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    help me please

    immobiliser i think it could be the problem how can i disconnect it.
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    help me please

    i have just recently bought a 1,4 rt . i got in it tonight and it would not start. It does have a push button start. i got in it turn the igition on and press the push button and nothing happen the button just clicked any ideas what could be wrong. thanks
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    all williams owners

    sorry that dont include the ones who write normal comments.
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    all williams owners

    your all f**king sad w**kers who need to sort your lifes out. stop sitting at home on the internet and go out a bit more.
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    all williams owners

    i asked you a question I didnt ask for your opinion.
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    all williams owners

    sold my car to someone on saturday. he was going to arranged to get me the money by monday he paid me a deposit. then someone came along today and offer me cash for my car so guess what i took it . rang this bloke back and he was quite upset. so if anyone around london wants to sell there...
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    full respray

    looking to buy a bmw 3 anyone now how much a full respray would be
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    phones unlocked

    i remember there was someone on here who could unlock nokia phones. anyone know who it is
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    williams top speed

    had 135mph going up hill today. whats every one else had
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    how much

    thinking of selling the willy. soon what do u think its worth sorry cant get no pictures yet 1995 Williams two Mint condition, clifford alarm, remote engine start, headlight activation. frsh every 6k. 1.5years full rac warrenty left on the car. 130k miles mostly motorway miles a sales rep had...
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    think of selling the willy and getting a subaru turbo. the only problem is cant find insurance any where. i am 19 and looking to go as a named driver under my dads insurance. any one help
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    help insurance

    think of selling the willy and getting a subaru turbo. the only problem is cant find insurance any where. i am 19 and looking to go as a named driver under my dads insurance. any one help
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    its about time i treated it to some new tyres two are bald. any ideas for some good performance tyres not to much money.
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    battery light

    i have already got a new alternator. driving round town last. tunes on. when i suddenly stop the battery light lit slighty it was very dim then it went of. any ideas what it could of been it has been alright since
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    it might just be me. but i keep on hearing my fan coming on and of after driving about ten miles then sitting in a bit of traffic. is this normal
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    whos got the highest miled16v

    140k touch wood had nothing wrong with it
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    its impossible

    my williams no rust at all
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    Where can I get a Magnex fitted (worcs)

    xtreme is Harlow best place to get one fitted. I got mine on my willy fitted for £112
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    williams gear box

    how often do u have to change the gearbox oil. is it hard to do and how much does it cost. thanks a lot
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    idle problems/hesitation

    it happen to me and it was my alternator
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    170 Bhp williams

    what did you do to it
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    leak coming through interior light

    does any one get this i get a few drops coming through now and then when it is pissing it down.
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    cheap williams chip

    has anyone got a chip on there williams or 16v for 200 or last. has it been worth getting it or not . how much power gains
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    170 Bhp williams

    has anyone dont this all is close. how did you do it. cheers
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    Exhaust manifold for Williams

    what is the difference between a willy manifold and a 16v. what should a willy one look like
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    williams gearknob / refurbished alloys

    mine is just normal are they meant to have numbers on
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    small ice installs

    i have got one 12" sub and amp and want to keep a little bit of boot space. any one got any pics of theres
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    will i lose my no cliams

    i have 4 years no claims but i have claim once this year for theft damage. thanks
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    williams gearbox

    i think i have heard other people have this problem. it only happens now and then. normally after a lot of stop start town driving. when i try to go into reverse it cruches. any ideas
  30. V

    I just hit 30...

    138k put on the rr yesterday came out at 151 . well happy the bloke said there was nothing wrong with the car and its was one of the best he had seen and its standard.