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  1. M90SR

    OE thermostat at an aftermarket price. Delivery is a bit slow, so allow 10 working days. Thermostat For Renault Clio Scenic Kangoo Megane Laguna 1.4 1.6 16V 8200772985 | eBay
  2. M90SR

    182 non start

    This might be of some help mate
  3. M90SR

    OEM Wishbone Bush Part Number

    " These 182 caster wishbones are available from Ktec " Aftermarket Heavy Duty Clio 2 RS Lower Arms - Renault and Renaultsport parts and fitting by K-Tec Racing
  4. M90SR

    Stub axel problems

    Kam or RPD, 8200618352 Renault OE ABS Sensor Bracket (Rear) - RS197 / RS200 (
  5. M90SR

    Ph1 Headlights - what brand?

    Left Hand Traffic is where the traffic drives on the left, as we do in the UK. The Hella units 1LL 007 510 071/081 units are in fact the only correct items listed by Autodoc for the UK market, all the other brands listed are for Right Hand Traffic ( LH Drive). 7701045174/75. Hella have...
  6. M90SR

    New Xenon lights

    The RIGHT HAND TRAFFIC means LHD and dips the wrong way
  7. M90SR

    Clio 172 AC pressure switch pin outs

    Assuming this is all Ph2 172 running gear. Pressure switch pin A to ECU pin 79 light red wire " " " B to ECU pin 83 white wire " " " C to ECU pin 47 light brown wire
  8. M90SR

    182 cranks but does not fire. Electrical Issue warning light illuminated, No fuel pump priming.

    @Jason473 I realised that my text had not pasted correctly when uploading the image. So my post was supposed to say: But glad you're all set now!
  9. M90SR


    Dauphinoise Thomson 104051, pt no 8200772985 was what I removed from mine. It would be interesting to see how long it takes to come from Lithuania. Thermostat For Renault Clio Scenic Kangoo Megane Laguna 1.4 1.6 16V 8200772985 | eBay
  10. M90SR


    After reading the ongoing saga of the 2021 Cliosport calendars, has anyone placed an order with Autodoc or any other EU parts supplier, and encountered delivery delays?. I would like to hear of peoples experiences before placing an order. 5 working days was the normal delivery, pre 01/01/2021.
  11. M90SR

    Lambda sensors

    I've had those BOSCH ones fitted for a good few months now. No issues.
  12. M90SR

    OBD scanner tool/app and ABS sensors - 182

    I had an issue with ABS and Traction light coming on. Fault code reader (an expensive one) flagged up an ABS sensor. Sensor replaced to no avail. The problem ended up being the steering angle sensor.
  13. M90SR

    Phase 1 driveshafts.

    The bad news is that Ph1 OE shafts have been discontinued by Renault, & the aftermarket ones are apparently made of cheese .@chris blue One option open to you is fit the wider spaced Ph2 front subframe and use 172 Cup driveshafts, though these are now £370 a side OE from Ktec racing...
  14. M90SR

    Correct radiator

    A friend had this Nissens rad installed on his 172. As a result of the top & bottom mounting rails being the same width as the core, over the years the cowling for the cooling fan wore into the core, resulting in it`s failure. This could have been avoided had the fan been installed with some...
  15. M90SR

    Flat battery AGAIN!

    Before fitting your new alternator, check for oxidation at this terminal. It is a common problem, and will cause the alternator to cook itself.
  16. M90SR

    Wing nut ID

    As stated, still available as a Renault part, 7703080115 at a price ! or these do the job just as well ...
  17. M90SR

    Gearbox - wont go into 1st after reversing

    From your description, this selector spring may have failed from wear.
  18. M90SR

    Can you buy new oem rack gaiters on their own?

    The original 40mm ID gaiter was part number 7701469496, but Renault have now substituted Febi 21171...
  19. M90SR

    172 exhaust fitment

    Can you post a picture of your decat please?
  20. M90SR

    172 exhaust fitment

    I think I have placed the missing punctuation in the correct places in my mind to understand the question, and the answer is this.
  21. M90SR

    Ignition leads / coil

    valeo coil Beru leads
  22. M90SR

    Squeak from the driver side whilst driving?

    Looks like a 7mm water pump bolt 7703002998
  23. M90SR

    172 Gripper installed - vibration turning one way

    ECP have no stock, try Autodoc, Ph1 172 driveshaft 7711134954.
  24. M90SR

    clutch damage

    Not often a problem, but given the unusual nature of this failure, a thorough inspection of the clutch pilot bearing in the end of the crank would a good idea. Also checking for any run out of the input shaft. Interestingly. the bearing is listed as an available part ( no 8 ) on Ph1 cranks...
  25. M90SR

    Clio 182 Starter motor fuse and cable

    The starter motor and alternator lead is integral to the engine bay wiring loom...
  26. M90SR

    Subframe 1727182

    Why not a used one and have it refurbished? There is always someone breaking a car on here. Only downside is cost but if you really need one...
  27. M90SR

    Subframe 1727182

    These figures would suggest the non sport MK2`s have a track width 20mm narrower than the Ph2 Sports. Adapting a non sport subframe will cause problems with drive shaft lengths. 8200196011 is common to all Ph2 Sports, so should be easy to find...
  28. M90SR

    182 stiff gear stick in neutral

    Could be this synchro spring, 7700110500 has worn out?
  29. M90SR

    Lambda sensors

    A Feedback score of 168k is not that high over 14 years for medium sized business seller. £41.94 including delivery is a very good price, and the fact that they are Leatherhead based, & file their accounts on time, reassures me that they would supply the real Bosch item...