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  1. Ken

    Blue 182 in burton this morning

    He works at my place I think.
  2. Ken

    **East Midlands RR day video**( 56k, its 2006 ffs)

    Wicked vid got that one saved to my favorites. It's a K&N induction kit but probably going to have it replaced with one from Hill Power
  3. Ken

    New Laptop Suggestions

    I'm selling a Dell Latitude D610 2.13GHz 512Mb DDR II SDRAM 40GB HD about 3 months old, pm if your interested.
  4. Ken

    hong kong ps3s....

    I'm off to Japan in a month gonna buy a couple if I can.
  5. Ken

    East Midlands Rolling Road day @ Hill Power

    Ken - Kevin MkII V6 216.6atw - Induction Kit
  6. Ken

    Myspace question

    Does anyone know how to move or repostion the tables in myspace ?
  7. Ken

    East Midlands Rolling Road day @ Hill Power

    Got 216.6 ATW :cool: which is about me thinks
  8. Ken

    why would anyone do this to a clio

    sweet jesus...
  9. Ken

    v6 Insurance

    That's unbelievable I've just been through my insurance quote and tried with and without my Mum and there a £200 difference
  10. Ken

    Horrific... (Read the ad)

    ha ha where's that random alloy come from ??
  11. Ken

    Blue 182, V6 on the A50

    Spotted 182 and had a good blast with you along the A50 then saw Silver Vee on the way home same road.
  12. Ken

    Rear Pads

    Not sure what the rear brakes are like on other models but to save you the time and effort I spent working out why I couldn't press the piston back in, there's an automatic handbrake adjustment mechanism within the pison that requires you to push and turn at the same time.
  13. Ken

    182 engine & gearbox

    Seems like a deal, has some other good stuff as well.
  14. Ken

    Wheel help

    Does anyone know the name and manufacturer of these wheels?
  15. Ken

    Blue Vee Burton on Trent

    Saw you behind me at the last minute going round the roundabout near Tesco's. Looked very clean put me to shame :o
  16. Ken

    Brake Pads

    Cool cheers
  17. Ken

    Brake Pads

    Just had the car serviced and the rear pads are going to need replacing soon, was thinking about putting some Greenstuff pads on, has anyone used these, had good bad experiences etc or recommend some thing else?
  18. Ken

    My new vee

    Nope ,but had a valver a couple of years back. As for running cost haven't had it that long so can't really tell. I have noticed that I seem to be spending alot of my time at the petrol station, but I used to do that in my valver. It took me ages to decided to finally buy mine and now I have it...
  19. Ken

    My new vee

    Yeah I've already put a K&N on it next will probably be exhaust, just not sure which make might try Orbisound.
  20. Ken

    My new vee

    lol get it bought
  21. Ken

    My new vee

    Looking forward to getting it on a RR at the East mids meet.
  22. Ken

    My new vee

    Thanks people, and yes well over the moon can't stop grinning everytime I drive it.
  23. Ken

    My new vee

    Finally managed to get some pics together.
  24. Ken

    Just 2 Days

    4 Hours and counting, pics will come tomorrow after a few hours cleaning
  25. Ken

    Just 2 Days

    cheers people, I'll let you know how I get on
  26. Ken

    Just 2 Days

    Think I'm gonna burst
  27. Ken

    Just 2 Days

    I just love all V6's think they one of the best looking cars on the roads
  28. Ken

    Just 2 Days

    Are there any other cs people in the stafford area.??
  29. Ken

    Just 2 Days

    It's a blue mk2, nope really can't wait have'nt slept for about a week