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  1. RDH

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Hamiltons old Zonda spotted by a mate close to wigan. 8.5 mil !
  2. RDH

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Strange question but im after some inspiration and ideas for how to arrange my detailing stuff in the garage. What/how does everyone do theirs? I want a nice clean uncluttered space that takes up as little of the garage as possible.
  3. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    Granted I don’t take many pictures of my old saab but this is the most a few month back. Cleans up well. Probably the best £1900 ive ever spent. Closing in on 150,000 now and bar a few suspension bits that need attention the engine is strong as ever. 70-90 in 6th it pulls like a train. Suprises...
  4. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    I’m in Wigan mate.
  5. RDH

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    I’ve had the use of my mates 140 for a couple of days last week before it went back. Epic machine and the want is even stronger. The pull from any speed is rediculous. Absolutely no reason to need anything faster on the road. His was the auto. And on my 70 mile round commute showed 42mpg for...
  6. RDH

    New daily - E91 330d

    Very nice bus
  7. RDH

    2005 Honda Civic EP3 Type R

    Looks great that. Loved the 3 months I had with mine before it got nicked.
  8. RDH


    Anyone playing this? Not been on my xbox in over a year since the little one was born but off what I’ve seen I think I may download this tonight.
  9. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    Oh I’d love that.
  10. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    Still got this. Done 10,000 miles now as been moved to a site 35 miles away. 4 miles of b road and 31 miles of motorway and it is averaging 36mpg according to trip computer. Haven’t worked it out properly but I’m getting 425 miles to £60. Needs a bit of tlc after lockdown. Got advisories on the...
  11. RDH

    LS V8 LY 182

    Would look better if it had turinis.
  12. RDH

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Best place to buy a decent bundle? been out the car cleaning game for years due to lease cars and crap cars. Want some decent stuff for our new one.
  13. RDH

    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    7 pages in and I still can’t grasp the fact that neither party (one who works offshore which i widely assumed makes you good money, and one with what I would assume is quite a profitable business considering the posts on here) didn’t have £1400 to continue work. It is a tiny sum in the grand...
  14. RDH

    Current daily for sale

    Mine is of the same ilk. I love it, but this could save me a decent bit for not much more outlay. I’ll have a think. Would need to shift mine already have 3 cars at the minute.
  15. RDH

    Current daily for sale

    Hmm tempted. Just been moved site from 4 miles from home to 27 miles from home. Could be thirsty in the saab :unsure:
  16. RDH

    Current daily for sale

    How many miles Dan?
  17. RDH

    Baby monitors and other baby stuff

    BT 6000 is still available in Smyths Toys for £130.00?
  18. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    I still hanker for an FN2. Keep me in the loop when/if you do end up putting yours up for sale.
  19. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    Everything seemed cosher when i looked over it. It’s hpi clear etc and I saw no evodence of a dodgy repair. Admittedly its been covered in crap since day 1 and I haven’t washed it and nor do I have any plans to. I’ll let you know once I do though.
  20. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    Seats in that picture are shoved all the way back, but even in my position leg room isn’t amazing. I think it flatters to decieve in the space department. More than adequate for me but for an estate I wouldn’t call it big.
  21. RDH

    A Foray Into Bangernomics

    Alright, I’m slightly over budget for full bangernomics status, but this is by far the cheapest car I’ve ever bought. The car itself... Purchased blind (and slightly intoxicated) for £1900 off ebay. Slight background to the purchase is that I’m currently based on a site 4 miles from home and...
  22. RDH

    Honda Civic 2.2 CDTI Type S

    Is this potentially turning into a bigger money pit than the outgoing Skoda? Aside from wanting a new car, would it not in hindsight of been better to chuck the money into the car you owned? Just myself bought a sub 2k car and other than my expectations at the price point, i took ages finding...
  23. RDH

    £10k 172

    For the record, Lawro sold it to someone, who I then bought it off, and then sold on to shane. I only had it 3 months and then my work circumstances changed and I just didnt have anywhere to store it. I paid £3500 for it, sold it to shane for £3000 as the gearbox was whining and I didn’t have...
  24. RDH

    Ever expanding driveway

    One and only mod I did. Great car out the box. Only let down is you need to wring it’s neck to enjoy the engine. By which time your doing over the speed limit.
  25. RDH

    Ever expanding driveway

    I had a brilliant EP3 Premier. Nighthawk black, 80k, pristine condition for age/mileage. Paid 3.5k for it, got nicked after 3 months and I got 5 back off the insurance. Would be worth maybe 6 now with the mileage I’d done. P*ssed off aint the word. For what its worth I loved the car. Banged a...
  26. RDH

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Sounds silly as it is obviously a diesel but how do these cope doing not many miles (4 miles each way to work). Case of taking it for a good blast once a week? Are the generally quite reliable. Quite interested in the car but im just after something reliable for work and sort of discounted...
  27. RDH

    Jekyll's RB182 Progress Thread

  28. RDH

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Love these. More than the RS. Any incoming spreadsheet will be slighty skewed by the horrific depreciation it will undoubtably suffer. I also think they are far more suited to the auto than the manual. I want one when my lease goes back. White, red leather, auto, pro nav is my spec of want.
  29. RDH

    Leon FR Estate

    I’ve only got the 1.4 125bhp. Fantastic car. Would more than happily have another.