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    What are rough ballpark figures for a sensible SC set up? Does anything need forging ect? I am eventually going to do the same. Enjoy!
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    Trophy #417 freshen up

    Quality! I miss my Trophy a lot. Hardly any for sale these days. Enjoy!
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    I might have a little play just for.the adrenaline rush of it. In order to buy do I need to give out private details ect, if so what is the safest option?
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Buy some more to over the threshold, then withdraw all funds?
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    The Runabout

    Looks really Tudy that fair play! Is it a 2.2 d in these?
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    New car time bmw 140

    The new 3.0 engines are supposedly putting out 370+bhp out of the factory. Iv also heard they pull well all the way to the limiter. Could be b****cks though.
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Can someone explain... if a bitcoin is worth 17k dollars and say for example you had 10 coins; could you sell for 170k? And someone would pay that sum, for a made up computer coin!?
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    RS - Feel the Need

    Surely they run the engines under different loads for.thousands of.miles, before they make it into production!?
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    New 271bhp Hyundai i30

    The clio is fine for heel and toe. Learn how to press the brake with the balls of your feet and rotate your ankle to stab at the throttle (the correct way). Used to love barreling into a roundabout and go 4th to third to second very quickly. The throttle response on the clos is great tbf. Yeah...
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    Money Spending Tracker App

    Surely the best start is to get all direct debits/standing orders to come out the day after pay day and also move money to savings/investments (if you do), leaving you left with disposable income. This is what I do. Anything left isn't a worry if it gets spent. Good to see where money goes...
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    Which of These Two TV's?

    Do people actually pay for tv's over 3 years and pay double.the price. f**king mental.
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    Westfield part 2 - Track Harder

    Awesome! Balling hard with two on the drive!lol! Bhp/tonne on this?
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    Fletch's BMW M2.

    I love that colour. Looks superb fair play! Enjoy!
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    The Missile

    Probably 475-480. Mental thing. Bats hit mental.
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    MarkCup's 2017 Ford Focus RS

    I love that colour. Are you restricted on revs until a certain mileage?
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    Trophy prices - lol.

    Have a look at how much they are worth in France. They were around that price in euro 4 years ago. 80 thousand km examples were around £15k. If converted to lhd and low mileage they will go for a small fortune in years to come.
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    Need a new broadband/TV/phone package

    Out of curiosity what deal did you manage to get? My missus has been really pissed with bt customer service the last couple of weeks they have been shite to deal with.
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    E91 Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo - A slight downgrade

    Baller status removed! Good choice but I'm with dave on the 330d.
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    Heel & toe downshifting part 2 - the tricky bit

    Great video. I noticed though that you said that heel and toe doesn't mean actual heel and toe, but for some it does. I have size 11 feet and in the trophy I could fly down the box from 5th easier using the proper ankle rotation heel and toe technique, compared to rolling the ankle over in a...
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    911 + S1000RR

    What engine is in the porsche? Power output ect...
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    E92 BMW M3 - A slight upgrade.

    I would love a good in one of these. Love the colour and a proper box to go with. Do they feel brutal in the higher rev range?
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    911 + S1000RR

    Ballin! Those bikes are mental.
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    Tragic news

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    Passenger recaro trend line won't lock

    Fiddle with the lever as they can be stiff sometimes. Maybe some wd40. Try and push the seat all the way back and will.lock in.
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    Your Favourite clio related youtube video...

    Fair play tony can pedal a car. Thought he was a gonna a few times there but brilliant car control.
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    Gave the M5 a clean

    Amazing cars these. be worth a fortune in about 15 years. a manual box and straight pipes and I wouldn't need much else from a car. Shame only the yanks got em. enjoy.
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    Clio R.S.16 Christmas Present

    Also add a manual box and the clio 16 body and they'll sell a damn sight better. with 250+bhp. not much to ask for really.
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    Clio R.S.16 Christmas Present

    Yeah true. they will have to do something out of the ordinary with the next clio though to bounce back a bit.
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    Clio R.S.16 Christmas Present

    They got a trick up their sleeve?
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    Clio R.S.16 Christmas Present

    That would look the b****cks in some of the colours about today.