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  1. J

    Intermittent Misfire | Appears fine, suddenly starts misfiring, then snaps out, repeat

    So I replaced injector on cylinder 2 and issue is still there. It's weird. When it happens it's also as if the throttle pedal just stops doing anything at all, it'll start misfiring and the throttle will be unresponsive to me pushing it. Then all of a sudden it'll snap out of it, run fine and...
  2. J

    Intermittent Misfire | Appears fine, suddenly starts misfiring, then snaps out, repeat

    Cheers guys. 1. Is there any way of testing injectors? 2. Do I need to replace all at same time or is it fine to just replace one 3. Best place to source replacements / best brands to go for?
  3. J

    Intermittent Misfire | Appears fine, suddenly starts misfiring, then snaps out, repeat

    I am getting an intermittent misfire whilst driving. Car will appear to be driving fine, but then all of a sudden will start misfiring, and I don't mean just running lumpy, it will lose the majority of power for say ten/twenty seconds, before seemingly snapping out of it and working fine...
  4. J

    JoeyD's MX5 NC Recaro

    Just seen this thread for the first time. As per every single one of your project threads I've read over the years this one is just as awesome as the previous ones! Really nice addtions you've made.
  5. J

    Anyone else play Minecraft?

    I like how casually you say you did all that.
  6. J

    Changing rear disks and pads, do i need to do anything differently?

    If you get a set of genuine Renault rear disks off Ebay it's literally just a straight swap over (plus the little washer things that have been mentioned)
  7. J

    Steering wheel swap = airbag light...

    Yea the connections are just classically French
  8. J

    Anyone sell clutches on here.

    Just make sure it's a Valeo and you'll be sorted.
  9. J

    Rear Pad Carrier - can't get bolts to line up

    Is as if the disk is sitting too far out though?! I can't get it to shift left any further. I literally unbolted the two bolts looked at the carrier and pads, went to put it back on and now this!
  10. J

    Rear Pad Carrier - can't get bolts to line up

    So I removed the rear driver side pad carrier as usual to inspect the pads. However I now can't get the bolt holes to line up to bolt it back on. The pad is flush against the back, and the piston is wounder in, but the holes just don't line up as can be seen below: Any ideas?
  11. J

    OnePlus 3 - Announced & Launch Dates/Times

    Looks very tempting. Be interested to see prices on the variants
  12. J

    Call of Duty - Modern Warfare and MW2 / Next Gen

    Surely they won't split, be a nightmare for them if the remastered COD outsold the new one.
  13. J

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    Use phoenix
  14. J

    Ly r27 bath

    Lovely as per
  15. J

    JoeyD's MX5 NC Recaro

    Lovely pics of the motor!
  16. J

    Fire stick upgrade affects KODI?

    Phoenix for sports. Or sideload Mobdro
  17. J

    JoeyD's MX5 NC Recaro

    Looks lovely that. Must be a nice upgrade in terms of comfort ha
  18. J

    Sunny day car washing!

    Lovely Trophy. Colour looks awesome in those photos.
  19. J

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    Specto for films and tv.
  20. J


    Rate the SPL Dynamics I had in mine a good few years back. b**ch to fit through.
  21. J

    What to look out for when fitting OMP wheel please

    Airbag lights works as it should for me with resistors in both steering wheel and seat connectors?!
  22. J

    Clio Seats

    You might have an issue if the old seats don't have airbags in and the new sport ones do.
  23. J

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Nothing more exciting than when you have all the bits in their sexy packaging ready to build lol
  24. J

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    Not heard of the portal thing but generally downloading indivual repos and then installing individual apps is a far better method. Plus this way of something isn't working you can narrow it down to an app within a repo. Think of it like installing just the programs you want manually on a pc...
  25. J

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    Specto is the new genesis. Exactly the same but apparently will have ongoing updates
  26. J

    Fire stick upgrade affects KODI?

    Loads of stuff in the thread here : Unfortunately kodi and its addons are not a plug and play solution. They're not simple if you are not technologically inclined. If you're not prepared to put in a bit of research then you will struggle. But...
  27. J

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    Amazon firetv stick updates automatically. Kodi is just an app that runs on the firestick. Funnily enough Kodi itself currently has a ticker running along the bottom warning of issues and dangers with these pirated prebuild boxes. I would completely reset your firetv stick so it wipes...
  28. J

    Fire stick upgrade affects KODI?

    There's a firestick thread in technology section Did you buy one preloaded with kodi and add ons? If so that'll be where your problem lies. They're notoriously dodgy.