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    The 'Where's my old Clio' Thread.

    Anyone in my old Black gold SN04BPB. Looks like it’s back on the road again and in 160k plus!
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    MarkCup's BMW i3S

    As a commuter they are brilliant. They are also rapid off the mark. As a long distance vehicle they are a nightmare. I used to deliver them from Thorne near Doncaster down to London a lot. 2 charges to get there and make sure at least 75 % charge left. If the weather was awful and you...
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    What happens to an EV after 0% battery? Video!

    I’ve driven an i3 and ev mini on 0%. It’s not a nice feeling!! They usually have to be put in a low loader as you can’t tow them. The joys of having still a fledgling ev charge network.
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    The NEW LOLVO Barge

    Wow that long. That wasn’t you on the bridge was it?
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    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    Sorry. Long nigh! I was referring to the new one in error!
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    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    Nice purchase mate. I’ve had a good 200 mile blast the other week in one. Really surprised at how well it sounded and went. Nice and balanced considering it’s Fwd.
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    Volvo 360 Daily

    I’m sure I saw this last night whilst out delivering. Looks spot on. Have you had a look on some good deals on there.
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    My New Chicken Chaser

    Remember these from being a kid and hammering them through the barff. A lot of fun. Love the styling of them. Looks like you should be riding it in Aidensfield.
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    New 'Scene' Daily

    Looks bob on Jim. What bike are you after?
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    My New Chicken Chaser

    Have you had it screaming up the bypass yet?
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    Weekend car - Accidental....

    Love it. Need more pics.
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    My new Cupra Derv

    Looks bob on Jim. That interior looks immaculate.
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    The New Family Bus

    Have you tried that place up near Greencore roundabout. Mate had his Audi wings done there not long ago for a lot cheaper.
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    Getting ready for spring

    About a month or so ago I decided to take the plunge and do by bike test. It's been something I've wanted to do for years. After the last few years being really really bad I decided now was a good a time as any. No immediate plans apart from getting rid of some I the naff stickers and a...
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    How much do you pay for Sky/Virgin?

    I now pay £38 p/m. That includes variety package, movies, broadband and telephone. It was nearly £70 before but I did the usual trick of cancelling and getting an offer. It may be worth going through quidco as there's some pretty decent cash back on there as well.
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    My Seat Leon Cupra R

    Unfortunately I'm there! 2.0t Sri :(
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    My Seat Leon Cupra R

    Like that a lot. Plenty of pace and can carry the family. Win win.
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    Northcoast 500 Roadtrip in the TVR T350C - loads of pictures

    Brilliant write up and pics mate. Car looks stunning. Hartside cafe is a bit earie! I cycled up that hill to the cafe. Something I won't be doing again.
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    my BG 182 picture thread

    The car is looking stunning mate. Really miss my BG. Unfortunately I'm stuck with a Pathfinder to lug the kids about in! Where abouts are the pics taken? Looks amazing. CS meet anyone.
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    The Fleet

    The fleets looking good Jim. Evo looks spot on.
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    Yep got another!

    Spot on. any more pics?
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    European Road Trip in my e92 M3

    Need more pics. Car looks spot on.
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    Why would anyone do this to a clio???

    I saw this today. Almost shed a tear. Who ever did this must have no friends as if he did they would have told him/her to pack it in!
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    nurburgring may bank hol 2015

    I'm just starting a business as well so no chance :(. Really want to go as well. Love a pax lap In the Evo.
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    nurburgring may bank hol 2015

    Is love to come but don't have the right car. Still in the fecking Zafira!
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    RB182 Daily Thread

    Looks lovely Jim. It'll be up for sale after Christmas! Any plans to put itbs on?
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    A few better pics of the new bike

    Looks spot on that mate. I passed my theory about a fortnight ago. Just chewing at the bit to get cracking now.
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    S1 Rallye

    Looks spot on.
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    S1 Rallye

    Bad news Jim. How were the Kids? How's the motor looking now?
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    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Re: The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy [& Fred's V6] Are you having it mapped in Leeds?