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  1. JonC

    New RS 200 tuning

    I think 300bhp would need some major upgrades to engine, geabox, intake, IC and exhaust, but 250bhp should be easily achievable with remap and basic mods. I've not driven a 200 EDC, but if reviews are to be believed, then hopefully the remap will also make the gearchange less sluggish too.
  2. JonC

    Clio 182 C02 mot fail

    Definitely lambda sensors, usually the pre-CAT sensor. I experienced the same high CO and HC and was fixed with new sensors. I replaced both the pre and post CAT sensors. At least replace these before the CAT, it's a lot cheaper!
  3. JonC

    Just trolled my housemate with this youtube clip

    That Clio had track\race tyres BTW!
  4. JonC

    old member looking for photos of my old car

    ...It's just got a little earlier :cool:
  5. JonC

    A little bit worried about what police have told me!

    The MOT changes are already in place and have been since 1st Jan 2012. Anything that doesn't comply with the changes during 2012 will still pass but will be flagged as an advisory. From 1st Jan 2013 anything that was flagged as advisory will now mean a fail. HID could still pass if fitted in...
  6. JonC

    New Clio Trophy Dampers

    If you're interested, get your name down on the ClioTrophy thread!
  7. JonC

    Average owners age?

    +1 This :lolup:
  8. JonC

    New Clio Trophy Dampers

    Some of you may be interested to know that the original Clio Trophy dampers have now been superceded with dampers as used by the Twingo R1 rally car. These dampers are better built than the originals and provide the same level of damping as before. Renault dealerships are now offering these...
  9. JonC

    Average owners age?

    I thought I was old at 40 so it's nice to hear that some are in their 50's lol!! Hard to believe I joined nearly 11 years ago when I got my first 172 when some of you were still at school!! lol!
  10. JonC

    Happy With Your Car?

    There no denying that the Clio are great little cars. Had a 172 and loved it but had to sell it for something bigger to ferry the kids. Had a few cars in between and always hankered after another fast Clio. Well I'm now 4 years into my Trophy ownership and still very much enjoying it...
  11. JonC

    Aucky's Trophy.. Progress Thread

    I have the Twingo R1 dampers fitted. They are pretty much identical to the original Sachs, so much so that they are now the official replacement items for the Trophy. Renault dealership want anything up to £1400 each for these, however, I have contacted the official Renaultsports parts...
  12. JonC

    This might be of interest...

    ...for a few 200 owners.. Part1 Part2 Enjoy!
  13. JonC

    Renault Sport Clio 182 - Looking to buy as an exciting daily drive. Talk to me please

    Re: Renault Sport Clio 182 - Looking to buy as an exciting daily drive. Talk to me pl The Trophy is a great car. I use it everyday for my short commute to the station. The ride is hard so if the roads you travel on are bumpy/pocked marked, etc, it may not be ideal as an everyday proposition...
  14. JonC

    quite upset......

    Aircon will generally generate losses of around 7bhp, hardly noticeable in day to day driving, unless of course you have an under performing engine, in which case, the losses will be proportionately larger. It's a well proven fact that the Mrs will reduce the performance of your car massively...
  15. JonC

    Rolling Road Results - Model - Spec - Venue...

    Model: 182 Trophy Mods: RS192 CAT Back, Unichip Venue: Perfect-Touch Result: 183.3bhp @ 6805prm / 149.9lbft @ 5591
  16. JonC

    Braided Lines.

    Unless the standard ones are damaged, aftermarket braided lines will make little difference since the standard ones on 172/182 are internally braided.
  17. JonC

    Brake Pad Question for Phase 1 172 (not Ferodo DS2500)

    I have Renault OE and are fine for road use including spirited driving. The OE ones I have are manufactured by Ferodo.
  18. JonC

    had my miltek fitted today

    Surely that jubilee clip will eventually wear a hole in the pipe with the constant rubbing and vibrations.
  19. JonC

    Good Pads or Discs?

    Unless you plan to take it on the track, standard pads will be fine for your 1.4. Same goes for the discs though aftermarket versions are usually cheaper than what Renault would charge you.
  20. JonC

    recomend me a garage to do my belts in a day please

    I'd go with JMS in Uxbridge. They did my Trophy in a day. Their workshop isn't much to look at and there are no waiting areas as such, but the quality of their work speaks for itself. It is an all day job, but Uxbridge town centre is only 45 minute walk away.
  21. JonC

    rear brake problem, need help?

    I just did my rear discs and pads earlier this afernoon! You'll need to rotate the brake piston clockwise to push the piston back. Use a square edged screw driver to do this. The face of the piston has grooves on it on one side and this has to be lined up vertical in line with the bleed...
  22. JonC

    which one?

    I don't understand why you found them difficult to fit. As an experienced mechanic I would have thought it would be a doddle for you. I fitted mine myself, just followed some basic instructions and used a bit of common sense. I'm no mechanic and prior to that my experience only went as far as...
  23. JonC

    which one?

    Scorpion. The Milteks have a history of cracked welds, though this may be sorted now.
  24. JonC

    Help removing locking nut please

    I was going to replace the rear discs and pads today and realised I'd lost my locking nut key. I was looking everywhere for it, even in places where I know it wouldn't be there, like in the in my sock draw and in the fruit bowl! Blind panic will make you look in stupid places!! Anyways...
  25. JonC

    Need advice on Braided Lines.

    I have a set of mocal's on mine, though the OE ones are already braided internally.
  26. JonC

    Scorpion Exhausts Differences?

    Yes its the twin silencer Scorpion system, thats my car!
  27. JonC

    Scorpion Exhausts Differences?

    Maybe it's beyond your abilities :rasp::clown:
  28. JonC

    Plates Stolen

    Lost you plates? Well if you gotta problem, and no one else can help, then may be you need.............. the A-Team.............BLAM!....BLAM!...BLAM!...BLAM!...BLAM!
  29. JonC

    Mark fish springs.

    Eibach Sportlines are red too......
  30. JonC

    Reduced fuel economy when using 99 fuel compared to 95

    Simple, Tesco 99 is blended with ethanol which whilst raises the octane rating, actually gives less "bang" per volume of petrol. Octane is not a measure of energy released but measure of controlled burn.