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  1. 182_blue

    Recommend me a polishing machine

    i bet his handjob doesnt look like this in a sense he is right, but most cars need a machine polish to get them right then you can continue by hand, just topping up with a machine once or twice a year
  2. 182_blue

    Recommend me a polishing machine

    you could try a Flex polisher, which works like a random orbit but with the cut of a rotary
  3. 182_blue

    200 BHP Club

    300 bhp club here :-)
  4. 182_blue

    My MY08 Impreza STi

    looks good in white
  5. 182_blue

    PC or UDM???

    I say get a UDM , i have a USA PC and a UK spec 240v UDM and the UDM is quitier and has a little more power
  6. 182_blue

    Protection for my new alloys - help please

    ^^ supposed to be very good, mine have Mothers alloy wheel polish on, topped off with some left over Blackfires afpp (polycharged) but i find most decent products work well, AG SRP is very good too
  7. 182_blue


    problem with ebay is if you leave them bad feedback you get it yourself, i have 100% positive but if i get fuc**ed over by someone i cant leave feedback unless i want it back, ebay feedback sucks tbh
  8. 182_blue

    Has ne1 got clifford concept 650 fitted?

    i had it on an old car and had more problems than a little, i would get something else
  9. 182_blue

    got a quote today for a pc

    i would be cautious if there machining the whole car for £25
  10. 182_blue

    My new UDM polisher machine :-)

    i dont know the UK price as its not out yet, but the USA price is same as pc
  11. 182_blue

    My new UDM polisher machine :-)

    Ok got this today and thought i would give it a little go, for those who dont know its the Ultimate detailing machine,i only managed a quick test, firstly i did a weight test, the UDM felt a little heavier than the PC so i weighed them and the UDM weighed in at 2200g and the pc weighs in at just...
  12. 182_blue


    G60 Golf Before After My ST (no befores) Fiesta ST Before After Fiesta before After
  13. 182_blue

    what wax/polish

    I wouldnt throw it, but i also wouldnt expect full on swirl removal from it as it just wont have the power (im guessing what machine it is), as for polishes i would use the likes of AG super resin polish with it
  14. 182_blue

    what wax/polish

    ^what polishing machine do you have mate
  15. 182_blue

    PC from ebay...

    hey, the machine wont be here untill a least june at the very earliest, and is likely to cost as much as a delivered pc with the transformer etc, i should be getting a demo machine soon so i can report back on how good it is, below is a list of details that David Ostroff sent me Polisher...
  16. 182_blue

    PC from ebay...

    its overspiced imo, the kit delivered from Autopia with discount comes to £111 last time i checked it, so add a tranny and cable & plug (aprox £55 if you go new) and you have quite a saving over the Fleabay one, also Autopia will look after you better than most UK places too ps thats the...
  17. 182_blue

    Delivery of PC from Autopia?

    hey, unfortunately they are handled by Parcelforce in the UK and they dont deliver on a saturday normally, so its more than likely going to be Monday now
  18. 182_blue

    The perfect PC kit?

    you should be fine with the duty mate, and when i get my hands on the new machine i will post up a little review
  19. 182_blue

    The perfect PC kit?

    just trying to make you feel better Dutch, oh and i will tell you what the new one is like when i get mine in the next week or so ;-)
  20. 182_blue

    The perfect PC kit?

    you wont regret it Dutch, the new machine will take a while and were not really sure how it will perform yet
  21. 182_blue

    N95 (camera) and a day at the zoo.

    i meant mine actually, and not necessarily the ones i posted
  22. 182_blue

    N95 (camera) and a day at the zoo.

    i actually thought some looked a bit blue, but the colours can be changed on the camera
  23. 182_blue

    N95 (camera) and a day at the zoo.

    nice pics, the phone is very good, heres a few i took with mine on first day i got it
  24. 182_blue

    Instrument scratches

    yeh i found plastx quite good, i have a burnishing cream that is very good for this too
  25. 182_blue

    First PC Detail Session, think it went well....

    excellent work mate, looks loads better
  26. 182_blue

    197 has just been delivered

    you got pics then :)
  27. 182_blue

    197 has just been delivered

    first thing i do when i get a new car is clean it properly
  28. 182_blue


    hi mate, theres some good info here but its very hard by hand
  29. 182_blue

    Good price???

    pm me, i cant say how/ why but its very doubtfull ;)
  30. 182_blue

    Good price???

    takes 3-4 days to come usually, the pound is very good against the dollar too, so presently saving over £10 more than about 2 weeks ago, as i have said before i will provide anyone with the discount code , just pm me, i cant post it on the forum as some did that with my 25% one and it got...