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    Mk2 172/172 Cup track width...

    I'm in Australia and we never got the 172 Cup, but we got the 172 P2 and the upgraded 172 P2 with ESP. The 172 ESP has increased-camber lower wishbones which I believe were from the 172 Cup. The wishbones are interchangeable and in fact the increased-camber parts have replaced the earlier part...
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    172 Overheating Problem

    Something of an update... the coolant hose had a small leak at the back of the thermostat. The radiator had a small leak. The water pump was weeping. All have been changed. Still overheating. The footwell is full of coolant: next is the heater core! Im now searching for instructions for...
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    172 Overheating Problem

    No ideas?
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    172 Overheating Problem

    A bit of history: a couple of years ago it overheated to the point of beeping and flashing engine lights. Workshop said it was the water pump, changed it and the belts. Said they needed to spend time getting pump bits out of the radiator etc.\ Last year had some overheating problems again, my...
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    182 Intermittent starting

    Basically under the thermostat, on top of the gearbox. Remove the air box, not hard.
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    Light steering under acceleration

    Tyres. Age makes them hard. The Clio needs good rubber to feel right.
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    Camber issues with Gaz

    Judging by the impressions in the metal from a nut, the tab looks like it's there to "fix" the slotted top hole.
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    Camber issues with Gaz

    The top hole in the strut looks like it’s been filed to give more camber.
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    How to stop floor mats sliding over?

    I've used these. Just cut two ~25mm circular holes in the mats. The pointy part pushes down and slides into/under the carpet.
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    Battery light

    From memory, the dash warning bulb is part of the exciter circuit.
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    Seen hundreds of posts on this but still need help ESP

    What are you expecting to happen? ESP = stability control. I don't think I've had ESP kick in, ever. I don't get the car sideways though. BTW the ESP dash button turns it OFF, it's on by default.
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    oil pressure fault

    Have you checked the oil level?
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    PG52 AWF Was This Cup 172 Yours???

    You're right, my mistake.
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    PG52 AWF Was This Cup 172 Yours???

    They aren't stickers, they are unpainted black plastic.
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    Clio 2 1.4 16v -> 1.6 16v GT Swap.

    Not too much air: it's lost the charging effect from the intake tuned length resonance. A well tuned intake can yield around 130% volume. That is, suck in 30% more fuel & air into the cylinder than the swept capacity, to the 2.0 litre engine acts like a 2.6 litre.
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    311hp clio 172 cup review

    Torque Steer. Wouldn't this be worth more stock?
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    Depends on what you mean by "service". An oil change only needs new oil, filter and sump plug. Most scheduled services are just an oil change and inspection of brakes, suspension etc.
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    Interior light not working

    Has it been “upgraded” with an LED bulb?
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    Torque steer high revs Clio 182

    What's the offset of the new wheels? Does it have spacers fitted?
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    Help IDing a part

    I used some pvc tube and a spring hose clamp. Allows for a bit of movement which is what broke the original part.
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    172 Loctite on Exhaust Manifold Studs?

    Hello I've just changed my starter motor and thanks to the info here it's been reasonably easy. During the process a couple of the exhaust manifold studs unscrewed from the head. Do I replace these with Loctite or some kind of anti-seize? I've just bought some Loctite Super Stud Lock 263...
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    No grip on full lock car just slides

    Does it have a tricky diff?
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    Engine running on 2 cylinders - partially solved, 2001 172

    Make friends with somebody with a well-running 172. Swap over the coil pack and plug leads and see if there is any difference. Saves buying unnecessary parts. Assuming that you've already got the basics sorted like fuel filter, battery, earth points, crank sensor, injectors, injectors...
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    Looking for the right Clio

    Agree. Most is nostalgia -- the Wolsley for instance, Grand Ma probably had one or something. The 2CV is quite an interesting car mechanically and, like original Fiat 500s, is worthy of being in any motor collection. Otherwise I only get excited by cars that were innovative or best-of-breed...
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    Looking for the right Clio

    Belts, belts, belts.
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    Abs and service light. Looks like the traction control light too?

    The strut shaft is spinnning. The hex key should stop that. Check whether the hex hole is stuffed.
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    Abs and service light. Looks like the traction control light too?

    Use a shifting spanner on 21mm plug socket and put a 6 mm hex key through the centre to hold the strut shaft.