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    Latest Evo just dropped through the door.

    hello boys most wont know me but most of the old old old school boys on here will what nobber wrote about the thing that rich posted?? prelude type R 2.2 must be the only person ever to drive one as there never was such a car !!! a type S ( very good by the way) but never been a R version...
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    my old car N88*FLR

    hey guys sold my car ages ago and its its already changed hands 2 times just wondering if the cars owner is on here only reason im posting is to see what the new owners thinks of it??
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    bb vs k-tec

    there is now way k-tec is better then BB chavs shop at K-tec as they cator for more stuff that matters for them but BB is always about performance if i had my clio it will go BB no doubt not k-tec
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    how much are zenon headlamps

    the bulbs are £180 and i beleive the lamp itself is over £200
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    Clio V6 mk1 OR Escort Cossy

    cossie without a doubt cossie is better in EVERY aspect, ok the clio is mad looking but so is the cossie when it came out and will def hold more money over time as long as its been looked after there is no way on earth ill have either v6 over a mint example of a cossie
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    172/182 or CTR

    we talking about th failures on the ctr engine guess these were not as well build as the B series engines built in japan but big g the 182 is stonking value but u will suffer when u sell it
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    172/182 or CTR

    wat was so disappointing with it please expand, i dont own a CTR but weve had our 172 mk2 for 2 years now and ive had my integra R for 2 months, which is amazing the clio is a nice car and all but i would not buy one. it does nothing for me :( [Edited by wongy008 on 07 November 2004 at...
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    172/182 or CTR

    well honda have never had a failure on the vtec engines the engineering in them is amazing think top end power the CTR would have the advantage but lower down the clio has the edge
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    172/182 or CTR

    parts are more expensive but hey it will be worth more when come to sell a lot of people have to sell there 172 for next to nothing and its due to the massive influx of imports selling em cheap speed would be similar in both with ctr a bit faster but u have to work the engine hard but its...
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    172 Turbo or 16v Turbo

    all i wanna say it not many cars handle as well it as a rx-7, with a light engine thats punchy and with almost perfect weight distribution its considered one of the best handling car ever no comparsion with a clio im afraid still aint had a ride in the clio mr read still going strong evos...
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    Anyone Sold or is Selling at the moment

    try ebay set a reserve ur happy with and rememeber the ebay tax but most people never sell off ebay but a lot of people will see it and u may sell out of ebay close to they price u want from people who saw it on ebay but yh the market if flooded with 172 and the choice is endless i...
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    Autocar’s Top 100 Used Cars..

    hehe im happy my car came 4th not the best i know but look at wat beat it ;) behind a supra TT and E36 M3 cant be bad, just dont like scoobies lol
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    Autocar’s Top 100 Used Cars..

    back on topic anyone got the list, i cant seem to find a copy of autocar anywhere:(
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    CTR or 182

    we talking about a new teg or old teg??
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    one called me i think it was auto match conversation on phone was like this. wats in it for u i said, he said nothing then i suggested rather then go through the company, why dont he fork out the £70 to sell my car, then when he sold it, i would give him £300 cash for selling if it he was so...
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    owning a valver

    cheers mate i spent a fair bit on it and it was fairly quick too with the hill power modd head and cams but to be honest it was reliable too, it only ever broke down once in two and half years ownership all otherbits were wear and tear bits excellent car and someone has a much loved valver
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    Thinking of getting a valver

    wat u mean matt black valver would def look street racer
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    Thinking of getting a valver

    think u will get a tidy high mileage one for that money then ur right gut it and slam it and u will be laffing whatever u do DO NOT PUT A OPEN INDUCTION KIT on it totall waste of money i would know
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    owning a valver

    ian c how about this my old motor
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    owning a valver

    yup wicked cars!!!!! but now i own a car thats just like a valver but better in everyway hehe
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    who bought n884flr

    hey any new members on here recently buy my old motor ive been told its been sold onto its next owner just wondering u are happy with it??
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    Williams is gone :(

    ben h u finally did it then hehe, now u begin the excitin prospect of car hunting, its so stress inducing its unbeleivable, 2 months on and i still aint found the right car, i always thouht u should never let your car go until the cheque clears?? unless it was a bankers draft good luck...
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    1st Battle in Valver!!!

    downsouthclio yeah what u on VTS are like go kart go wherever u point, as does VTR and 106 gti/rallye, as good as a valver is i think the valver is not quite as good but it makes up for it with a less mobile rear end
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    Nearly wrote off the valver today

    i had this happen to me driving along a motorway and the bloody truck drops a load of empty drums that start boucing towards me and car next to me luckily we slow down and avoid them think smashed windscreen would of been likely a drum bounced over th car next to me talk about luck obviously...
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    FAO 16v owners

    had one loved it still miss it now and again but if i were you id get a WILLIAMS now there so much cheaper then when i bought my valver willys are loads cheaper now
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    what next

    dont bother with FRST or ERST how about a ibiza cupra 20vt
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    Clio 16v - How do u rate its handling

    mine never let me down and i use to corner like a loon depends what your suspension is like but also the tyres and wheels make a huge difference too
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    keeps kutting out

    if u look on the filer besides the actuall filter there are 2 other 1 inch diameter hoses cominf off it one is a engine oil breather and other leads to the ISCV its a pale gold colour
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    how much it worth

    right guys maybe selling the 172 wanna idea of whats its worth, and with the influx of imports are these cars not holding their value like they should rights flame red uk car 16k FRSH still under warranty no dents i light scratch and 8 months tax interior pretty mint what car...