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    rttam's flame red 172 project

    Looks smart mate, just bought a flamer myself
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    Pics of my uncles cossie, also the ex's sportka in the background Also my old zs..
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    1.6 8v engine, nippy in all fairness, my ex had 1, handle very well!
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    Now a standard exhaust is super rare.. Ps pics of your cossie are needed in here buddy..
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    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    My bros baby, aka money pit
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    How to get sky working?

    Just been out in the rain to check, the twin cable is there, the black single cable has been cut tho, do I need all the wires even to just get the basic channels?
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    How to get sky working?

    It just says the satellite is not getting signal..
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    How to get sky working?

    Hi guys, Mrs just moved into a new house, there's a sky dish etc, I Brought my sky box and card down to use until she has her sky set up but it won't work, does a sky technician need to come out to do something with the dish etc or should it just work? The box and card are all working etc at my...
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    pulled by the police last night...

    Any need to turn this thread into this? Rons a good guy, always helpful and is offering advice
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    Honda civic type r

    Lol yeah he's a true petrol head haha.. I know Mike, pretty local to me, shame he's selling up!
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    Honda civic type r

    That's the 1 lol.. Recently sold his type r also... He's still got the quattro I hope?
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    Honda civic type r

    rollerdan is that toms ?
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    Left the French side...

    Recently sold my 2nd clio 172 to buy this, seat ibiza cupra, it's pretty well specced, ko3s turbo, fmic, stage 2 Revo remap etc, to rr printouts, 1 for 232bhp and another for 240bhp... It's recently had a full respray so no faded panels, I'm not a big fan of the flush boot but it can stay until...
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    New French Masterpiece

    I believe it's an ecosse/raceland induction kit mate
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    Knocking under hard acceleration?

    Hi guys, iv sold my clio, but before he picks it up I wanna sort it for him, I'm getting a knocking under hard acceleration in mainly 1st 2nd and 3rd, it's more noticeable after the 5k kick, I've changed the dogbone mount and it's not made any difference, any ideas for me?
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    Abs and esp lights on

    Been told it's just the brake fluid needs topping up, does this sound right?
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    Abs and esp lights on

    Won't that make the abs kick in tho? On my old 1 it had the wrong abs rings on the back, and every time I pressed the brakes the abs would kick in and the pedal would go solid
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    Abs and esp lights on

    Hi guys, this last week the abs light and esp light have come on on my 52 plate 172, but they only come on when I go over 30mph,then when I switch the engine off etc an back on they go out, until I go over 30 again, the abs don't kick in etc or cause any problems, also the serv light aint on...
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    Ph1 vs ph2 prices

    Hi guys I've currently got a ph2 172 again, but I'm looking at getting a ph1 now, what's the deal price wise? Some people are classing the ph1 as a classic now so they want extra etc, which would u say was worth more atm, both in same condition, milage etc
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    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Anyone interested in pure guard paint sealant?
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    Strange 1

    Got a strange thing going on with my ph2 172, whenever I press the brake pedal or put the indicators on the fog symbol on the dash illuminates, anyone else had this?
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    Bonnet catch

    The mechanism on the slam panel seems to work fine, nice an free etc, the spring on the bonnet seems abit stiff tho
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    Bonnet catch

    Thanks for all the replies. Dave so easy to realign them?
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    Alien green 200 around Rhondda

    What's ur name dude.?