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  1. nickg123

    Yet another Clio. 55 RB 182.

    Nice to see it being looked after, I threw a lot of money at the car in the short time I owned it but it was great fun, did me really well!! The guy I got it from Nathan was a top guy too, he loved it and had really looked after it!
  2. nickg123

    Back to a Clio after 14 years....

    Thanks all, the car is running lovely now - Since buying it and driving it home I hadn't used it until the belts were all done so now I'm able to really enjoy it I just can't stop smiling, the induction and exhaust noise takes me right back to my first 16v Clio, very similar sound!
  3. nickg123

    Back to a Clio after 14 years....

    32 years young and back in a car I had at 19...... Early mid-life crisis my Wife reckons!
  4. nickg123

    Back to a Clio after 14 years....

    It was @Sir_Dave I had it in PGTI magazine (orange R5 Turbo on the front cover) :-) The Dimma's do indeed all look the same haha. The Clio's now had the belts and dephaser done so I'm now able to drive it and enjoy it which is great - Haven't had such a fun drive to work in ages!!
  5. nickg123

    The 'What MPG Do You Get?' Thread

    I've only done the one journey in the car which was 266 miles home from the Lake District and the car did 40.9mpg! Seriously impressed by that!
  6. nickg123

    Quality detailer in the North West? anyone recommend?

    Jim White, also Chris Griffiths is up that way too -
  7. nickg123

    Back to a Clio after 14 years....

    I've been around a while, and on Friday drove the short 266 mile journey up to the Lake District to purchase this: It needs a few bits to tidy it up, this week is having the cambelt, aux belt, de phaser pulley and anything else involved at that stage of the job. Wheels have all been taken off...
  8. nickg123

    My Renault History.... 16v, Dimma, GT Turbo & Megane 225

    Thought I'd just post these up as I still remember the days of owning each of them and miss them all fondly in their own way :o I keep thinking about scratching that itch for a Williams as it's one car I desperately wanted to own and they seem to be getting more and more expensive! 1st was...
  9. nickg123

    Paintless dent removal costs.....

    Frazer at Headley Bodyshop is also very good for this, based in Newbury (He possibly uses the same as the guys at Auto-Crash) - I know it's a mobile guy that tends to work for most of the bodyshops but I usually just get a price to have the whole car done, if it's a few on each door / quarter...
  10. nickg123

    Alloy wheel refurb Berkshire?

    Not sure if this has been sorted but I can recommend Frazer at Headley Bodyshop in Newbury (Tel 01635 898330) - He can do powder coating and all sorts, did a fantastic job on my RS4 rims for my Octavia (They were in a right state before)
  11. nickg123

    Megane F1 Detail :-)

    Thanks guys, i was pleased with how it came up - Lovely car too, i had a 54 reg 225 but the F1 model just seems that bit special - Could be a good future classic i reckon.
  12. nickg123

    budget polisher?? any suggestions neeed one asap

    Buy cheap buy twice as they say :-)
  13. nickg123

    ClioSport Meet (2002)!! Power Engineering (With Pic)

    Yeah unfortunately Digi cam's weren't up to much then, and i wouldn't have really known what i was doing with it either lol. Nick Read was the guy that hat the Nitrous Clio, i think he went on to build it into a very fast Turbo 16v??
  14. nickg123

    ClioSport Meet (2002)!! Power Engineering (With Pic)

    You can't count for taste 10 years on - If you look at what was popular then compared to now.... even with the same cars people have completely different taste (although unfortunately some people STILL put Lexus lights on, they were never nice)! At the Power Engineering day Nick was there...
  15. nickg123

    ClioSport Meet (2002)!! Power Engineering (With Pic)

    To be fair 17's on Clio's were the nuts back in the day - I was only 18 so was absolutely over the moon to have a 16V - Silver were pretty rare then too:
  16. nickg123

    ClioSport Meet (2002)!! Power Engineering (With Pic)

    I haven't been back on here for ages, but just remembered this - Anyone else still on here from 2001/2002 days?? (Mine was the Silver Ph1 Clio 16v)
  17. nickg123

    Megane F1 Detail :-)

    Hey guys, Would you believe it was over 9 years ago i signed up to this place, probably the first forum i properly used thinking about it! Glad to see it's all still going so well though, i will have a look around for some of the old names shortly but thought i'd quickly just put up a couple...
  18. nickg123

    16" OZ SuperT's from a Laguna (99) 5-Stud?

    We're in Newbury, Berks but can courier via TNT if needed.... They're 5x108, ET35 i think but should fit anything ET35-45
  19. nickg123

    16" OZ SuperT's from a Laguna (99) 5-Stud?

    Promise you they're 5-Stud
  20. nickg123

    16" OZ SuperT's from a Laguna (99) 5-Stud?

    Make me a reasonable offer and you are welcome to them mate - i just need to shift them.
  21. nickg123

    16" OZ SuperT's from a Laguna (99) 5-Stud?

    We've got a set of these sat at work, they came off a company car about 8 years ago but have just been sat there. I said i'd get rid of them but does anyone know what else they fit? They're 16" OZ Super turismo's (Silver), from a 99 T Plate Laguna 3.0 V6. Thanks guys.
  22. nickg123

    my clio (feedback on it welcome)

    4-Door Modded Clio Lexus Lights 6 x 9s Neons Renault Sport Sun-Strip All the things i expect to see at a McDonalds car park, sorry mate but all these above things spell "Barry" and i know what sort of reaction it would get among most over 18 Year olds i know that are into cars.............
  23. nickg123

    Clio and Cossie

    Ahh that clears up what hes done to it Engine wise then ;) That sunstrip must give at least 50bhp!
  24. nickg123

    Question about Clio Cup’s!

    Heres one for you Clio Boffs! Did ANY Cups come fitted with Air-Con? I know ive seen one for sale before, but a guy at work is saying it had to have been retro-fitted....... but im convinced i saw a standard one for sale with Air-Con! If someone knows for sure id love to wind him up a bit...
  25. nickg123

    Exhaust wrap - how much needed

    All aftermarket exhausts catch on the Torsion bar unfortunately, it seems to get worse with Heat which i imagine is down to them Expanding, but i dont think youll completely get rid of it anyway mate..... How good to the Goose exhausts sound on the 16v though? Mine used to pop & bang all over...
  26. nickg123

    N Reg, 5 Door - Thatcham/Newbury Area

    Spotted at 13:05 today, Blue Clio 1.2/1.4, 5-Dr, Huge 6 x 9s and a Cliosport Sticker in the rear window. I was behind you all the way through Hermitage & down Cold Ash hill.
  27. nickg123

    opinions please...before i do it..

    The TOP One here looks absolutely gorgeous IMO, Black wheels definitely looks best, i love it like that!
  28. nickg123


    A419? Is that near Cirencester?!?! Ahah that must have been a long time ago mate!!! Edit to ask Which car do you mean? [Edited by nickg123 on 15 July 2005 at 4:15pm]
  29. nickg123


    These were my Two - Silver one i had at 18 (5 Year ago) which is scary!!!! Was standard with 36k when i bought it, Then i had this for a while too...
  30. nickg123

    172 + bird + Willy(56k,buy a cable modem)

    FPMSL at Father Jack - that looks so much like him!!! Feck!!!