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    172 Exhaust Replacement

    ...ahh, well - don't say I didn't offer! Happy New Year Everbody! Matt
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    172 Exhaust Replacement

    Hi u33db, I used to own a 172Mk1 a couple of years ago and played around with the exhaust quite a bit - I've got lots of spare parts still littering the house including a couple of hundred mile old standard Renault backbox (still has the Renault stickers on it!), a Devil de-cat (about 1000...
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    172 Exclusive no 141

    Just to be petty and (slightly) argumentative... :) Firstly, I didnt think they made a Mk2 172 in Titanium Silver - thought they were all Iceberg Silver (which looks bluer than the Titanium Silver). Im willing to accept that I may be wrong though (which Im not, BTW ;)). Im also in the...
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    172 Exclusive no 141

    (...but not as nice as a Mk1 in Titanium silver) ;)
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    172 Exclusive no 141

    Hmmm, you do know I was joking about the tapes dont you? :confused:
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    172 Exclusive no 141

    Oh, for heavens sake! Its just a green 172! ;) The only extras it has are (as mentioned above): - Full Leather (instead of the supremely sexy leather/alcantara seats on the normal 172) - CD Head Unit (how will you cope with only the 6 CD changer under your seat? Anyway, without the cassette...
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    Clio 172 mk2 Decat Fitting

    Errr.... I built a Mini a few years ago (including welding the body together from panels and constructing the engine from a box of parts) so I thought Id have enough nouse to give it a whirl and replace the catalytic converter on my Mk1 172 with a Devil de-cat. In short, I wished I hadnt. :(...
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    Devil Exhausts for Valvers

    Ive got a complete Devil system on my Mk1 172 - and it does indeed sound quite fruity, but only intrusive when youre really giving it stick... I used to have a de-cat and unsilenced centre section and back box but it was way too loud, so I decided to go for replacing the cat and opting for the...
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    The Definitive Eibach Post (172)

    Thanks tomboy - still quite a subtle drop (doesnt look overtly slammed) but looks generally sportier :D.
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    The Definitive Eibach Post (172)

    McShug, Any chance of some pics on here too then so that people can compare them? Ive still got a few days to send mine back if I decide Ive made the wrong choice! ;) A nice full-on side shot would be ideal... Thanks mate. Matt
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    The Definitive Eibach Post (172)

    I definitely agree - its subtle in the pics, but honestly the car seems to look more purposeful in real life. I deliberately tried to get unflattering pics (totally side on) rather than nice low down moody shots which would make it appear lower than it is, if you get what I mean! Matt
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    The Definitive Eibach Post (172)

    LOL, well I havent cleaned it yet this year - just seeing how long it can go for without looking sh*tty (note to self: clean car now as people are beginning to notice)
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    The Definitive Eibach Post (172)

    I wanted to lower my Mk1 172 a little bit to get rid of the 4x4 look it comes with as standard. Searching through the forum Id heard nothing but praise for the Eibach kits but there also seemed to be some confusion around them as they do two different models, so heres a brief summary for anyone...
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    182 Confusion.

    ...and the Mk1 172 only weighs 1035kg doesnt it? (just thought Id get that one in there for all of us that love the Mk1 :D).
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    Sorry, another Magnex thread!

    6x4" Single looks a little too big IMHO for the Clio back end (no offence intended BTW)... Why not go for something like that Scorpion that Neil posted a link too, and how about considering a Devil like mine? I started off with the Devil de-cat, unsilenced center section and backbox, then...
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    MK1 172 Mongoose exhaust sound clips

    Sure mate, give me til the weekend though as I wont have a camera until then! (Its just a 3.5" single exit that I liked the look of BTW) Matt
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    MK1 172 Mongoose exhaust sound clips

    Nice one Rhys, sounds fruity mate! :D Whats it like on the Motorway though - I had an unsilenced Devil on mine (decat, center-section and exhaust - basically just a tube all the way to the back!) and that sounded great round town, but was really boomy at Mway speeds... Now running a silenced...
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    ECU and VVT

