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  1. mr blue182

    2.1 System, cheap ish.

    if you can get £200.00 i have some top end stuff Mission 70ASE Active Sub-Woofer TANNOY MERCURY MC SHADOW CENTRE CHANNEL SPEAKER Tannoy Mercury M1 Custom (pair) Bookshelf Speakers ( for AV SURROUND CINEMA use ) and a Yamaha amp rx-v496rds with 2 optical all the dogs also got some rears...
  2. mr blue182


  3. mr blue182


    tunepoint any one want one pm me i know were the is one
  4. mr blue182

    Genuine Renault Clio Sport steering wheel trim

    Genuine Renault Clio Sport steering wheel trim forsale on ebay ordered it to see if it would fit a r26 wheel and it will not
  5. mr blue182

    Finally Test Drove the R26 Today!

    here are my times at Bruntingthorpe was a wet day and a slippery track. and its a 225 not an r26 0-60 = 7.2 0-100 = 17.7 vmax = 133.8 1/4mile = 15.8@94.1 BHP 229 didnt think it was that bad when you compare it to a Clio v6 255 that was there on the day 0-60 = 6.9 0-100 = 19.5 vmax =...
  6. mr blue182

    Finally Test Drove the R26 Today!

    need to pop over to and speak to stevewest he will look after you mate . i went from 172-182 and i'm on number 2 r26 and i love it :hail:r26lux mercury and 267 bhp just off a remap if you want more power
  7. mr blue182


    best thing i have done in years mate love my Meggy , love it that much i get my new ones on Wednesday . but i did have 3 Clio's first 172 ph1 172 ph2 182 and loved them , but didn't like the 197 so the Meggy was the best option for me ;)
  8. mr blue182

    Recommendation for 182 exhaust systems

    i loved my janspeed on my 182 and no head aches on motorway . if i was to change my exhaust on my r26 if janspeed did one thats the one i would go for . but i love the sound of the standard r26 with itg panel filter .
  9. mr blue182

    Karcher foam lance

    i have one and it works the same way with snow foam and it depends what fit ment you have on your lance , why pay more if it works the same just a smaller bottle .;)
  10. mr blue182

    Detailed Obsession Discount

    we do on top bloke gaz7 fast and reliable and good advise too.
  11. mr blue182

    182 or meggy AUX ipod or MP3 CABASSE AUDITORUM

    yellow one's for the display mate the green one slots into the yellow one the yellow plug with the phones in it will not work ! you need the green plug swapped into my megane now still works fine
  12. mr blue182

    Find your old Clio Sport

    my old 172 fab DX04 EYP
  13. mr blue182

    Updating Your Mobile Sony Erickson

    still no go mate :banghead:
  14. mr blue182

    As Usual, Renault can't find the fault.

    i had this on my 182 05 plate it was the shocker top mount ! went to Leeds and on the way back it started , i got it when i was standing still but move the steering wheel side to side new top mount sorted that out .
  15. mr blue182

    Updating Your Mobile Sony Erickson

    Incompatible Macromedia Version required version available from application was terminate This is what I am getting takes me onto Adobe, have downloaded the 2 things on there still makes no difference getting same message. regards Jeff
  16. mr blue182

    Updating Your Mobile Sony Erickson

    hi all i need some software for Updating my Sony Erickson k800 i got the up dater off Sony site but it will not open .:dapprove: its Update Service Setup i had an old one in before my computer crashed and that worked fine . help
  17. mr blue182

    17 or 15

    16's mate look the dog's
  18. mr blue182

    Xenon Lights

    could be head light switch or stork ,is there 2 or 1 igniter packs on a clio ?
  19. mr blue182

    Rev Limiter

    get it mapped then you won't hit it .;)
  20. mr blue182

    bmw z4 to a 197

    go for a r26 and get the smile back on your face ;) know what you mean about the z4 2.2 i work on them , if you go for a z4 you need a .3.0 much fun ,mz4 much more but the price .
  21. mr blue182

    Just a few of the Wednesfield meet.

    some more pics but didn't change mode over, in sepia different or what 1 2 3 4 5
  22. mr blue182

    R26 Detail - ShineDetailing

    looks better with the megane bade off the back ,first thin i'm doing to mine when i get it .:clap:
  23. mr blue182

    Dead k800...

    same as me but let battery go to low now fine .
  24. mr blue182

    Remap fails MOT

    make shure you get the car nice and hot give it a good long run this will help clear smoke , and should pass mot . good luck mate .
  25. mr blue182

    182 or meggy AUX ipod or MP3 CABASSE AUDITORUM

    i found a cheep phono lead from halfords an removed them from the plug that they were in then put them into the new plug or you could buy the pins . works fine
  26. mr blue182

    Inlet's manifold match

    it a is direct replacement long life just not Renault part not upgrade
  27. mr blue182

    Inlet's manifold match

    don't think they could see the difference even if they looked .:approve: