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  1. Sir_Dave

    Collecting cars - Coffee run Bicester 16th Sept

    1 Russ - Cayman - Bicester and C&M 2 Snoring_Yob - RR - Bicester - I'm 80% in just need to establish weekend plans with my team lead, will also be bringing a 7yr old. 3 Sir_Dave - TiTty - Bicester - will probs meet at the meet, as ill likely be late. Also bringing a small person.
  2. Sir_Dave

    Trophy. Detailed.

    @Sir Nancy Flowers Clean.
  3. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 ClioSport Festival 2023 - Book Tickets Now!

    T shirt and trainers ready, just need to find my bootcut jeans now.
  4. Sir_Dave

    What's the highest's price paid for a Clio 200?

    Mental, am watching it atm!!
  5. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 ClioSport Festival 2023 - Book Tickets Now!

    Its currently chucking it down here in Alton!!
  6. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 ClioSport Festival 2023 - Book Tickets Now!

    If its pissing it down with rain all weekend, can us paupers without hotels sleep in them overnight :unsure: Probably less chance of us drowning/being blown off the cliffs than in our cheapo decathlon pop up tents @Touring_Rob
  7. Sir_Dave

    Engine Building - How did you learn?

    Specialist 1: Fucked it up Specialist 2: Fucked it up Specialist 3: I promise i'll do it right ...
  8. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 ClioSport Festival 2023 - Book Tickets Now!

    @Sunglasses_Ron - assuming there is an entrance barrier/gate, any idea on what time it'll close? I cant leave until 7pm on Friday night and its a 6 hour drive :ROFLMAO:
  9. Sir_Dave

    Engine Building - How did you learn?

    I have a theory that if an engine is already f*cked, you arent going to make it any worse by pulling it apart and trying to rebuild it. Have taken the head off a Mini R53 and swapped out a valve spring (without removing the head) on an N53 325i, not done any bottom end work yet. Would highly...
  10. Sir_Dave

    Blast from the past - Windows XP - Free games/education stuff?

    BMW Standards Tools; by the time they are 10 they’ll be recoding FRM’s for £80 a pop and you wont need to work anymore.
  11. Sir_Dave

    BMW 2015 M135i LCI - £12,500

    Great price this. Assuming its because its a "superman" colour combo, so not exactly in demand lol. (I like it)
  12. Sir_Dave

    Vorsprung International

    That green TT is outstanding.
  13. Sir_Dave

    Oops I did it again... Adey's Clio 200 EDC

    Am beginning to really like these, only issue is they really need this ... and this Which is pretty much 4 grand lol.
  14. Sir_Dave

    What am I doing wrong?

    Couple of things stand out to me, hope it helps: 1. Its clearly modified (black badges, splitter & spacers), but no mention of it in the advert. I instantly assume there are other things - both good & bad - that you arent mentioning. 2. No Recaros, Speedlines or Cup spoiler, id expect one if...
  15. Sir_Dave

    Belts and service before selling?

    Same, i always buy cars that need work doing, then do it myself, know its been done properly then. Also an ideal opportunity to plonk some cams in if thats your thing. Funnily enough, i was looking back through some old spreadsheets earlier on, used to sell 1*2 engines for £2-300 lol. Back in...
  16. Sir_Dave

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Yup, i used to live in Elm Court, off Hill Court Road, up by the Racecourse. Whys that lol?
  17. Sir_Dave

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Yup, thats right, not many left now at all. Either the cambelts have snapped or they've Lift Off Oversteered into a hedge backwards :ROFLMAO:
  18. Sir_Dave

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, thats blooming lovely!!! Pic of mine just well, because Turinis.
  19. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 ClioSport Festival 2023 - Book Tickets Now!

    Afternoon track session booked. Not gonna lie, entering car details was difficult, i probably will have bought/sold another 4 or 5 cars by August :ROFLMAO:
  20. Sir_Dave

    Torque Moto Cafe - Horsham - 14th May

    1. Luke 2. Cookie 3. Davyy / StayPuft 🤣 4. Boring_Gob (get control of your s**t) 5. MarkCup 6. Giraffe 7. Racky (not blacklisted) 8. Stefan 9. Sir_Dave
  21. Sir_Dave

    Anything happening?

  22. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 Clio Sport Festival 2023

    The reality
  23. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 Clio Sport Festival 2023

    Pretty sure it was @R29TJR @Panda. is up north, so deffo closer than us, although im pretty sure Anglesey is miles away from everyone :ROFLMAO:
  24. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 Clio Sport Festival 2023

    Its a yes from me! Think we are going to go up as a family for a few days, then ill come and do the track day/drink/camp on the Saturday night. Its 300 miles/5 hours each way from Alton :ROFLMAO:
  25. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 Clio Sport Festival 2023

    I went by myself last year, safe in the knowledge that CSF is an annual meet for those on the spectrum, so i certainly wasnt going to offend anyone by having a lack of social skills :ROFLMAO: In addition, my M3 wasnt finished in time, so i did my tracktime in a diesel mini. Needless to say, i...
  26. Sir_Dave

    CSF23 CSF23 *Save The Date*

    Oh hai 👋
  27. Sir_Dave


    X5 would probably be faster in a straight line than most of the 197/200's to be fair :ROFLMAO: I've inherited the TiTty now anyways, so can show you all a thing or two about understeer lol.
  28. Sir_Dave


    I think it's been mentioned already, but surely Llandow is a similar sort of price to Blyton, plus they have a campsite next door.
  29. Sir_Dave

    Another car gone, and one bought. X5 3.0d.

    Nah, what yours lacks in reliability, it makes up for by looking bloody lovely :ROFLMAO: Disco size 2118's FTW lol.
  30. Sir_Dave

    Another car gone, and one bought. X5 3.0d.

    Land Rovers probably. Lots of Land Rovers. He'll start posting in the pain/misery/financial ruin thread offering his services soon no doubt.