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    Gaz coilovers too bouncy?

    So if i tighten the damping the harder it is = more rebound/bounce? Loosen the damping = less rebound/bounce? Cheers smokey
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    Gaz coilovers too bouncy?

    I have Gaz coilovers and they seem to be very bouncy. If i hit a small bump, the car seems to rebound and feels like its jumping up at the front. Accelerating out of a corner is especially bad, if it hits a slight bump thats it we're bouncing down the road struggling for traction. Am i missing...
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    Airfield Part 4 - Bigger Longer & Uncut.

    Great video.
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    Just washed... & sun!!! *56k*

    No probs, give me a call sometime! oh and the stereo you fitted still works *shockhorror* ;)
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    Just washed... & sun!!! *56k*

    Looking good boyo, :D like the wheels! must pop over and see you soon...
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    Caption Competition

    Hakks just been handled. Michael wants Ralf to see. Ralf wants to look. Coulthard cant wait!
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    valver as an everyday car

    I only use Mobil Motorsport 15-50w Expensive but worth every penny.
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    valver as an everyday car

    Yep youll be fine. Just keep an eye on the oil level.
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    2.0L Turbo Clio

    ^ Hes spoken and thats it.
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    Silver 172 Cup

    Yes i miss my silver cup too. :cry: I think jon_r is the only memeber left that i know of.
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    Williams or 106 GTi, 306 GTi-6, VTS

    Been using the 106 a lot lately, and its still growing on me. Really fun car to chuck about and drive in general. VTS i imagine is the same as above. We all know about the Williams, its a legend, enough said. Now, ive not driven a GTi-6, but out of all the cars above i think this would be...
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    AngelWorks Technologies - V6 exhaust

    Wow, that sounds awesome!
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    Are MK1 Clio’s retro

    Yes i think they are too. Its the arches that do it.
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    The Dark Side

    LMAO i remember this. sh*tter. [Edited by Dust on 24 January 2005 at 1:21pm] Oh yeh, Hi and welcome!
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    i also had a close call w/end

    Yes the road conditions are terrible, and will be just as bad, if not worse this week. Be carefull people.
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    Naples red valvers
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    172/182 insurance@20

    @ 20 elephant insured me for just over 1k FC on my 16v ??
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    Valver opinions please

    P1 Grill. Just colourcode it! BTW the cooling is b****cks, im just trying to pursuade myself.
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    Valver opinions please

    C Ive got a P2 with colourcoded P1 grill. Looks better imo, and must be better cooling just from looking at it.
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    FAO Valver/Williams Drivers

    I use panal filter and slightly modded box with extra 60mm cold air feed. Does the job.
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    R.I.P. williams 0266

    :cry: Bad news mate, always sad to hear another williams gone. You should buy her back from the insurance company and get her back on the road, at least sell me the engine! :D
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    Coldest Your Clio has Been

    Yeh i think its on the bottom of the wing mirror. ive saw -8 last year, that was the coldest i can remember.
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    Valver Help please!

    I enjoy my Valver more than i did my Cup.
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    Valver Help please!

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    Valver Help please!

    ^^ Im probably wrong. But i can advise to stay clear of the electric models, they all leak!
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    Valver Help please!

    Yes they made a Valver without a sunroof, iirc was the earlier models. No, ABS was an option on the later models. Yes PAS was standard on all models. [Edited by Dust on 17 December 2004 at 11:12am] I may be wrong with the sunroof, getting mixed with electric and non electric rather than...
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    16 v insurance

    Have you just passed your test then? Be carefull dude, not a good car to have when in-experienced! + Lets hope its not a lemon either, or youll be paying even more than your insurance premium on repairs next month! For 17yrs of age, its not too bad. i payed around 1800 @ 18 iirc.
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    Bye Bye Cup, Hello Cupra R

    mmm....270+bhp & 300+ft lb torque for 500 notes. yes please.
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    slough members

    I didnt finish work till gone 8. Missed the meet and the football. :cry: