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  1. Dom_capper

    Brake Discs Prices

  2. Dom_capper

    What Trolley Jack

    I geeked out on spec for ages. Had the machine mart one for about 18 months now and its been solid. It had the back end of a Clio up for about 3 weeks once with no sinking. I was looking at max lift capacity, weight, max height and minimum height and this performed best overall. It slides under...
  3. Dom_capper

    Which 195.45.16

    Michelins are bloody brilliant on the road in all conditions. Not sure about track
  4. Dom_capper

    Liquid Yellow 182 Skegness Premier Inn - KT54 OHD

    Yeh, just near the park on your right.
  5. Dom_capper

    Liquid Yellow 182 Skegness Premier Inn - KT54 OHD

    Mk3 in my pic mate, but it's on 172 wheels atm. Y6 DOM.
  6. Dom_capper

    Liquid Yellow 182 Skegness Premier Inn - KT54 OHD

    I’ve seen you around Leeds a couple of times this week Kyle. Monday and Wednesday I think. The Meg has so much presence on the road.
  7. Dom_capper

    clio 1.2 dynamique 2011 - little information panel is failing

    My mk3 has started doing this. Going a bit dim occasionally until I give the dash above the clocks a whack. I’d imagine it’s a loose wire or a dying bulb but I can’t be bothered to pull the clocks out at this point. It will be an easy fix.
  8. Dom_capper

    Recommend me some Headphones

    250 ohms is way too much impedance for most applications.
  9. Dom_capper

    AMG Cherry Breaking - A45 content

    That 1 series wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't a mile off the ground
  10. Dom_capper

    Socket set for 1/2" Impact Gun

    Just buy any generic 1/2 drive impact set (black) off eBay. They are softer than CV so won’t crack with impact. 1/4 is pretty much good for trim screws, you’d be shearing 1/2 to 1/4 adaptors for fun with an impact gun.
  11. Dom_capper

    Battery powered tools

    Milwaukee batteries come in m12 and m18. They work with all their tools. Well respectively obviously.
  12. Dom_capper

    Megane 250 turn off traffic alerts

    Ahh sorry I’m not sure then mate, setting for mine are in the nav. Have a look in your manual, it might be holding a button/combination of buttons
  13. Dom_capper

    Megane 250 turn off traffic alerts

    Is it in the carminat Tom Tom?
  14. Dom_capper

    Steeringwheel noise?

    Have you checked one of the front springs hasn't snapped?
  15. Dom_capper

    Clio GT mk3

    Looks good mate. Lows and spacers? Also I'd get rid of the steering wheel cover, looks pants, probably feels pants and they don't wear bad anyway.
  16. Dom_capper

    Refurbing a wheel

    The paint beneath was very smooth.
  17. Dom_capper

    Refurbing a wheel

    This didn't come out as glossy as I'd hoped, what's the trick to gloss lacquer?
  18. Dom_capper

    Bargain clio mk2

    Absolute steal mate! I've never seen one with gloss black trim, most people change to sport bumpers. I would assume the rear seats will fit. And as for interior trim. Maybe try high fill primer then spray it?
  19. Dom_capper

    best way to refurbish the chrome trim around the medianav on Mk4 Clio?

    Get the dealer to sort it before you take the car? They will probably pop a new trim on.
  20. Dom_capper

    Recommend me some Headphones

    I opened mine the other day, freebies from Bose. They are okay sound wise, not the best I have but I've used them a few times since for the convenience of not needing an amp. They are veryy comfy and great battery. I've noticed the Bluetooth can drop out every now and then which is annoying.
  21. Dom_capper

    Mk3 Common Problems

    I have AP coilovers mate.
  22. Dom_capper

    Mk3 Common Problems

    I have a mk3 with a different engine. 2012 plate with 120k ish miles and the chassis has been great. I go through rear wheel bearings but that because lows and spacers.
  23. Dom_capper

    Fat c**t Dented my bonnet! Anybody help me get it out?

    Get in touch with a local pdr guy and sent them a pic over
  24. Dom_capper

    Key wont turn in the ignition barrell - clio 182

    I'm sure you've thought of it but.. steering lock? have you tried turning the wheel as you turn the key.
  25. Dom_capper

    Clio gt spoiler removal

    Are you going to be selling the spoiler?
  26. Dom_capper

    Clio 182 roof rack

    Thule, keep an eye on eBay for a set as buying individual bits will add up. I have some spare bars I could sell but you'd need the Clio fitting kit.
  27. Dom_capper

    gear knob change on clio 3 1.2 non sport?

    Aftermarket threaded won't fit, you need on with grub screws that clamp onto the selector. I cut the plastic bit off with a hack saw blade.
  28. Dom_capper

    gear knob change on clio 3 1.2 non sport?

    Yeh it's not threaded. The end of the selector is rough like a file, then there is a white plastic piece clamped onto that. Then the knob just presses onto the plastic bit. you don't need to twist, just pull. A bit of a wiggle might help free it though.
  29. Dom_capper

    gear knob change on clio 3 1.2 non sport?

    Put it in 4th, sit on the back seats and pull as hard as you can. it's just a really tight interference fit over a plastic sleeve.