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  1. Heez

    Is it just me or have i just paid my money to join a club that doesnt cater for my model?

    This is still my favourite thread on here. The photoshops were endless 😂
  2. Heez

    Fall Guys

    One of the best games I’ve played for a while. So simple, so addictive, so frustrating.
  3. Heez Project Cars Time Trial Challenge - February

    FLOL same, f**k that. I thought in time trial you cant change set up?
  4. Heez Project Cars Time Trial Challenge - February

    Last minute. Longer corners are pretty much dab of brake and full turn in then full power.
  5. Heez Project Cars Time Trial Challenge - February

    Definitely gonna be a sub 26 lap will be the top time I think!
  6. Heez Project Cars Time Trial Challenge - February

    1.26.305 after 40 laps Can gain another .4 of a second through turn 3 (the left hander bottom of the hill) and the hairpin. Just can't string a full lap together
  7. Heez Project Cars Time Trial Challenge - February

    I'm taking corners between 1st and 4th lol. No idea what assists I have on though. Might try and have a blast of this again tonight.
  8. Heez Project Cars Time Trial Challenge - February

    Managed a 1.26.751 this evening. A few tenths left as I keep messing up the chicane and the last corner. This car is so forgiving its silly. All the late braking.
  9. Heez

    A Friend's 1000bhp Nissan GT-R

    I seen this at Fountain Park not too long ago. I was disappointed in the front end then seen the exhaust tips. I approve of the power.
  10. Heez

    Kid threw a stone at my 182.. Caught him on dashcam

    The little batty boy just got a 10 day holiday, he'll be doing it all day everyday from now on!
  11. Heez

    Inferno 182 - George Street, Edinburgh

  12. Heez

    Ignis number 2

    I miss mine Pfffft, if I can do a 1400 mile road trip with "those" coilovers then so can you! Perfect road trip cup holders remember!
  13. Heez

    Intermittent Wipers

    After a fair whack of searching, I have my answer!
  14. Heez

    Intermittent Wipers

    Found it. Looking at it, it's not auto wipers as they're not on. I just find the "semi" on wipers too fast for times where I don't need the wipers fully on
  15. Heez

    Intermittent Wipers

    100% don't have that. Just a standard one like this
  16. Heez

    Intermittent Wipers

    First down yeh. Hmmm... I don't think I have that or at least I remember trying and not finding, might look again... Mint. I'll have a dig the now and see if I can find.
  17. Heez

    Intermittent Wipers

    Got a 54 plate 182 Cup, I find the intermittent wiper setting to be very fast, as in faster than what my Ignis done, with no way to slow it down. I always find it's either too quick and pointless or it's not quick enough. Is there normally a speed setting on the stalk and it's been changed or...
  18. Heez

    0% at Apple store!

    Usually lasts till the end of December so I wouldn't worry about it. It's also just an online credit card if that makes a difference.
  19. Heez

    My Silky Ignis Sport

    That Bean in the picture was purchased last week! Tidy up the exterior, new wheels and leave it alone! Or at least that's the plan. @Mr Burns I was fine after 26k miles on those coilovers! Was a lot more comfortable with a decent harness with the fixed bucket. Was good up north doing 1500 miles...
  20. Heez

    My Silky Ignis Sport

    So today it sold. Was a great car for the 3.5 years of bone crushing suspension!
  21. Heez

    Green 182 - West Lothian

    My last MOT was there. All I've got.
  22. Heez

    [Jan 15, 2015] Scotland South Monthly Meet (Edinburgh)

    Definitely not gonna make this, will be in Sheffield :(
  23. Heez

    Hi Cliosport I'm back

    Holy s**t it's alive! Can't wait for an update! The most anticipated update of the decade lol
  24. Heez

    project laguna coupe

    That looks cool as f**k! Top effort!
  25. Heez

    Scottish Specialists, share your recommendations

    How did you get on mate?
  26. Heez

    Scottish Specialists, share your recommendations

    Big in the "drift" "scene" IIRC. Been considering asking them to make up a half cage myself, lemme know what the price is. Just want somewhere good to mount harnesses more than anything!
  27. Heez

    Skoda splitter on rear bumper

    Definitely do it.
  28. Heez

    [Dec 18, 2014] Scotland South Monthly Meet (Glasgow)

    Working till 8 too, could fire straight from work in the Ignis/Mazda?
  29. Heez

    Rooby Clio 172

    FLOL that's amazing How has that been done so far? Similar to the clio where the shell was put on the Impreza chassis(ish)?