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    5 Gt Turbo FAIL
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    Volume Annoyance

    on a serious note, im pretty sure theres a way of turning it off, but i don't know how to do it. In the radio manual maybe?
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    Volume Annoyance

    dont go above 50mph ;)
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    Kieran's Now Odyssey Blue Ph1 Project Pg.36 Onwards

    Re: Kieran's Iceberg 172 Project looked lovely with the ultra's on it, shame they scrubbed as the stance with the spacers looked awesome. good set of pics, looks like a good project. any more plans?
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    How many miles does a clio engine last for?

    depends on a lot of factors, mainly when its been serviced and if its always been looked after. if its got a perfect service history then it should be fine, the bigger clio engines are tough old girls
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    Silver PH1 172 Corby

    theres a little group of us already on corby that know each other, was 4 of us, now only 3, but some new local people would be good, we're having a little meet on sunday night about 7pm if you guys are interested.
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    I've just got my Clio. Not quite idoling correctly??

    my old 1.4 8v idled quite low, never did it any harm so i cant say whether its an issue. does it struggle a little when idling, like its about to cut out?
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    Silver PH1 172 Corby

    i live at the end of corby and cant say i know of anyone on here with a ph1 172
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    Getting back replaced parts after garage work

    i think he means maybe if you paid a garage to fit coilovers for you, they should give you back the standard shocks and springs
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    Your thoughts

    i had my standard alloys in Ford Purple Velvet for a little while, i liked it, wasnt too bright and it was very very nice when clean.
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    1.2 Engine Change To 1.6 ???

    i always found the co-op quoted me really high, did you use comparison sites or did you actually phone them up? did you try anyone like adrian flux?
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    1.2 Engine Change To 1.6 ???

    cant remember who told me, i may have heard them wrong 4 grand for a 1.2! youve been raped by your insurance company, who on earth quoted you that? or is your postcode area in baghdad?
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    1.2 Engine Change To 1.6 ???

    seeing as every clio shell is pretty much the same i dont see why the 1.6 shouldnt fit seeing as renault make a clio 1.6. and plus, the 2.0 fits, so the 1.6 definately will. i've heard the 1.6 isnt a great engine, and as for not insuring it properly, this is why everyones insurance is so damn...
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    Halfords Wheel Brush

    it might be from halfords, but its not halfords own brand, which makes it ok!
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    looking into HID kits

    hers in an 09 plate, so a mk3, 1*2 xenons wont fit at all!
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    I'm new to this sort of thing! :)

    aha, very good idea, never say yes to their first quote, always say you were looking to pay a little less as youve just had to buy the car or something, and you havent got a lot of money left. and the fact that youre a student, big that up. they always get a quote, and then stick a bit more on...
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    I'm new to this sort of thing! :)

    phone them tommorrow, you always get a better quote by phoning them, and theyre really useful on the phone.
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    I'm new to this sort of thing! :)

    1 years experience bot NCB as i was a named driver on my dads insurance for the first year, shared the car, im paying 1800 for an 07 plate 1.2 16v and im a soon to be 20yr old lad, so its not too bad seeing as some insurers wanted 2 and a half grand
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    I'm new to this sort of thing! :)

    try adrian flux, they gave me my best quote by about 600 quid, always worth a shot.
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    Clio 1.2 TCE in Mk2 chassis??

    i was considering a 182 conversion for mine, but after reading this im very tempted as 150bhp from a 1.2 sounds interesting, could be a lot of fun! any more info on the possible gearbox issues?
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    A few snaps from Lima, Peru....

    that second picture is awesome, complete contrast between the city and cliffs etc etc
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    Paint splash on body work

    its a vauxhall, it improves its looks, leave it on
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    Somethings just fallen off ... :/

    if it was fitted properly you wouldnt scrape, new exhaust hangers will fix that
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    I'm far too old for this but I just couldn't resist when I saw it in a shop...

    i still have my original copy from when it first came out! may have to dig it out and have a play now!
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    Do you want a Dent Man/Autoglass @ CSS?

    Re: Dent Man/Autoglass @ CSS id be interested, got a few dents id like to get rid of!
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    Hi every one FCS 2011 was awsome

    are you the guy that followed me (black Campus Sport) on the parade lap? you narrowly missed me when you came around a bend too fast?
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    change to 1.5 or stay at 1.2?

    if you still love it, why change, and if you dont know what car it is, all you know is its a 1.5 of some description, then id be doing some research first if i was gonna change
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    2011 FCS Feedback

    really? obviously wasnt in an obvious enough place then, i didnt see it
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    2011 FCS Feedback

    you didnt see the PFC stand? It was behind the Photographers little portacabin thing next to the Meg's top25 bit