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  1. fake ben taylor

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    This right here. This is the lie you keep telling yourself. You decided on making it a 'tad' quicker with ITB's and then that didn't go exactly to plan and you let garage A convince you to up the ante on the build. That didn't get finished and you let garage B convince you to up the ante on the...
  2. fake ben taylor

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    threaded M12 is definitely turbo oil return. AN8 is too small for that. AN8 likely a sensor - or catch can return if its set up to do that (not a good idea IMO)
  3. fake ben taylor

    K20 powered 172

    You're building an epic race car, epic race car shell comes up for sale, you're now scrapping your shell. I put two and two together ??
  4. fake ben taylor

    K20 powered 172

    It's in Scotland isn't it? Seems a shame to scrap one in the best colour You bought that grey race shell?
  5. fake ben taylor

    Pms breather plate bolts

    Hi all, Got myself a second hand pms breather plate but no bolts - tried the oem ones but they bottom out before tightening the plate. Anyone know thread size/pitch so I can get some ordered? Thanks
  6. fake ben taylor

    Who says you can't commute in a 172?

    I commute in mine. 20miles each way, its fine. night on 40mpg if I want to, 30mpg if im playing
  7. fake ben taylor

    Whiteline arb dimensions

    Hey all, Anyone got a rear arb off the car and fancy measuring it for me? need the lengths of the bar long ways and short ways, save me crawling under the car on the drive with a tape measure lol edit: its the whiteline I need, just realised PMS mounts differently
  8. fake ben taylor

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Wouldn't even bother wire brushing it, once up to temp on the car it will very quickly oxidise again.
  9. fake ben taylor

    Yorkshire Spring Chit Chat

    Alive and kicking here, Oulton on Tuesday was a lot of fun :D Not sure if anyone saw on fb, blew my original engine as hadn't checked oil level.... Ever..... And it ran dry Now on a 80k with belts done engine instead of 130k and belts due. Woop!
  10. fake ben taylor

    Rear beam favour?

    Hey guys (and girls?) I don't suppose anyone has a rear beam local to hull/brid (ish), I could grab to refurb with the pms strengthening kit and poly bushes and then give my beam in exchange? The car is my daily and so can't take that one off and don't want to end up paying Renparts £90 for...
  11. fake ben taylor

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Jesus. Back in the day I bought your dth ktec bodies, ran them for a trackday a month for a year, bottom end let go at the ring, broke car, have had a few different cars since and now back in a clio as a fun track car/runabout whilst I build my Z. Sorry to see this still going on but it really...
  12. fake ben taylor

    **show us Your Engine Bay**

    Clio is filthy and needing a lot of tidying before I post photos so have one of my new 480bhp 135i :D
  13. fake ben taylor

    Spacers Affecting Handling

    @NorthloopCup is really the man to comment on this I believe
  14. fake ben taylor


    Some of the benefit of the fatty and ktec setups is the longer intake runner which affects the pulse wave tuning of the engine (same as a changing trumpet length on itbs) and this is why the ktec showed gains over otherbinduction kits. The battery relocation and 'neater' setup is a shorter...
  15. fake ben taylor

    Yorkshire Winter Chit-Chat

    real Ben Taylor please stand up Has been round me (east Yorkshire up near Brid), nearly didn't make it to work Sunday nightshift
  16. fake ben taylor

    Yorkshire Winter Chit-Chat

    Yorkshire owner checking in :) Bloody snow is ruining my fun drives to work!
  17. fake ben taylor

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    FWIW I was getting over 40mpg out of mine on a cruise, mid 30's commuting to work without trying and like Tom 15-16mpg on track with ITBs :)
  18. fake ben taylor

    new sump - only main stealer?

    The gasket is that much - sumps from Renault Wolverhampton are £210 according to a search I did on here
  19. fake ben taylor

    new sump - only main stealer?

    Hi, Suspect I've cracked my sump during a bit of an off at snetterton. Is the main stealer the only place to get a new one? I was convinced I'd seen some on eBay but now can't find them :(
  20. fake ben taylor

    Burpspeed Version 2: Race Car Build

    Awesome work as always Danny!
  21. fake ben taylor

    Project 'Daily'

  22. fake ben taylor

    dmallett's indecisive clio thread! Monaco ph2 pg1+, Titanium ph1 pg31+, PB ph1 pg43+

    Re: dmallett's titanium ph1 should have kept the monaco ;)
  23. fake ben taylor

    Best exhaust or custom made for a clio 182/172

    I like my mild steel stealth. nice and quiet.
  24. fake ben taylor

    Project 'Daily'

    Had a hard time of things lately so decided to cheer myself up and get the bodies fitted. Sadly it seems the cam timing is off and is holding it back but im happy all the same as its an improvement, and planning cams later in the year along with longer trumpets. Had we had more time we might...
  25. fake ben taylor

    ITB'd Road & Track Ph1 Titanium 172

    Re: Ph1 172 Interested to see the flanges you get made to improve the length! Im after making some up myself, but for now have just fitted the bodies with the stock 60mm trumpets
  26. fake ben taylor

    Ktec ITB kit contents

    Cars going great! managed a trackday a month since ive bought it (with the exception of december) but getting the ITBs fitted isnt going as hoped thanks to a second house purchase and then the Mrs walking out so Ive had to tighten the purse strings
  27. fake ben taylor

    Ktec ITB kit contents

    ^^^^ saves me going to the garage to check lol
  28. fake ben taylor

    ITB airbox design..

    Looking at that spacer is it not possible to just redrill it to suit?