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    Should A 172 Feel Faster than a 182...?

    Can remember tangling with several 172's off here when I was running the Cooper S. They were not consistent - some definately quicker than others. Also went to R/R day at Nobles with a bunch off this forum and the power outputs of the 172 were massively varied. 145 - 170 brake. My Cooper S...
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    172 v's Mk1 XK8

    Not suprised you had the edge to be honest mate but on the other hand I can't picture an XK8 driver been the sort to be giving it full beans.
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    Best & Worst car you've been smoked by?

    Worst - Aston Martin DB7 Volante. All over him until I missed 3rd gear. Started to pull back but the fun was over by that time and the speeds getting a bit silly. Best - An Evo FQ something or other. Not sure which one but it was rapid and showed me a clean pair of heels.
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    Honda S2000's

    Drove my mates 2001 model over the weekend. Back end felt like it was always ready to play in lower gears. Straight line pace wasn't as good as I was expecting from the best part of 240 ponies but it certainly wasn't no slouch. I think the Hartge Cooper S would have kept up over a sprint and...
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    Pops and bangs. Think my cat is dying.

    Exhaust on my Cooper S likes popping and crackling. Enjoy it mate.
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    My 197 Test Drive (With Pics)

    Your cup looks a lot better mate imo.
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    size matters....

    The cup looks so much better. Proper ugly that other thing.
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    Silver 182 - Norton (Sheffield)

    Heading from Norton towards Gleadless along Bochum parkway at about 9.30 last night. Thought we might have seen some action but it is only a 40 along there so guess it was a wise decision. I was in a Hartge Cooper S. PS - Xenons looked nice.
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    Clio Sport - Owler Bar (Sheffield)

    Saturday afternoon - I was heading from Fox house towards Owler Bar. Had bit of a play with a silver 172 / 182 (Don't know which cause it was behind me) I was in a Hartge Cooper S giving it full beans in 3rd and 4th.
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    Am I gay for wanting a RS-1??

    Was your mates mum a milf?
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    What to go for

    Cheers for the resposes. Have been eyeing up the Exige for a while now. Can pick up a minter for about 20-22K. Cause you can have a go Rhys. Ill just make sure that I dont follow Craggy in it;) Still paying the price now from that night!! What you running about in these days anyway mate...
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    What to go for

    S2000 is not an option. More of an alternative to the Elise rather than an Exige.
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    What to go for

    Seriousley thinking about either a Lotus Exige (2001 model) tuned to 190 bhp or a V6 255 cliosport a year old with low miles. What are your opinions? Currently running a Hartge mini and used to post on here a while back.
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    My car loves Cold Weather!!

    I am correct in thinking that forced induction engines react better to temperature changes than n/a engines? Better in the cold and worse in the heat?
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    1.6......any good

    Not being biased (or maybe I am) but have you considered a MINI Cooper. (Not the S) Cheap to insure (group 8) and 8.6 secs 0-60 / 9.2 0-100kmph. I had one before the S and it was great fun. On the twisty stuff it is very capable. £11,600 basic price and on top of that you need to order the...
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    172 owners mite wana look at this!!!!!

    Your right Rich and I wasnt trying to spark anything off. I dont give a sh*t about what power the Cooper S puts out compared to a 172 as mine is modded anyway. I do know this though out of experiences in the past against 172 of different varieties with "duals" I have had with people on here...
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    172 owners mite wana look at this!!!!!

    But does the 172 have more power than a Cooper S??? Remember the RR day at Nobles anyone??
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    What car should the missus buy

    How about a Lupo GTI? Pretty rare on the roads and they can be had for 8-9 K with decent mileage. My bird was looking into one but ended up going for a 106 GTI mainly because it was 2K less than the Lupo she was looking at.
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    **new pics**

    Looks mint that mate.
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    Pic of my Cup i didn’t want to see

    Bad luck mate.
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    LAD again! lmfao!!

    Any tuned hairdressers cars Danny?? i.e mine?
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    How does your Cup sound at full revs

    What power does the R-Sport chip put the Cup up to? Revs to 8K!!
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    Car’s driving like a Milk Float! HOT!

    Mine feels a lot slower too that is my excuse if Rhys pans me tonight with his MK1 beast!!!!
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    Totally gutted

    sh*t Rhys, so sorry to here about this. Cant imagine how gutted you must feel. At least the 172 can make it a little better. Imagine if you didnt have that. Really really really hope that it turns up or that you get a good deal from your insurance company. James. PS If you dont feel like...
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    I’m going on Top Gear!!

    Might pop along but should be seeing our lass tonight. :( Definatley another time though if I dont make it!!! Sounds like I will have all on with his MK1 beast though!!!
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    I’m going on Top Gear!!

    I spit at the name!!!!
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    I’m going on Top Gear!!

    Not sure if "I" will but my car will!!!
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    I’m going on Top Gear!!

    Okay got the date set in stone for when I will be going.....16th July and to be aired on the 20th!!!
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    Woohoo! New car!

    Nice one mate. Look forward to a blat on the dronnie bypass soon!!!!
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    I’m going on Top Gear!!

    I will wait until you get yourself your mark 1 172 mate so that we can put them head to head!!!!!