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  1. Neil G

    End of 172 ownership

    In all honesty it has been a good car but I just feel that when things start going wrong it's the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Looked at a tidy 1.4 Golf at the weekend which I think I'm going to trade it for...massively underpowered but the quality of the interior made it a nice place to...
  2. Neil G

    End of 172 ownership

    Well, after 3+ years reliable motoring the 172 has decided to go all French on me so it's time to move on. I think my love for the 172 faded after the tax & petrol hikes so I started driving it like a granny i.e. not using it properly then other things started to rear their ugly heads. Needed...
  3. Neil G

    £3k... Can a decent 172 be bought for this? :-)

    You can have my Mk2 172 for £3500 with 32000 on the clock...down south though.
  4. Neil G

    clio 197 or clio 182?

    +1 Haven't been on here for while and this old debate is still going lol
  5. Neil G

    172 won't start

    Well after the Clio being 100% reliable for the past 3 years it broke down on my drive this morning. I started it up to move it last night which may have killed the battery off but all I'm getting out of it now is lots of lights flashing on the dash and a very rapid clicking sound Any...
  6. Neil G

    Anyone who is bored of their 1*2...

    Was bored of the 172 a long time ago....not going to rent a van though, I think I'll just sell it instead
  7. Neil G

    Have a look at what we've got to tinker with

    Not a fan either but fun to tinker with I bet
  8. Neil G

    172 Clio into an R5 GTT

    Great project, really take my hat off to you having the time & determination to finish it Interesting choice staying with the 5GTT box, isn't the 172 engine going to spin the gears out pretty easy?
  9. Neil G

    Worth Buying Brand New?

    I wouldn't personally buy brand new Some really good 1/2 year old 197s on the market....reckon privately there could be some real bargains around
  10. Neil G

    The magic button

    Leave it on myself
  11. Neil G

    I Just Got an Immense Deal On A 182

    lol @ Roy...the voice of reason! Have to agree though
  12. Neil G

    172 Buying

    +1 Not that bad really TBH a sideline compared to teh rest of the car Look for an unmodded car with service history, buyers market at the moment & plenty out there
  13. Neil G

    annoyingly jelous

    lol Good effort:D
  14. Neil G

    saying goodbye to my clio soon for a diesel, lol

    Those Pugs are alright, engines apparently pretty bulletproof How much was it?
  15. Neil G

    so... anyone got a 172, and regrets it?

    Never regretted buying my 172, had it three years and it's still doing good service Tax and values major pain in the arse now though:(
  16. Neil G

    197 OR Focus ST

    197 is a beauty of a hatchback, even more so compared to the ST Can't deny the tuning potential of the Ford though, if that's your thing then it's the car to go for
  17. Neil G

    clio 197 or clio 182?

    197 IMO better car all round than the 182, be some good deals out there at the moment on them too
  18. Neil G

    my clio rs dream is over.... its dead

    Gutted, that's really s**t:( Hope you get it sorted
  19. Neil G

    Melting Steering Wheel: Renault Reply

    Re: Melting Steering Wheel: Renault Reply 1. Jaffa182 2. whatisjustis 3. 4. Cupster 5. Clairemae 6. 182kev 7. martynrg 8. kevin.s 9. CupDude 10. koi 11. Hazza 12. Dajones 13. BioHzrd - Mk3 30K :/ 14. dangerous daves mummys 182 @24k 15. Beatjunkie 16. Len_Beach 17. Martin_89 (Destroyed...
  20. Neil G

    182's... the crappest car to drive in snow?!

    Never driven my 172 in the snow but I can imagine the wide tyres and light back end being a bit of a problem.
  21. Neil G

    young Sport drivers!?

    Should have to be over 25 to own performance cars. end of.
  22. Neil G

    197 prices..

    197 still going to be expensive on insurance though at 18, I'd ring around and get some quotes first
  23. Neil G

    YET ANOTHER incident with the Mark 1 - Annoyed

    F**king bummer, it's not as if you wouldn't notice if you did that to someone's car, must have made quite a bang Some people eh:(
  24. Neil G

    172 or 182? Help, I can't decide!

    Newer doesn't necessarily make it a better or tider car, go for the best car after having a good viewing & test drive
  25. Neil G

    Are loud Exhausts on a 172/182 Chavvy?

    Nail on the head TBH I'd rather not be seen as being a chav/bellend so decided to keep the exhaust note (and tailpipe) discreet
  26. Neil G

    magnex system

    Definately, mine had to go after a couple of weeks on the car, just coudn't deal with the fitting of it and the looks, sounded good though
  27. Neil G

    got a f**k off front mount for the dci whats next?!!

    Re: got a f**k off front mount for the dci whats next?!! I was going to mention that as well, I think the turbo will be another limiting factor, especially if your planning to run a large IC like that one
  28. Neil G

    It's Arrived!!!!!!

    Still loving the 197, see quite a few around these days and they have plenty of road prescence without being OTT
  29. Neil G

    172 or 182? Help, I can't decide!

    +1 I do prefer the std 172 to the 182 with the wheels and hidden exhaust....great colour as well
  30. Neil G

    172-Which colour?

    F**king hideous