah the boot dampers have been perfect since fitted, even i winter they've held up like new. Again spot on product. The ph1 stalk went straight on, no wiring changes...
  14. Keith185

    Failed Brembo brackets

    I’ll be in touch 😉 probably be a month or so before I get chance to get at them.
  15. Keith185

    Failed Brembo brackets

    Thank you guys @Tim. @0ss @Radugns they’re ones I have too. Car off road for winter and will be getting the brackets off to inspect/fix/more likely replace. Will update thread as I can. If you @cjgower could do same :) thank you.
  16. Keith185

    Failed Brembo brackets

    thanks. Will get them off and inspect. Obviously would have to get the steel stud pressed out prior to any anodising wouldn’t I. Assuming they’d take it lol.
  17. Keith185

    Failed Brembo brackets

    Could anybody link me to the original thread of the brackets please? Had heard whispers about an issue but until now hadn’t seen this thread. Just wondering if mine are same as @Tim. , I did paint mine too before fitting so will inspect mine this winter.
  18. Keith185

    Rear beam bushes replacement options

    Rear beam bushes will be getting replaced this winter. I’m looking at the options 1. standard Renault bushes 2. Powerflex (black or purple) bushes 3. Pure Motorsport bearing conversion As well as replacing the bushes, will most likely be fitting the PMS rear beam strengthening plates (as...
  19. Keith185

    Engine block heater

    @rich83 did you ever get any sort of preheater installed in the end?
  20. Keith185

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    That's one way to get over the sad Trophy era haha, absoloutly epic. Enjoy Andy :)
  21. Keith185

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Sad that its brought you such lows and that you've had to go down this path, absolutely gutted for you but hopefully new chapter will bring you better joys with whatever car you chose next. Always welcome to have a drive in mine if/when we meet again :)
  22. Keith185

    ilya's 172 #BECAUSE_RACE_CAR

    Great thread and build :)
  23. Keith185

    What's the best place to buy Clip hardware+software end of 2018?

    @Rystar @Brigsy Just thought i'd ask you guys in this thread rather than start a new one, Rystar did you end up buying a Clip? if so how did you get on with it and where did you get yours from (if ebay, the seller) Any one know good sellers anyone can link me to a renault clip that...
  24. Keith185

    Best wax oil

    Used Bilt-Hamber stuff, really like it. It's what I'd use again anyway.
  25. Keith185

    Rear exhaust heat shield part numbers help

    @Gus you legend, thank you very much :)
  26. Keith185

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Looks great, which battery are you using now?
  27. Keith185

    Engine bay heat shielding

    No worries. Nimbus stuff is really similar to the stuff they used on the rear most section on 182 exhausts.
  28. Keith185

    Rear exhaust heat shield part numbers help

    Hi, Can anyone help with part numbers for the rear exhaust heat shields for 182's. Looking for it for the larger aluminium one that sits above the rear back boxes and the steel one that goes over the rear beam. Possible the next one up aswell. I've got Renault Dialogys software and can get...
  29. Keith185

    Engine bay heat shielding

    Nimbus heat shield is what I'm looking into. Easy to work with from what I've been told.
  30. Keith185

    Trophy #185's story

    It's a Richbrook one, not cheap but less so than most soft ones you can buy. :)