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    Hillpower Valver hybrid for Spares or Repair

    Hey Rob, No i dont, sorry mate. Feel free to come to a look if you want to view.
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    Hillpower Valver hybrid for Spares or Repair

    Hey peeps, :) I dont know if this kind'a thing gathers interest still but im running out of space and need to sell one of my cars... This is my old Hillpower 2.0ltr Valver which is now for sale for repair or spares...
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    N80 on T-Mobile?

    Im currently awaiting the release of this little baby 2, every1 just keeps telling me "late April m8" "late April" FFS! It will take a while i would have thought before networks catch up, shouldnt be much longer then - early May i would have thought. I just hope O2 do the right thing and offer a...
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    mates type r scoob.......

    Not to sad then Chris, 8k seems to be about the bottom end of the going rate for a half decent one. Been looking at the Type R & RA limted ones.. *drool* also found this on scoobynet today which i thought look mint! Im going to start looking for one September time...
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    mates type r scoob.......

    looks well nice Chris, any idea what he paid for it? :oops:
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    Blue 182 on A20

    Anyones here? Following me from Swanley -> Sidcup... I understand if you wish to stay anonymous ;) lol
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    The Girlfriends 106 GTI

    thats well nice, really like it (not sure on the zorst tho) would look better with light tints. Can i ask how much she paid for it? One of the best examples ive seen.
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    Cup - Engine failure

    lol agreed tho, would be more cost effective to replace the lump i would have thought.
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    Cup - Engine failure

    Sorry to hear that Klang :( Not what you want to hear but its hard to believe all these stories about problems exp with cups, 172s etc.. My 16v is 10yrs old and in the last 3yrs of ownship the only problem ive had is faulty power steering pump & clocked just over 100,000 *hard driven* miles! (on...
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    Hello all

    lol, welcome to CS Serif, hope you enjoy the 182 when it arrives :D
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    Willy Vs Rover Coupe T - A few Q’s!

    Youll need more then 170bhp Tom, those tomcat coupes push alittle over 200bhp through the front wheels so have about the same transmission loss as our clios. Not sure how much they weigh having said that - my valver is pushing 168 @ the fly and i wouldnt bother myself (in a straight line...
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    Dangerous Clio Driver-- Hope u read!!!

    er, wasnt generalising all 172/182 bud just saying that i often get the same behaviour from the new gerneration of clios... NOT ALL.. Consider yourself lucky aswell if youve had "atleast 10" 16vs wanting to have it, becuase thats more valvers then i see in a year, let alone wanting to race me...
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    Dangerous Clio Driver-- Hope u read!!!

    just aswell you didnt race him cuz ya would have got beat! only joking, lol but yeah i know what you mean klang! I sometimes get the same problem with 182/172 drivers thinking "a 16v, easy target" (on the A13 usually)... Sadly i get provoked fairly easily :( - wrong i know... but to act like...
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    What looks the MEANEST ! 172/valver

    Rob stop being gay, when you going to take me out in the mini?
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    What looks the MEANEST ! 172/valver

    Fancy have that meaner test with my valver then 182sport? ;)
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    What looks the MEANEST ! 172/valver

    in comparison too?
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    What looks the MEANEST ! 172/valver

    was abit of silly question really. lol
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    black angley eyes on black valver(ish)

    They dont suit it, take um off ill give you £100 for um ;)
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    Amazing car control !!!!!!!!

    Quality driving, cant really pick a whole with that corner.
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    Bubbles’s Arse

    i would...
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    New Member

    awsome williams you got there m8, very good pictures too! Welcome to the loony bin, err i mean cliosport! ;)
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    KITTED maxim arch update

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    CLIO TT - new bhp figure

    thats outstanding! im so jelous! :(
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    Broken Heart

    sorry to hear that Niki - cant imagine how you must have felt when got back to your car! :( - why cant people just leave things alone! Post your mates address / mobile number! :devilish: Well thank him/her for looking after your car! In anycase, enjoy NY! as im sure u will ;)
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    Anyone on insurance

    im with elephant but not sure on the % increase for whatever mod - i know theres like an on-line quote thing they do, you tick mod you have then they issue a quote at the end of it. Go through it twice and get a comparison. Personally i think you should stop being a chav, get some rally sl*g...
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    New pics! And a mates new website!

    wicked pictures..
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    What colour Clio 16v...

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    FK sport seats

    not sure where you live fella, but these peeps deal with FK, could ring them up and ask? (if not too far of course)