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    FAO: Alpine CDE-187BT owners

    Thanks. Think I'm going to go for it tomorrow.
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    FAO: Alpine CDE-187BT owners

    Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know if it's compatible with Spotify on the iPhone?
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    FAO: Alpine CDE-187BT owners

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy the CDE-187BT for my '04 182. Questions is, do I need to buy the display and steering adaptor or will everything work out of the box? Thanks.
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    Who's Cup was @ Fabric on Friday???

    Saw this parked up by Fabric - Farringdon Friday night YZ52*** if I remember. It had a cliosport sticker in the window.
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    upgrading a valver with williams bits

    Changing the front suspension setup would improve the handling. A few people have done it on here and says the difference is noticeable. Other than that engine transplant is another option...
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    AWT inlet manifold group buy

    Oops just saw your post, ill email you... [Edited by Illusion on 11 August 2005 at 11:51pm]
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    AWT inlet manifold group buy

    Ahh man, I was saving (slowly...) for having it all done, + your pulleys + SMT... Supersprint manifold is probably best idea then?
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    AWT inlet manifold group buy

    So Ben I take it that the Willy/16v inlet manifold is a no go then?
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    Illusion - Wallington

    Was that you in the 206 fella? I did wave - but wasnt too sure...
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    Greenlight Insurance

    Yeah have to say Greenlight are good. My renewal was £726 full comp, with exhaust & cams declared. 23 with 2 years ncd. Cant really complain...
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    Greenlight Insurance

    Sounds a bit odd, I just renewed mine today, and they were by far the cheapest. Speak to Darren, he helped me out.
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    Alpine vs Pioneer

    You have to hold a button down on the Pioneer for the text to scroll. I think its a crackin HU tho, dont regret buyin it. Looks nice with the white lights at night.
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    Williams Jr Project

    Good luck with it fella, gonna be costly, but I guess it might save ya money on the insurance side of things. Least this way u can spend the money when you have it...and youll appreciate the car more.
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    Std Williams Engine

    Clean enough to eat ur dinner off...very mint
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    Croydon Mini Meet Pics

    Not many pics but go nonetheles...
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    FORD GT - Leatherhead

    Clarksons is that colour, maybe going to the Top Gear center?
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    Clifford Remote Engine Start

    Well I got the alarm for free as Midge was breaking his car and needed to get rid of it. It cost me £345 in total, this was to take out the alarm from Midges Clio and install it into mine with the intellistart. Didnt think that was too bad IMO. If your interested ill PM ya the guys number, not...
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    Boxhill meet....

    Looking good boys :)
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    illusion, yesterday 27th

    Ahh sorry mate, I heard someone beep, but I couldnt see much cos I was being tailed by some people carrier....
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    Ravin Faggots On Tour...
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    Clifford Remote Engine Start

    Cheers mate, its concept 550 anyways so thats why I had it fitted... Just thought id see if there was any long term damaged if it got rinsed.
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    Clifford Remote Engine Start

    Guys, does anybody know the long-term effects of this? If its used too much, can it cause any damage?
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    What would win on a track!!!

    Guess it depends on the track....and the driver... I would prolly back the Beamer tho...
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    shell optimax cards

    If you got the exige Ill take it off ya fella!!!! But your prolly taking the piss tho...?
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    Blue Valver Winchester

    The Willy looks a disgrace at the mo, hence why didnt go FCS...not about going to meets for me at the mo. Yeah, spoke to "Bruv" that night, was good to hear from her, think I kinda interupted the night for her and her other half tho...oh well :oops:
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    shell optimax cards

    Yeah I just need the exige...not gonna happen tho...
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    Blue Valver Winchester Oh and spotted ya Sunday parked up by Barclays fella...
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    check this out bargain!!

    Well theyre closed for a couple of weeks, so I doubt youll be able to find out any info...
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    216BHP Clio is done

    So when we gonna see the vids then?
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    valver A217

    Is it a Phase 1 with Venoms? Been sitting there for time...