    Like Tom said, I think the VVT on the 172 is only to help the car idle because the cams are wild for a road car. The kick you feel at 4k is just due to the profile of the cam mate... A long time ago a user called Captain Slarty looked into this and that was what he found. I think the Honda VTEC...
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    Multispoke cleaning and other advice

    Cheers viceroy - Ill give it a whirl over Christmas... But why the hell did you let me struggle for the last 3 years! (Mumble mumble... ;)) Zedx19 - Brasso is a cleaning product for brass items (ornaments etc) that you apply with a cloth then it dries to like a milky white, then you just wipe...
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    Good 172 price

    My Mk1 172 is a Sept 00 and has 45K miles on it - which it is amply capable of doing without the engine really noticing: It drives like new and still feels tight and involving. I still love driving it despite having owned it for the last 3 and a bit years. Isnt it better to get one with the...
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    HELP!!! 172 + STOP + OIL = £££

    Cheers guys. Heres hoping it just turns out to be a flakey sensor then! :) Ill let you know what it was when (if) I get it back sorted... Matt
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    HELP!!! 172 + STOP + OIL = £££

    Driving along the bypass the other night, doing nothing ridiculous engine-wise and the STOP light came on, shortly followed by the OIL warning lamp. I immediately thought arse (or words to that effect) and eased off the throttle and started to slow down looking for a layby: As I did this the...
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    172 engine mounts (where are they)

    Thanks for that BrynO - Ive been living with this f*cking banging for the last 3 years and Renault insist its normal! Ill have a look whenever the weather brightens up... if it ever does! Anyhow, you mentioned play in the gear linkage - is there any easy way for a semi-r****d such as myself...
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    172 de-cat and Viper - pics

    Hi Rhys! I fitted my Devil de-cat myself the other week - and about half a day into it (and a bit of blood later) I really wished I had just paid someone else to do it! Those top two bolts are f*cking fiddly to take off (you really need two people and I couldnt find anyone stupid enough to help...
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    172 janspeed exhaust

    Hi Mike! Cant afford Donnington again :( at present (need to look for a place to live closer to work) but I still cant believe how much fun that was! Nobody believes me that a 172 can go round an Elise (badly driven, admittedly) on the Craner Curves! Anyway, you wouldnt stand a chance now mate...
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    172 janspeed exhaust

    Alright Rhys! How ya doin? Im currently laughing my ass off at the thread about the guy who reckons an Ecosh*te improves acceleration, economy and third world debt... I also like the fact that he reckons you use big words and uses this as an argument against you... Quality! :D Matt
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    172 janspeed exhaust

    My brother had a Janspeed on his Nova 1.4 (yes, yes, I know - it was a long time ago though!) and it was sooo loud and buzzy - not nice at all and he took it off within a few thousand miles as it was embaressing (no more so than driving a Nova though :oops:). Hopefully the 172 item will be...
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    new exhaust mk1 172

    A month ago I bought a Devil de-cat, silenced and unsilenced centre sections and an unsilenced unhomolgated back-box (as I was really indecisive and the shop said they were about to stop selling Devil systems). Anyway, Ive tried all sorts of permutations of standard parts and Devil parts and I...
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    FAO: MK1 172 OWNERS

    Phil M - Just for your info, I think youll find that all Clios of that age only came with a one year manufacturers warranty (I know as I bought mine new in Sept00 on an X plate) and you can then buy an additional (transferrable) 1, 2 or 3 years cover from some Renault warranty place that ring...
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    172 mk1 superchip

    I had one fitted a couple of years ago - it gave 7bhp extra at the wheels and felt generally more torquey, but it ran really bad on normal unleaded afterwards (it even stalled while idling once!) The rev limit remained the same and the fuel economy took a dive. It was removed when my car was in...