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    Cummuting in your 1*2/197

    Heard it all now your buying a beater and running a 172 at the weekends, the point being?
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    172Cup V Corsa VXR

    Good you agree with me then.
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    172Cup V Corsa VXR

    Not taking into account gearing, which plays a big part in a cars acceleration.
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    172Cup V Corsa VXR

    Just maths? What are you on about? Letstorque does not take into account gearing/traction etc
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    172Cup V Corsa VXR

    The 182 lost by 2 tenths of a second not 2 seconds like the VXR. 2 seconds is a big gap on a wee track like that.
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    172Cup V Corsa VXR

    Haha letstorque what a load of tripe, stop torquing b****cks... Fact is my Clio Cup with 181 hp (tested at dastek and star) did a 14.1@101 and would beat a chipped VXR up the 1/4 mile. I would put some serious money on my old Cup beating a chipped VXR with me driving.
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    172Cup V Corsa VXR

    My Clio Cup used to 14.1 secs to 101 with 181 hp. I've been looking about on the VXR forum and there is no way a chipped 220-230 hp one will do 14.1@101 1/4 mile.
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    turbo'ing a 1.2, isit possible?

    Is there any point. No. Buy a proper car. Yes
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    Why is it ....

    Better security and safer, next question.
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    172Cup V Corsa VXR

    Been in my pals chipped one and wasn't impressed at all, by the performance or looks. My old Clio Cup with breathing mods would have went passed a chipped one with ease.
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    Low Mileage 172 Cups - why so many?

    'they're fast'
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    172 Update Pics

    Looks toss with the fogs painted.
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    197 Mpg, miles per tank.

    You're buying a cheap run about as a second car to a chuffing 197 lol, heard it all now!
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    172 1/4 mile time ? ?

    Use the bloody search.
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    Will the Clio 182 end up like

    I'm not interested in owning a 1 year old 182 never mind a 10 year old one, they will be falling to bits, even the low mile ones.
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    had the petrol stolen out of my car last night

    Yeah because that extra 10p a L would have been a real sickner. . .
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    Is this a good cup deal?

    Why does it matter if it has Renault Service History? I took my Cup to Renault once for a service and learned my lesson.
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    182 vtec!!!

    Trust me the 172/182 engine is nothing like a VTEC.
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    Turbo 172 Off The Road!!!!!

    WTF lol
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    mileage vs reliability?

    Don't bother with a 172 then, get a Civic VTiS, Jordan, Integra or a CTR...
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    collecting my 182 tomorrow

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    7 hour detail - How much £££

    Is that a standard colour?
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    Clio 182 Vs Saxo VTS Sanremo

    LMAO a 106 GTi with a true 160 hp would rip a standard 182 a new one...
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    need some 172 cup honesty

    They are brilliant cars to drive but a POS to own.
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    had a play with gti 180!!

    I've posted this many times before, my bro (CTR) and I were out for a blast and were joined by a 180 (stopped after and found out we knew the guy) and there really was feck all in it between the CTR/Cup/180.
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    Cat vs Valver =

    Did you fail English at school by any chance? Read what I said again.
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    Cat vs Valver =

    A friend of a friend was just killed by someone doing 100 mph on a back road, im sure that will be a lot of comfort to his family... See what im getting at, 110 mph on a back road is madness.