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  1. ventura

    What 2118’s fit over brembo conversion?

    As per title. Any 2118s fit over brembos without spacers?
  2. ventura

    Michelin themed RB 182

    Like that ??
  3. ventura

    15" wheels to fit with brembos

    What 15" wheels will fit over brembos on a 172 cup without the need for spacers. I currently have pro race 3's which fit but not a huge fan of the wheel design?
  4. ventura

    Cost of Safety Devices Half Cage

    How much roughly would it be to supply and fit a safety devices rear cage?
  5. ventura

    Silver Cup with Gold 2118s Pic Request

    Has anyone got any pics of a Silver 172 Cup with Gold Speedline 2118's on? Might be horrible but wanted to see. Cheers
  6. ventura

    Valeters/Detailers near Hertford?

    Looking for a good valetor/detailer near Hertford. Would be good to know as need my new car doing and recommendations from people on the forum are always good.
  7. ventura

    The correct 15" alloy offsets

    What is the best offset for a 15" alloy so that it fills the arches without the need for spacers. I had 18" speed lines on my 197 that were perfect and didn't need spacers. Looking at getting some new wheels for my 172 cup either 2118s or pro races and wanted to know the best and correct...
  8. ventura

    My car for sale on pistonheads
  9. ventura

    Show us your track cars!

  10. ventura

    A few post CSF pics of the RB.

    Looks awsome mate. Nice and clean as always!
  11. ventura

    Jekyll's RB182 Progress Thread

    Good to see you back Mr OCD. Loving the car and yes sell me that spoiler if you change your mind!
  12. ventura

    Storm Grey 200

    Love this. Want to sell? Lol
  13. ventura

    Sunday Brunch 22nd March 10:30am @ Wings Cafe North Weald.

    How many peeps going?
  14. ventura

    Racing blue clio 182 track car cheshunt

    Saw this parked up this morning. Looks really nice and well sorted. Who's is it??
  15. ventura

    Dr Jekyll's Ph1 172 Progress Thread

    Love the OCD. This is the car version of Benjamin Button!
  16. ventura

    Sunday Brunch 4th of January North Weald.

    Me and Alex will be there as well. Looks like a good one! Going to be cold though according to the forecast but hopefully no rain!
  17. ventura

    The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.

  18. ventura

    Comment by 'ventura' in media 'Clean Flamer'

    Love this pic!!
  19. ventura

    The strange coloured cup

    One of the best ive seen mate! What's the engine spec?
  20. ventura

    AlexW's Driveway Antics :)

    I know that feeling
  21. ventura

    AlexW's Driveway Antics :)

    What's up with Jekyll's car?
  22. ventura

    2 day detail on venturas ITB'D PH1

    Kyle. Thanks again mate. Looks amazing!!
  23. ventura

    2 day detail on venturas ITB'D PH1

    Kyle mate! The car looks amazing. You've done an amazing job!!! Can't wait to see it!! Thanks so much. Looks like a new car!!!
  24. ventura

    Racing Blue ph1 ITB : 2010 track season updates

    Love this car and thought it was gone!
  25. ventura

    Essex Meet (Harlow)

    1. Kyle 86 2. rs1an 3. Ventura
  26. ventura

    172 cup track car

    If breaking ill have some bits!!
  27. ventura

    AlexW's Driveway Antics :)

    Looks good mate!!!
  28. ventura

    What Itb filter and base plate

    What itg filter would I need for the k-tec body set up as I need to order a new one. Also would you defo need a different base plate to the piper cross one?
  29. ventura

    AlexW's Driveway Antics :)

    Im joining Dr Blast. Dont go on the bike untill after this weekend!! lol