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    Isle of Man 2022

    the road that they crashed on had recently been resurfaced. Ive read comments that it was bumper than it was which could have knock both side cars. Also lack of practices as they were rained off a couple of times and red flagged and it was a pretty blustery day. Its so sad, but sadly every...
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Sold ETH about a month ago and had made £60...made a decision to put on ripple and I’ve lost it all and some more :( currently £15 down
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    Call forwarding to an 'app'

    I'd expect something like this to exist, as I'm sure travelling people use something similar Found that Skype offer numbers you can forward to....anyone tried this?
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    Call forwarding to an 'app'

    Nope and Isle of Man so different providers
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    Call forwarding to an 'app'

    Thought someone on here could help! s**t signal in new house so wondering if there is an app I can forward my calls to when I'm 'out of signal' It seems to be having a knock on effect to making calls/texts when I'm away from home as the signal isn't kicking in properly
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    The "Ive taken a pic and I kinda like it" thread

    Got to stroke this today
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    Been a good wife....detailed hubbys i40

    Detailed hubby's i40 tonight. First car I've properly cleaned in years! What's best for chrome round the windows?
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    Who still drives a clio or moved on

    172 - 2005- 2009 306 rid 2009- 2011 Fiat stilo 2011-2013 Zafira 2013-2014 Saab 95 2014-2015 Lexus is200 2015-2016 Beetle 2016-present And had a focus dog car 2015 to present Always wanted another Clio but never found the right one for sale
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    Spotted my old Clio :(

    has tow away notice on it :(
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    To buy or not to buy

    decided to not buy!
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    To buy or not to buy

    Cheers guys!!! Will see what he says tomorrow, but switch wheels, new bonnet and cambelt I'm looking at investing £1k I would say. Rest of the car looks standard and in alright condition. Bonnet looks a roller job
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    To buy or not to buy

    Have you tried putting a cup through a test over here. They instant fail due to something to do with the brakes not being normal
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    To buy or not to buy

    These are like hens teeth over here It's done 85k I've asked him to check to see if cam belt has been done. Guessing pipe and handbrake are easy jobs? I have a decent mechanic that will possibly kill me for getting it but is a fab bloke Tax is £200 over here a year
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    How to make yellow look more yellow

    Unfortunately there are little or no members in the isle of man 😧 What type of polish do you recommend? definitely a single stage paint and yup the skirt is damaged its the only mark on the car and will be getting fixed - had it all priced up and ready to be fixed. But want to do...
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    How to make yellow look more yellow

    Cheers guys! I'm going to nip to a car detailer later on today (weather permitting its pissing it down here) and discuss with him Depending on what he quotes if its majorly cheaper than buying the kit, ill just let him do it. But if its around similar price i would rather do it myself, as...
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    How to make yellow look more yellow

    You The new beast!!!! Absolute amazing car but previous owners had shitty flower stickers and the body work has had no love It's extremely faded in areas Best way to get the colour back....I'm too scared to machine polish
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    Sky Cancellation

    I've just got a fab deal after cancelling it 6 mths ago £20 per month for movies and kids package, pay nothing till end of November and then £20 until July. They also supplied a new box too!
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    Mark Higgins TT

    128.730mph - 17mins 35.139sec Just wow
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    To buy or not to buy I want it, but just cant justify the cost over my current bit of poke....Lexus IS200!! thoughts????
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    Trophy in the Isle of Man

    Spotted going round TT course Douglas to peep stretch Lovely looking trophy on English plates
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    Ladies Shoes

    Just added loads more :)
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    Ladies Shoes

    Cheers Kele Ill be putting the rest up 95 pairs to load up, i got bored after 30 last night :o And for the boys, if you let me know tonight if you want any, pay for them tonight, i will get them in post tomoz you will receive them for Valentines day :)
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    Ladies Shoes

    Check out my Ebay shop Shoes added daily
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    Post processing

    I dont really PP as much as I should. But when i do its mainly, adjusting horizon/constrast/cropping nothing too technically Really need to get round to learning more
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    New Member - Hello, now for some questions...

    if it was a cup it would have cloth seats not leather but as it has leather and all the trimmings, its a 182 ff (full fat ie full of extras/air con/xenons etc) with Cup packs (spoiler/suspension/grey wheels) so the suspension has been uprated
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    Lamppost + old ford + 100mph + no seatbelt =

    fooking hell, how you get out of that? were you ok after? looks a right mess, you were lucky
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    Do you agree that it's a TOTAL LOSS?

    get a 306 td to rag around in in the meantime mate
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    Lamppost + old ford + 100mph + no seatbelt =

    similar thing happened to my mate in a RS Turbo too. Electric Post he crashed into, if he had had his belt on he would have died instead of being sent down for joy riding, Car looked very similar to the OP afterward