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    Russ_16v's ITB'd & Caged 182 Track Car (Was Crispy's)

    Next update! Soooo, the date I said it was due to happen...well things got in the way and it didn't lol. Since then I have moved house, so have had a lot on! The house needs full renovation, but im still not letting the Clio falter. I have new seats, and the donor 172 will be stripped of its...
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    Hey all - PFC + general car info :)

    mods I hope this is ok! some of you are friends with me on Facebook so may have seen this, but basically I am trying to keep my facebook away from work/magg stuff, so I have made a new page for all my PFC stuff. I will also be doing car reviews (plenty of non-French stuff too) so feel free to...
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    Russ_16v's ITB'd & Caged 182 Track Car (Was Crispy's)

    Suppose this is due an update 😂 Well I have a little to share. It still hasn't moved, still buried in the garage, but things are now on the move! We are moving house, so I needed to speed things up and get it at least able to move. So I now have my suspension sorted (See pic) and...
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    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    The RS2 is hopefully nearly there! lol. Would suit it very well. Also I can get BC coilovers if that helps mate, they are very good!
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    RS2 Inlet Kit Availability

    Cheers Tim and apologies for the late reply I have not been on in a bit. We have had issues with the carbon supplier but we are nearly sorted - will update
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    New 182 exhaust mount from powerflex

    Hey guys yes I can supply these and will do my best to price match etc :)
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    Cage bolt in/weld in? Daily?

    The clio as standard has a very high ncap rating and is very rigid - bear in mind roll cages can be more dangerous without a helmet - your head was not designed to hit metal poles in a crash. This is coming from a guy with an 11 point OMP weld in cage lol
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    Spark plug banter

    When renaultsport worked on the f4r when developing the 172, the pfr6e-10 were the best plug for performance, emissions and General running. There are other plugs out there that do work, but the pfr6e IMO are the best for an n/a f4r. Also they really are not expensive. Back in the day when our...
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    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    i feel i need adding to this lol
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    The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**

    pa excuses ;) Glad to see its making progress mate, i envy your garage/shed!
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    New on here, racing a 182 in the Middle East

    cheers dude! Welcome mate, 182 looks great! Check out the RS2 inlet (details on website) it may fit perfectly into what you require
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    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

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    My Mk4 Golf GTi

    Sounds a great setup mate! Well when someone says a turbo hybrid, the standard turbo is rebuilt using modified parts - so it looks like the standard turbo (and retains all standard fixings) but returns more power.
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    My Mk4 Golf GTi

    I have never seen a ko3s hit 280lb ft - im not saying its impossible but I didn't think they could flow enough to get that lol. A ko4 hybrid would get 330bhp mate, but not a normal k04. well not for long anyway lol. it simply cannot flow that much, and it will be screaming its head off. I...
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    My Mk4 Golf GTi

    Looks tidy mate! But a K04 wont flow 330bhp. 280 bhp would be about right, with 300 ish with a Relentless manifold. But I would put uprated conrods in for that, they are the weak link in the 1.8T. What turbo is on it at the mo? I assume a K03S if its making over 200bhp - if so id imagine the...
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    Breaking cover......*AG content from page 45*

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    Breaking cover......*AG content from page 45*

    This is good
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    Russ_16v's ITB'd & Caged 182 Track Car (Was Crispy's)

    Nothing to update, the only thing I have had time to do is pull most of the remaining wiring out :( I have picked up a new OEM look from Dan @ SJM which I will be cutting down and fitting. There is a reason for the OEM look going in as we have decided on a slight change of plan for the car. I...
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    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    I have a rear bumper for sale if you want one with no cut out to make a smaller cut out if it helps :)
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    Cub's Flamer - Supercharged, Cage etc

    LOL! Make sure you're at FCS
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    The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**

    Good to see a few more bits done mate. remember me for the powerflex stuff!
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    Joe's FF BG 182

    Ha yes that's me :D Leads are on their way to you mate :)
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    Rear Beam PolyBushes

    Remember guys you get 12% off RRP on Powerflex with me :)
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    Clio number 10, RB 182 Cup

    Very nice you big Ghey x
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    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    Like we always said! Just need to bung an RS2 and a set of ARP bolts in it now ;) We can talk about in at Combe ;)
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    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    Fair play on that result mate!
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    [Apr 2, 2016] CS Areas Day @ Spring Action Day (Castle Combe)

    i'll see what car I have available LOLOLOLOL
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    Fletch's 150k 172 Project..

    Show off :-P
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    Another MCS. The track day toy.

    going going Davy boy!