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    what exhaust do i get?

    You need a yoZZA if you can find one
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    T. Turbo is back

    Sebimotorsport sort of let this out of the bag on an insta post a while ago. Looking forward to reading the rest of the updates
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    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Hi mate where was the number plaque from
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    Clio 182 Turbo

    Any updates on the Clio
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    Eibach pro kit for 1.2 16v on 172

    Can you not send them back ? The backs will be the same but fronts might sit a bit lower with the heavier engine
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    KAM Racing - go silly or dont bother project build

    Thread bump but did this ever get finished
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    Low oil pressure after fitting oil cooler

    It depends where the oil pressure switch is. The 90 will only increase the pressure if the pressure switch is located between the pump and the fitting
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    incy-spiders Clio 182 turbo

    how are you finding it. I’ve seen a few people who fitted F4rt plus ndo day they regretted it
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    Steering Wheels (Snappy Ones)

    How much have people payed for a snappy trim
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    Heater fan not working

    Yes it was on constantly. It’s a manual control
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    Heater fan not working

    I’m having a problem with my heater fan. First of all it was just in all the time which I think is a failed resistor pack I changed the resistor pack for an used unknown one and it didn’t work so I bought a new one off eBay and this still isn’t working at all I’ve tried a spare switch panel...
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    To be fair I think the days of £650 sets have long gone
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    Drive shaft issue

    The drive shaft must be pushing it inthen returning. Is the bearing ok on the driveshaft on the back of the block
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    Exhaust valve stems turned white

    The car seems to be running ok I’ve only took the the engine out to change the cambelt and clutch and tidy a few bits up No misfire or anything so unsure what could be causing it. I’ll get it back together and take it for a dyno to check the fuelling
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    Exhaust valve stems turned white

    Is this normal or any idea what caused it. All exhaust valves are white on all cylinders
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    Missfire on turbo

    Depends what power your running. Might just be worn out
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    Missfire on turbo

    Could be fuel pump
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    Anyone in the northeast with a set of timing tools

    As above is there anyone in the northeast who will rent me the set of timing tools or who I can take an engine to to have the belt fitted
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    Does anyone recognise these exhaust mounts

    Does anyone recognise these
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    incy-spiders Clio 182 turbo

    How much of a notch is actually needed
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    Renault Clio 182 Front Brake calipers

    I’ve got w pair off s car I was breaking mate £30 each located northeast
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    Custom lettering on radio display??

    Have you got a guide how to make this or do you sell them
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    Clio MK2 - no spark. Need advice

    its A common problem on 1.2s. The wiring runs near the coil pack
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    Clio MK2 - no spark. Need advice

    I’m sure there a thing at the back of the engine that rubs through the loom on this have a look at the wiring
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    Is this the correct cambelt kit

    As above is this the correct kit for a 182 or is there a cheaper place for everything ...
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    Clio 182 Meg 225 ND0 box shafts

    There’s a lad on turborenault had a set forsale mate. I’ve got a dci hydraulic peddle box If your after one of those aswell
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    Adeys F4RT Twingo GT

    Did you not bother fitting a set of 250 pistons and rods
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    Best engine configuration for turbo

    I’m looking to build a turbo engine for my 182 I’ve got a set of Megane 250 pistons and rods I didn’t really want to go forged as this is a daily driver Is there any difference between f4r and Megane block? I was thinking about using the Megane block so I could use a 6 speed box for as they...
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    182 ABS Pump

    I’ve got one off a 182 ff you can have for £20