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  1. Lloydy

    225 pulley

    Lol to both of them comments may actually give it a go. He honestly believes it too well guess there's some that walk amoung us
  2. Lloydy

    225 pulley

    lol actually guys he drives a 182 :S worrying ay lol
  3. Lloydy

    225 pulley

    Hey guys just a quick one, A guy at work said I should get a megane 225 pulley wheel for the 182 cause it boosts power, I've never heard of this and if its true where can I get one from?
  4. Lloydy

    Limp Mode

    Keeps going into limp mode when driving more spiritedly. Recent HT lead, spark plug and PTFE gasket change. But did it before this change. Any ideas? thanks guys
  5. Lloydy

    SERV + Airbag Light On?

    ok then lovely, what do you mean by the male and female connectors?
  6. Lloydy

    SERV + Airbag Light On?

    Hey have a 182 Cup last serviced at 51k FEB this year, Just now my service and airbag warning light came on, what can i do to sort this? Thanks
  7. Lloydy

    Racing Blue 182 sheering

    Saw ya this morning you gave me flash too, coming from sheering to harlow. Car looks really good mate
  8. Lloydy


    erm... if theres any power loose and not revving like it should when going for abit it could be the vvt pulley, maybe? if so then looking at £125 for the pulley and recommended cam belt change which are about £450
  9. Lloydy

    Rough on Idle dropping below 1000 revs running Bad

    Have a look at your ht leads going in to your coilpack, check for any rubbing marks or white marks on them if so wrap these areas in electrical tape for the mean time and replace them. While your there check the connectors for corrosion and clean if required. Thats where i would start
  10. Lloydy

    clio 182 starting issue

    whats it sound like?
  11. Lloydy

    warning lights

    Cheers guys
  12. Lloydy

    warning lights

    Driving to work this morning and my SERV, ABS & ESP lights came on any ideas please guys?
  13. Lloydy

    Strange noise ?

    Check your wheel nuts are on correctly normally make that sound
  14. Lloydy

    Nimbus 197 Harlow

    about 4.30ish i was in the RB182 you were behind me for a bit till you turned off, nice clean car mate btw
  15. Lloydy

    Looked like a silver 172 Harlow

    yh thats it
  16. Lloydy

    Looked like a silver 172 Harlow

    I dunno only saw it quick looked good though
  17. Lloydy

    Looked like a silver 172 Harlow

    Harlow heading towards Sheering, looked like a silver 172 ph2 with bonnet pins only saw ya last min tho, did try to give ya a wave, anyone?
  18. Lloydy

    South East Wharf Meet 8th July 4pm

    If my cars fixed i'll be there :)
  19. Lloydy

    Rb 182 m11

    If that was from the Birchangar service roundabout towards harlow then thats me, just finished work and didnt fancy the queue around the roundabout looked epic so took the M11 which on your side looked worse :( hope the traffic moves on for ya, least you have trouble making up time ;)
  20. Lloydy

    RB182, sheering, 06.06.12

    May have been me but not 100% sure what time i went through though. Was there an whining sound coming from the car? (if you could hear it with the Stones playing too lol)
  21. Lloydy

    RB 182 Harlow, Today

    Actually think this was me, just been to the garage to see about the car fault (rather pee'd with the car but that cheered me up getting a wave)
  22. Lloydy

    help ASAP

    HELP How to fit alternator belt guide please, how to release the tension
  23. Lloydy

    2k rpm issue

    No mods, and yh it goes as well as it should its just feels like its in a high gear between 2k-3k then it makes normal power. Its a strange one really I can't work it out I have suggested a quick air filter and spark plug service and to use 98Ron fuel for a bit to see what happens
  24. Lloydy

    2k rpm issue

    Just seems extra slow building up revs compared to my 182
  25. Lloydy

    2k rpm issue

    A friend of mine has a 182 and he is having trouble producing power around 2k it gets going after awhile just needs to keep the foot down to do it Any ideas?
  26. Lloydy

    Bumper Removal and Refit?

    Anyone got a guide to removing and refitting a 182 front bumper and landing panel?? Need it to change my alternator at the weekend
  27. Lloydy

    Cars broken

    Yes please, its worth a go
  28. Lloydy

    Cars broken

    What recommendations do people have for where i should take it?
  29. Lloydy

    Harlwo On Saturday Morning

    I have F4R inside on mine sure it wasn't that?
  30. Lloydy

    Cars broken

    Basically yesterday morning I heard a whine noise from the engine bay as I was going to work yesterday but the noise went on the way home. This morning the noise was back however much louder so took it into Toomey Renault Southend and they have informed me that the alternator bearings have gone...